Arcadia Power Review | How You Can Save Money & The Environment

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Did you know you can upgrade to clean energy and save money?

With Arcadia Power, you can switch to clean energy, improve your home’s efficiency, and save money.

Today we’re going to go everything you need to know in this Arcadia Power review.

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What is Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power is a simple, free way to run on renewable energy in all 50 states – at no extra cost. 

This service was created to accelerate the usage of wind and solar power and allows people from all over the country to make a difference. 

Before you dismiss Arcadia Power and assume it’s a bunch of work to set up, it’s not! Trust me; it’s 100% worth the few minutes it takes to set up. 

How does Arcadia Power get clean energy?

Arcadia Power works by purchasing renewable energy certificates from wind farms. This allows at least half of members usage to source from the wind. 

Arcadia Power has three different wind energy programs.

50% Wind Energy Program

For no extra cost, you can get 50% of your monthly usage sourced from the wind. To get in on this deal, you must be eligible for and enrolled in Arcadia Power’s bill pay program.

100% Wind Energy Program

100% of your monthly usage sources from wind at an additional cost of 1.5c per kWh. To get into this program, you must be eligible and enrolled in Arcadia Power’s bill pay program. 

Evergreen Membership

This membership is for members who are not eligible for Arcadia Power’s bill pay program but still want to support wind energy.

Who can sign up for Arcadia Power?

If you pay an electric utility bill in the United States – you can become an Arcadia Power member. 

Whether you rent or you’re a homeowner, you may use Arcadia Power with no installation required. 

Are there any fees?

Creating an Arcadia Power account is free. You stop or cancel at any time with no charge. 

Once you create your account, there may be some additional cost depending on the program you choose.

I chose the 50% Wind Energy Program (which is free!), but I may opt for the 100% Wind Energy Program in the future, which costs a little extra. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your utility account. 
  2. Arcadia Power makes sure your energy usage supports renewable energy projects. 
  3. You get to enjoy clean energy.

You can sign up for free here (and it only takes a couple of minutes!). 

When you’re an Arcadia Power customer, your home is still powered by the same local utility energy sources.

As an Arcadia Power member, you’re now offsetting the environmental impact of buying carbon-emitting energy from your local utility provider. It’s that simple. 

We use Arcadia Power at my house and love it so far. Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard:

4 Ways you can save money with Arcadia PoweR: 

  1. Price alerts. When a lower rate is available in your area, Arcadia Power will put you on a lower electricity rate than what you’re currently paying. 
  2. Community solar. You can subscribe to a remote or local community solar project, and receive savings from the production of the project share.
  3. Home efficiency. You can upgrade your home’s efficiency with energy-saving products, like a Nest thermostat, and pay $0 down and pay over time with your savings. Wow!
  4. Bill pay. Most utility companies charge a transaction fee for credit cards. Arcadia Power charges $0, saving you money and earning you points on your credit card along the way. (You can also pay with a checking account).

How is Arcadia Power free? 

Arcadia Power uses the size of its member community to secure low prices from clean energy sources in your area.

They make money from their partners for connecting you with clean energy. 

Remember – only the 50% Wind Energy Program is free. The 100% Wind Energy Program costs 1.5c per kWh.

Benefits of using Arcadia Power:

  1. Help the environment. 
  2. Save money. 
  3.  User-friendly dashboard. Arcadia Power has a user-friendly dashboard, and it’s pretty cool to check on! You can check your energy usage chart and even see what percentage of power came from where.

Can I trust Arcadia Power?

Yes. I use Arcadia Power. Arcadia Power has almost 200,000 members across 50 states. 

Even better, Arcadia Power has a 9.3 rating on TrustPilot

Why should I make the switch to clean energy?

Arcadia Power is making it easy and convenient to switch to clean energy.

You don’t even need to leave your house or your couch to make an impact on the environment. 

Whether the environment or saving money is essential to you, switching to Arcadia Power is a smart choice.


Arcadia Power has averted 260k tons of CO2 emissions and saves members an average of 17% in competitive markets.

Honestly, I was skeptical at first. I thought something would go wrong, or there’d be an upcharge. 

It turns out, they genuinely want people to move to clean energy and are making it so easy to do so. I’ve had zero problems since using Arcadia Power and believe I’ll soon switch to the 100% Wind Energy program. 

Check to see if Arcadia Power is available in your area and get started saving money. 

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Do you plan on switching to clean energy?
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