11 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

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Did you know you can make money donating your plasma?

This is a great way to make extra cash and help people in need.

Plasma is life-saving for thousands of people and it helps you earn extra money to pay off bills. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Qualified individuals can earn up to $100 per donation and donate twice per week with at least 2 days in between donations, per FDA regulations.

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What is plasma and why donate? Plasma is a life-saving amber-colored liquid that helps the body’s clotting ability and stop excessive bleeding from occurring.

The main role of plasma is to take nutrients, proteins, and hormones to the parts of the body that need it.

How much can someone make donating plasma? Payment per donation depends on location and if you’re a new patient.

This typically runs between $40-$100. Many donation centers often run promotions and bonuses for qualified new clients.

Who can donate plasma? Individuals over 18 years old, weighing at least 110 pounds, testing negative for transmissible viruses, and you must pass a medical examination.

How long does it take to donate plasma? First donation takes around 2-3 hours, and every donation after that takes less than 90 minutes.

How often can you donate plasma? Per FDA regulations, you can donate as often as twice per week with at least 2 days in between donations.


CSL Plasma

How much does CSL Plasma pay?

CSL Plasma pays between $20 to $100 per visit, with bonuses available for new clients.

How does CSL Plasma pay you?

Your payment will be loaded onto a reloadable prepaid card after your first donation. You can also join CSL Plasma’s iGive Rewards® program to earn points for other rewards.

Where are CSL Plasma centers located?

There are over 300 CSL Plasma centers located around the United States, and even locations in Europe and China.

Learn more about donating at CSL Plasma here.

BioLife Plasma Services

How much does BioLife Plasma Services pay?

BioLife Plasma Services pays between $20-$50 for each plasma donation.

How does BioLife Plasma Services pay you?

BioLife Plasma Services pays clients in the form of a debit card. This debit card is loaded each time a donor donates plasma at one of the BioLife Plasma locations.

Where are BioLife Plasma centers located?

BioLife Plasma center are in over 30 states at 170 locations in states like Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, and more states.

Learn more about donating at BioLife Plasma here.

Octapharma Plasma

How much does Octapharma Plasma pay?

Octapharma Plasma pays $50 after the first donation and $25 after the second donation. Payments are typically made within 24 hours of plasma donation.

How does Octapharma Plasma pay you?

Octapharma Plasma pays clients via Octapharma Plasma prepaid card within 24 hours of successful donation.

Where are Octapharma Plasma centers located?

Octapharma Plasma has over 180 locations in states like Nevada, Colorado, California, Texas, and many more states.

Learn more about donating at Octapharma Plasma here.


How much does Grifols pay?

Grifols pays between $50-$100 per successful donation.

How does Grifols pay you?

Grifols pay clients by putting money onto a debit card after each successful donation.

Where are Grifols centers located?

Grifols donation centers are located in states like Washington, Illinois, Idaho, North Carolina, and more.

Learn more about donating at Grifols here.

ABO Plasma

How much does ABO Plasma pay?

ABO Plasma pays $20-$100 per donation depending on factors such as weight, new client, bonuses, etc.

How does ABO Plasma pay you?

ABO Plasma pays clients via credit to your account. Payment is processed within 24 hours after successful donation.

Where are ABO Plasma centers located?

ABO Plasma centers are located in Utah, New Jersey, Texas, California, and Maryland.

Learn more about donating at ABO Plasma here.

ADMA BioCenters

How much does ADMA BioCenters pay?

ADMA BioCenters often run promotions to get new clients to donate plasma. New donors can earn up to $70 per donation.

How does ADMA BioCenters pay you?

ADMA BioCenters pays clients via “Cash Card” which gets loaded after each successful donation.

Where are ADMA BioCenters located?

ADMA BioCenters are located in these states: Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Learn more about donating at ADMA BioCenters here.

B Positive Plasma

How much does B Positive Plasma pay?

B Positive Plasma centers pay new clients up to $60 per donation. 

How does B Positive Plasma pay you?

B Positive Plasma pays donors via reloadable B Positive Visa Debit card.

Where are B Positive Plasma centers located?

B Positive Plasma Centers are located in these states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Learn more about donating at B Positive Plasma here.

Freedom Plasma

How much does Freedom Plasma pay?

Freedom Plasma pays new donors up to $50 for the first donation, and up to $70 for the second donation.

How does Freedom Plasma pay you?

Freedom Plasma pays via prepaid debit card.

Where are Freedom Plasma centers located?

Freedom Plasma centers are located in states like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and many more.

Learn more about donating at Freedom Plasma here.

ImmunoTek BioCenters

How much does ImmunoTek BioCenters pay?

ImmunoTek BioCenters pays up to $50 per donation.

How does ImmunoTek BioCenters pay you?

ImmunoTek BioCenters pay clients via prepaid debit card. 

Where are ImmunoTek BioCenters located?

ImmunoTek BioCenters are located in states like Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, and more.

Learn more about donating at ImmunoTek BioCenters here.

Join Parachute

How much does Join Parachute pay?

Parachute pays donors up to $40 per successful donation.

How does Join Parachute pay you?

Join Parachute pays donors via reloadable Visa card that has ATM access and can be used as a debit card.

Where are Join Parachute centers located?

Join Parachute centers are located in states like Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, and more.

Learn more about donating at Join Parachute here.


How much does Kedplasma pay?

Kedplasma pays up to $100 per successful donation depending on a variety of factors such as weight, bonuses, and if client is a first time donor.

How does Kedplasma pay you?

Kedplasma pays clients via reloadable prepaid debit card.

Where are Kedplasma centers located?

Kedplasma centers are located in states like Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Nebraska, and more.

Learn more about donating at Kedplasma here.

How to find a plasma center near you

There are hundreds of plasma donation centers around the United States.

Click here to find a plasma donor center near you.

What should I bring to my first plasma donation appointment?

  • A valid, government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or military ID
  • Proof of Social Security (Example: Social Security card)
  • Proof of residency/current lease (Example: Piece of mail postmarked in the past 60 days, current lease, utility bill, etc)

Your first appointment

The very first plasma donation appointment will be about 2-3 hours long depending on how quickly you get checked in.

Your appointment may look something like this.

  1. Check in with staff
  2. Answer questions about your medical history
  3. Complete a physical exam
  4. Lay in a comfortable donation bed
  5. Rehydrate and receive compensation

What to do after first appointment

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes
  • Eat a light meal
  • Avoid using arm to lift to lower chances of bruising 
  • Remove bandage after a few hours
  • Keep your venipuncture site clean and dry
  • Set up your second donation appointment 

Payment for each successful plasma donation varies on a few factors such as:

  • how much you weigh
  • if you have a bonus incentive
  • if you’re a first time donor
  • if you refer new clients to the plasma center

Donors can receive up to $1,000 a month from donating plasma after qualified bonuses and incentives. 

Health conditions like being pregnant or recent childbirth prevent you from donating. If you’ve ever had viral hepatitis A, B, or C, this disqualifies you from donating.

You cannot donate if you’ve had tuberculosis, heart disease, sickle cell anemia, certain types of cancer, or HIV positive. 

If you’re on prescriptions such as Accutane or finasteride, you cannot donate.

If you’ve had a piercing or tattoo in the past 12 months, you cannot donate. There is an exception if the tattoo was done at a licensed facility in Texas, Alabama, or Louisiana, where there is only a one month wait.

Per FDA guidelines, you can donate plasma once in a two day period, and only two times per 7 day period.

Is there WIFI available during donation?

Many plasma donation centers Like CSL Plasma will have free WIFI available so you can watch Netflix or complete surveys to earn extra cash during your donation.

How can I prepare for donating plasma?

There are many reasons to donate plasma including:

  • Saving lives – your donation can make the difference between life and death for patients
  • Generosity feels good – if you’ve been wanting to give back to your community more, this is a great method
  • You’re paid for your time – you can watch Netflix on free WIFI while donating plasma and get paid

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