How To Sell Planners On Etsy In 2024 To Make Extra Money

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Today I have an amazing interview with successful business owner Yadsia, creator of templates for online business owners. She shares tips and resources to become a successful Etsy shop owner.

In this interview, we go over:

  • How to get started selling planners on Etsy
  • Benefits of selling planners on Etsy
  • How much money Yadsia has made with this side hustle

Let’s get started!

How can someone get started selling planners on Etsy?

These days, it’s pretty easy to start. I have a short course that teaches how to open a shop in under an hour and it comes with planners templates that you can customize and sell in your shop. All it takes is one product, take it easy. Then add a few more.

In the Sell A Planner On Etsy Crash Course, you get:

  • Canva mini-course that teaches you how to use Canva
  • 20 page editable planner template
  • 96 page full year editable ready to sell planner template
  • Private Faceook group to ask questions and get support
  • Product listing mockups
  • Etsy shop banner mockups
  • Video tutorials to help you succeed 

The video tutorials show you how to put the planner together, add your branding, get the planner ready to sell, how to list your item on Etsy, and even includes a digital planner template to make things as easy as possible for you.

Learn more here.

What are the benefits of this side hustle?

With sooo many templates available in the market these days, with only a small investment of time and money you can have a shop

up and running in no time. You can work on it in small pockets of time and re-use templates to create multiple products.

How much have you made selling planners on Etsy?

Being totally honest here, I’ve opened 4-6 different planner shops on Etsy trying to find out what sells and how it all works.

Over the years, using Etsy alone, it was probably 10K total. And it took a lot of work. Etsy is a great place to test your products and get some free traffic. But I didn’t see real results until I opened my own shop.

Are other people successful selling planners on Etsy?

A quick Etsy search will tell you that it is absolutely happening. People are making money selling planners, stickers printables. If you look closely, the most successful sellers are the ones with niche down shops and a very distinct design style.

What will students learn in your course?

The course goes into the technical stuff of opening a shop and getting it ready for SEO. Then you’ll use the planner template included to create a planner that you can sell. I’ve included product description templates, product images and shop banners.

It’s meant to be this quick and easy course that allows you to get started without the drama.

What if I’m not creative or tech-savvy. Can I still do this?

Etsy makes it so easy to open a shop, they guide you step by step, no need to worry about the tech stuff. And if you’re worried about not being creative enough, that when the done for you templates come in! 

Just swap colors and text as needed and you’re done.

What should I do if I want to learn more about this side hustle?

Learn as much as you can, there is a lot of free info on YouTube. When you’re ready to level up, invest in a course. And practice, practice, practice.

I can’t say that enough! The first few tries will be hard, but once you get in the flow it all gets easier.

How to get started today

When you finish the Sell A Planner On Etsy Crash Course, you’ll have:

  • A finished planner to sell
  • Product mockups for Etsy listings
  • Etsy banner for storefront 
  • List of keywords to use in your listing
  • Product description
  • PDF to deliver your planner
  • Ability to keep producing more planners

You get all of this for only $47 here.

Do the templates come with an extended commercial license?

Yes. The templates include an extended commercial license, so you can sell the planner you create using the templates. You cannot sell the actual templates themselves.

Yadsia also has an online template shop that includes:

  • Canva journal templates
  • Canva planner templates
  • 27-add on planner pages

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