11 Best Personal Finance Podcasts For Financial Freedom

Written by: Alexis Schroeder

Publish Date: April 10, 2023

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How does working toward financial freedom during your car ride to work sound? With podcasts, you can do just that.

With just 1 hour a day, you can listen to a podcast and learn new financial topics that can change your life. 

I used to have no control over my money. I didn’t have a budget and would spend just to spend. There was no plan. When you create a budget and manage your money, you’re being intentional with your money. 

So instead of listening to music during your car ride or when you’re getting ready in the morning, listen to these 11 awesome personal finance podcasts. 

The Money Nerds

The Money Nerds with Whitney Hansen is a weekly podcast that shares stories from real people making their way to financial independence, paying off debt or starting their dream business.

Why do you need a will? How do you take control of emotional spending? How can you deal with massive student loan debt?

Those are just some of the questions Whitney Hansen goes over in The Money Nerds. 

If you’re looking for financial tips that actually work and can be applied right away, The Money Nerds can help. 

Favorite Episode: Money Mindset: Keeping or Receiving Block? 

New Episode: Varies

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The His And Her Money Show

The His And Her Money Show with Talaat and Tai Mcneely is a personal finance podcast all about managing money, marriage, and everything in between. 

Talaat and Tai teach their listeners how to find a balance between managing their finances and marriage while helping give the inspiration to build wealth and becoming debt free. 

The His And Her Money Show go over debt elimination, money-saving strategies, budget techniques, credit repair, investments, and more. 

Aside from money, listeners will also learn about organizational skills, time management, and more. 

Favorite Episode: How to Think and Grow Rich With James Whittaker

New Episode: Varies

So Money

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi is a podcast that shares stories of personal finance, entrepreneurship, financial success, and money strategies. 

Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist, TV host, and best selling author. 

On her podcast, she brings inspiring money strategies and stories from the top leaders in the business world, such as Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, and many other inspiring individuals. 

What was their financial journey like? How do they master their finances today?

You’ll also learn about their financial philosophies, wins, failures, and habits, as well as their guilty pleasures. 

On Friday’s, Farnoosh answers listeners questions about money, business, guests, and more.

Favorite Episode: Ask Farnoosh: How Can I Stop Feeling Guilty When I Spend?

New Episode: Every 2-3 days 

Money Peach

Money Peach with Chris Peach talks about personal finance topics that should have been taught in school.

Chris shares how to manage your finances and learn practical tips that you can implement in your life right away.

With Chris’s podcast, you’ll learn about finances in a way that makes sense to you. 

So whether it be budgeting, paying off debt, saving money, building wealth, or all of the above, Chris can help you achieve financial freedom. 

Favorite Episode: Marriage (Sex) and Money – with Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

New Episode: Varies

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Afford Anything

Afford Anything with Paula Pant is an incredible podcast that dives deep into complex topics and makes them easily understandable.

Paula interviews entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, investors, scientists, productivity experts, and goes over strategies that you can apply to your life right away. 

Bi-weekly, Paula answers listeners questions about topics such as, “Where should I keep my money if I want to retire early.” or “What the F**k are Annuities?

Favorite Episode: Myths about Money – Are Your Ideas Holding You Back?

New Episode: Every Sunday

The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show with Dave Ramsey is a podcast all about motivating you to pay off debt.

By listening to The Dave Ramsey Show daily, you’ll be inspired and motivated to complete your financial goals.

In every episode, Dave answers questions related to investing, debt, insurance, retirement, marriage, and more. 

A unique aspect of this podcast is when listeners call in and ask Dave questions.

You’ll hear various questions from people all around the country that are having money issues and need solutions.