How I Work Full-Time As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant & Travel The World

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Today we’re talking about Pinterest Virtual Assistants who help businesses grow using Pinterest. 

I have seen the transformation myself using Pinterest to grow my business, which is why I believe Pinterest Virtual Assistants are going to grow in demand.

They can literally attract thousands of new customers and make businesses tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a win-win on both ends. A woman gets to live out her passion of creating pin designs and helping grow a business while working from home. 

Let’s get started with this interview with Megan Haskin from Haskin Creatives, a full-time Pinterest Virtual Assistant who travels the world.

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Introduce yourself

I’m Megan Haskin, the creator, and founder of Haskin Creatives.

I took the Become a Pinterest VA Today course in July of 2018 and have quickly grown to manage 15 client accounts and sub-contracting pin design (my favorite thing!) while traveling full-time.

You can find my services and helpful Pinterest tips and information at, where I blog weekly about my favorite platform.

First off, what is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

To me, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is someone who assists online businesses and bloggers market their websites, content, and products on Pinterest.

Different terms are being thrown around lately, and while I like to call myself a “Pinterest Manager” or “Pinterest Strategist” rather than a “Pinterest Virtual Assistant,” they are mostly the same.

It is becoming more commonly known that a Pinterest VA is someone who is just starting with Pinterest Marketing and helps with common everyday tasks, but once you gain more experience and understand the strategy behind managing different kinds of businesses on the Pinterest platform you can move up to a Pinterest Manager or Strategist.

Clients don’t know the difference, though!

And we all do very similar things – we work with the Pinterest platform.

Can a Pinterest Virtual Assistant work from anywhere?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant can work from anywhere with reliable internet.

This was the main attraction for me, beginning a business centered around Pinterest Management.

I have been traveling full-time while running my business and am currently writing to you from Panama City in Central America.

My favorite thing about it is that you’re able to pre-schedule everything and work when you want to.

How much do you think someone can make per month as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

The hourly fees range depending on your experience and what kinds of clients you want to work with.

The starting rate is currently $250/client per month with the option for additional services like pin design and consultations.

My rates are currently higher than that because of my broad range of experience, and I now earn my full-time income with Pinterest Management – triple what I earned in teaching.

How soon did you land your first Pinterest Virtual Assisting job after taking Become A Pinterest VA Today? Was it difficult finding a job?

I was able to secure my first client within a month of starting my business.

The first month was spent building my website, completing the course, and practicing on a friend’s account to put my skills to the test.

My first client reached out to me, and it was an entirely smooth process.

I attribute a lot of this success to my mindset work and working on the branding of my business, which helps me connect with my ideal clients.

Others find it more challenging to get their first clients, but it is possible to get one within a month of starting your business.

Become A Pinterest VA Today is the course Megan completed to become a full-time Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

She’s even featured here where she shares her experience in a quick 1-minute video.

How long did it take you to complete the course, Become A Pinterest VA Today?

I already had some experience with working on Pinterest for my blog but needed help understanding how to land clients and what the process of working with others looked like.

It took me a month to complete the course, and I am so grateful to have had it guiding me through launching my business.

It’s great for beginners with video tutorials and workbooks to teach you everything you need to get started – the technical workings of the platform, working with clients, landing clients, the list goes on.

You can attend a free workship here to learn more about Become A Pinterest VA Today.

Do you need a college degree or any specialized certifications to become a Pinterest Virtual assistant?

I’d suggest taking a course to learn as much as you can about Pinterest Marketing if you want to be successful, but no formal training is needed.

It is important to remember that by investing in your business, you’ll be able to provide a better service and probably get referrals from your existing clients for more work – this has proven right for me.

I think you’ll want to have a desire to learn and grow as strategies are continually changing constantly, and because you’re running a business, you’ll want to learn about more than just Pinterest.

Think website design, branding, social media marketing, email marketing – there is so much to learn.

There’s an aspect of being a life-long learner that comes along with being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, or owning any successful business.  

Some other essential skills needed to run a Pinterest Management business successfully include being an excellent communicator, technologically savvy, and an independent worker.

What equipment does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant need?

You’ll need a laptop and good internet.

Some of the online subscriptions or programs we use as Pinterest Virtual Assistants include Tailwind and Canva (which is also covered in the Become a Pinterest VA Today course!).

What do you love most about being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

I am obsessed with pin design.

I love creating click-worthy images for my clients and am a total branding geek, so I love getting to experiment with the range of businesses I work with.

Want to see some more examples of Pinterest Virtual Assistants?

Here are 3 students who took the  Become a Pinterest VA Today course.

Check out their amazing progress!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a full-time Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you can check out Become A Pinterest VA Today. 

You can attend a free workship here to learn more about Become A Pinterest VA Today.

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