How To Make Planner Stickers [For Fun Or For Money!]

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Are you interested in making planner stickers for fun? Or do you want to learn how to make planner stickers to make extra money? 

Today’s interview is with Mim Jenkinson, an entrepreneur who makes six-figures with her online business. Mim is teaching us how to make planner stickers either as a hobby or as a side hustle. You can learn more with her course The Sticker Plan.

We’ll be going over:

  • What are planner stickers
  • How much money you can make selling planner stickers
  • How long it takes to make planner stickers
  • Exactly how someone can get started with planner stickers

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Let’s get started!

1. Can you give me a brief introduction of yourself?

I’m Mim Jenkinson, I’m a married mother of two small children and we live in Australia – although I’m originally from the UK.

I’m obsessed with all things relating to planning, organization and decluttering and I’ve been lucky enough to turn these passions into a lucrative business – and helps others to do the same!

I started making stickers for myself and soon decided to try my hand at selling them. First, I opened up on Etsy and then opened shops on two of my own websites. While my Etsy shop is still having great success, I sell predominantly on my own websites now.

When I first started my business, it was at a time in my life when I had to leave my full-time consulting job to undergo treatment for a serious health condition. I made it my mission to make my shop so successful that I didn’t need to return to working for someone else – and I’m happy to say that I did it!

That was in 2015 and now 5 years on, business is booming, I love to be my own boss and I get to spend much more time with my beautiful family.

If you’re eager to learn how to create stickers that make money, here is a Free Masterclass that teaches you how to make stickers that sell. 

2. What are planner stickers?

Planner stickers come in so many different shapes and sizes and they’re used for numerous reasons too. Many use stickers to decorate their planner, to help them be more organized and as a form of self-care.

They are sold either as printed stickers, printables or digital stickers.

I personally spend about 15 minutes every Friday afternoon decorating my planner and planning for the following week. As well as getting ahead with everything I need to do, it’s also a lovely ‘me time’ session where I can go into my own little creative and calming world. I love using stickers and making them for others.

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3. How much money can someone make from selling planner stickers?

It varies considerably depending on the kind of stickers you’re making, how unique they are, how much time and effort you put into building your business and more.

I personally make multiple 6-figures a year which is a combination of selling my range of printable planner stickers and planners and my courses and programs where I teach others get creative with planning too.

In this free 60-minute class, you learn the 3-step method to creating stickers that stand out on Etsy.

4. Are other people successful selling planner stickers?

They are – although ‘success’ means something different to everyone. For many of the students I teach, they are simply wanting to make stickers for themselves. Others want to earn some side cash to supplement their main income.

Others are taking the leap and building a planner sticker empire as their main income source. One of my students earned $600+ in her first month selling stickers after taking my course!

The market is competitive, but certainly not saturated for shop owners who are committed to standing out from the crowd, being unique and finding new and effective ways to promote their products.

For shop owners who don’t take the time to come up with original ideas, find new customers and promote, the chances of success are much lower. This is why I’m always sharing new ideas and trends with my students to inspire them to stand out and be successful and profitable!

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5. What if I’m not creative?

Well, I think everyone is creative – or has the ability to be! However, we’re not all artists. I’m not – however my husband is an ex-Disney artist and will draw for me at some point!

In my courses, I teach my students how they can find artworks, patterns and designs to use in their planner sticker designs if they’re not able to draw themselves. Many successful shops on Etsy do not feature original art from the shop owner.

One more thing – I believe that learning to make planner stickers is a wonderful way to get creative…so many find they have creative skills they didn’t even know were there or they haven’t used since school!

6. How long does it take to make planner stickers?

In my course, you could be up and running making your own stickers in just a few hours! I break down the steps in very easy-to-follow videos and the lessons build on each other as you progress through the course.

I also like to share pre-made planner sticker templates with my students when possible to – so it could simple be a case of dropping in your own colours and patterns and making stickers super quickly!

Check out the Sticker Plan course here.

7. What software do I need to make planner stickers?

I love to use Silhouette Studio – even the free version gives plenty of scope to design beautiful stickers easily. Cricut Design Space is also great although even Cricut users can design their stickers in Silhouette Studio.

In my course, I teach both softwares – and how Cricut users can design in Silhouette and them transfer their designs into Cricut to print and cut there.

Many of my students have spent hours searching for helpful videos on YouTube and google and been overwhelmed by the overly long tutorials using out of date software. One thing they love about my video lessons is that they’re all bite-sized, to the point and up-to-date so they learn quickly.

8. Why do you recommend this side hustle?

I just love everything about using, making and selling stickers that make my life and so many others better. My stickers help busy women have fun with planning and organization and the result is that they get more time to themselves, they’re less stressed and overwhelmed.

Making stickers is a skill anyone can pick up with the right lessons and for people who already have a Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine, it’s a fun and creative way to put it to use even more!

This is also a great side hustle for those who want to work from home and start an online business. Plus, there’s such a wonderful and supportive online community who love to use and make stickers so it’s a very sociable business option too. I LOVE my student group, they are so caring and supportive of each other in our private Facebook group.

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9. How can someone get started making and selling planner stickers?

You can sign up for the course: The Sticker Plan.

How To Make Planner Stickers includes:

  • 30+ Tutorials to easily design, print and cut your own stickers (Value: $350)
  • Lessons start from newbie level and build on your skills and knowledge as you continue to learn (Value: Priceless)
  • Multiple Silhouette Studio lessons (Value: Priceless)
  • Bonus Cricut Design Space lessons! (Value: $150)
  • How to choose the best printer and sticker paper (Value: Priceless)
  • Where to find the best patterns, digital paper and graphics (Value: Priceless)
  • Lifetime access to your private learning portal (Value: Priceless)
  • 4 x Pre-made sticker kit sheets templates to use immediately (Value: $77)
  • Lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook group (Value: $360 per year)

10. Who is this course perfect for?

It’s perfect for anyone who want the fast and easy way to make beautiful, made-to-measure planner stickers without being overwhelmed by the tech. If you own a Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine already, even better! Although if you’re making stickers for yourself, you can cut them by hand of with a craft knife otherwise.

You can learn more The Sticker Plan course here.

You can also check out my Instagram and Etsy shop!

Do you want to make planner stickers?

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