9 Ways To Boost Affiliate Income On Your Blog

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Bloggers often overlook affiliate marketing because they either think they're wasting people's time or coming off as annoying to their readers.

Let's put both of these myths to rest right now.

Here are great tips to increase your affiliate income that you can apply right away. 

1. Be intentional with your affiliate links.

It does no one good to place random affiliate links in blog posts. You need to be intentional about your affiliate links or else you may come off as pushy.

What are you naturally talking about? Is it a guide, course, or product that someone can buy off Amazon? This would be a great time to insert an affiliate link naturally. 

2. Focus on affiliate programs with high payouts.

I'm very intentional with the affiliate products and services I use and recommend on my blog. There's no point in me putting a ton of effort into a product that has a payout of $5. I still do recommend things with smaller payouts, but not nearly as much as something with a higher payout.

For example, I'm an affiliate for courses, guides, personal finance products, and so on. If I was an affiliate for a product that paid $300 per purchase, I'd need 10 purchases to make $3,000.

But for a product priced at $5 per affiliate payout, I'd need to get 600 purchases to make $3,000. 

You can see why most people focus on products and services with higher affiliate payouts. 

3. Talk to your affiliate manager

This is something I learned in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing that I never even thought about. 

With almost any affiliate product or service, there's pretty much guaranteed an affiliate manager whose job is to increase earnings for both bloggers and the affiliate managers – because they get paid, too.

Develop a relationship with your affiliate manager. If you find that you have a bad affiliate manager that does not want to help you out, request a different manager. I should've done this a lot sooner with one of the programs I was an affiliate for.

Affiliate managers have 1 job – to increase affiliate earnings, so they'll be able to tell you what you should do differently, how to increase your earnings, and so on. 

4. Focus On Increasing Traffic

The easiest thing you can do to increase your affiliate earnings is to increase the traffic to your blog posts.

Google SEO is the best way to increase your traffic because you can target an audience who is actively looking for the products and services you're an affiliate for.

And before you waste your time scouring the internet for free, outdated information on SEO, I recommend checking out Easy On-Page SEO for Beginners. Included is a 12-step template to write articles, 9 steps to do after you hit publish, and other valuable info. This is written by a blogger who gest 350,000 page views per month with 60% of the traffic coming from Google. The guide is only $37 (at the time of writing) and is easily worth quadruple the cost.  

It is VERY important that you are diversifying your traffic and not relying on Pinterest. Do. Not. Rely. On. 1. Traffic. Source.

Ever since taking Google SEO more seriously, my affiliate income is increasing as well as my ad revenue. This is huge.

5. Links should stand out

It's your job as a blogger and business owner to make links stand out as easily possible.

Your font should be easily readable, with a color that stands out. Some bloggers even underline affiliate links.

For example, if I use black font (which most people do), it'd be wise to make regular text black, and font for an affiliate link a bright color, like pink, orange, or some other color that stands out. 

I also make sure all links open to a new tab, which is easy to do any time you insert a link. You just check the box to insert a new tab.

6. Build trust and a relationship

I have an ongoing conversation with at least 50 readers right now via email. I respond with a genuine and thoughtful response to every single email I get from my readers. 

I think building a relationship with your audience is SO important, especially in the beginning when you're a complete newbie. 

I could easily hire someone to answer all of my emails, but I want to be the person who answers these emails. If it ever gets out of control, like 100 emails a week, I'll probably hire help. But for now, I really enjoy getting to know all of you on a personal level. 

7. Test. Test. Test

Are your affiliate links converting? You can test these by doing many different things. I find that looking at my pretty links plugin (which holds all of my affiliate links) analytics is helpful. What's even better is looking directly at the affiliate dashboard and seeing the click to conversion ratio. 

What counts as a *good* affiliate link ratio is up to debate. After reading many articles on the topic, I've come to this conclusion:

A good click to conversion rate depends on the industry.

For example, the fashion industry tends to get a much lower conversion rate than the software industry. Why that is? I have no idea.

One blogger says 0.5. to 1% is a good conversion rate, while others may say 5% is a good conversion rate. 

The end goal should always be to increase your conversion rate. Even if you have a *good* conversion rate of 5%, you still want to work on improving your strategy.

8. Focus on 10 affiliate programs

Some of you may be high achievers and try to work with 100 different affiliate programs. This is a lot of work because you can't really test or focus on programs to see if they are converting. 

I recommend focusing on 10 affiliate programs at one time. If you want to add more in the future, you can, but use the rule of focusing on 10 affiliate programs at one time.

9. Reviews

Reviews are a great way to showcase affiliate programs in a natural way.

For example, are you an affiliate for a money-saving product, like Ebates or Ibotta? These are great products to review. 

Here is an example of a couple of reviews I've done for affiliate products:

It's also important to list both the pros and cons of affiliate programs – because there are always cons. This buids trust with your reader because it shows that you're not trying to make the product or service sound too perfect. 

There's more to affiliate marketing than merely throwing a bunch of links on your blog. You need to have a plan behind your affiliate marketing strategy.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing gives you access to a private Facebook group that has helped so many bloggers dramatically improve their blog and money-making goals.

This is an amazing Facebook group to be in because it's a massive mastermind group where everyone motivates and inspires each other.

Most bloggers make the most of their money from their own products, and what comes in second place? Affiliate marketing.

I don't recommend neglecting this method of making money on your blog because you're already talking about products and services on your blog naturally, so you may as well sprinkle in some affiliate links. Plus, your readers will thank you for helping them out.

If you're ready to dive into the world of affiliate marketing and boost your blogging income, I recommend creating a solid strategy with Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

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How are you increasing your affiliate income?

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  1. It seems like the course really worked out well so far! This is awesome to hear! Keep up the great work.

    1. It did, Alex! Thanks.

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  4. I’ve been focusing on maximizing my existing traffic with affiliate links in my top posts. Income is increasing every month, hooray! I feel like there is still so much to learn about affiliate marketing so thanks for this post!

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  5. I took Michelle’s course and I’m so happy I did.

    I learned so much about affiliate links, affiliate networks and even bonus tips on getting traffic and so much more! I recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their affiliate income.

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    Your sister rocks Alexis!

    When will you be creating a course and what will it be about?

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