Are you ready to be debt-free, save money for your future, spend money on things you enjoy? My name’s Alexis, I’m here to show you how

I help women crush their money goals by taking control of their finances. 

I’m a 29 year old personal finance nerd who paid off $102,000 of debt. Now my goal is to retire in my 30’s. I enjoy making money, saving it, and spending money on things I love. 

Fitnancials has been featured on sites like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, The National, and Side Hustle School.

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What you’ll learn here

Money-saving strategies

Learn strategies to find the best ways to save money for your lifestyle.

Paying off debt in a fun way

Learn efficient and useful ways to pay off debt in a way that works for you.

Starting a side hustle

Find out how to start a side hustle or online business so you can create the life you always wanted.

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