How Julie Earns $1,100 A Month Selling Printables

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Are you looking for a fun and profitable side hustle?

Selling printables on Etsy is the best side hustle out there right now. Tons of women are making between $100-$1000+ a month selling printables online (see their success stories here). 

A friend of mine named Julie started an Etsy shop selling printables in the bachelorette party niche. With her Etsy shop, she earns over $1,100 a month spending little time on it. 

Julie’s sharing her best tips and advice for people who are interested in this side hustle and want to start making extra money.

What got you started creating printables to make extra money?

I was first selling temporary tattoos on Etsy for bachelorette parties and loved it. I would make $15-20 per order since people were always buying them in large quantities leading up to their event.

It became too much to manage though on top of my full-time job since I didn’t get an order everyday and I had to manage inventory, shipping, and all that comes along with selling physical products.

I went to a blogging conference that same year and met someone selling printables in line for the food truck and learned she was making six figures doing it. That blew my mind.

I started adding bachelorette scavenger hunts for bar crawls and other printable games to my Etsy shop.

They started selling and my bestseller was selling for around $7 per order around that time.

My first month of making a couple hundred dollars selling printables on Etsy made me want to take down the temporary tattoo listings in my shop and focus solely on printables.

That is what I’ve been doing since.

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How much money have your top selling printables made?

My top selling printables have made $1,000-$2,000 each and it only took me a few hours to make them.

I started in the bachelorette niche but have since branched out to sell printables for entrepreneurs, iOS icon app covers, and more recently seasonal printables.

I look forward to scaling this side hustle further and have seen those new niches start to take off too!


Why do you think that one printable is so successful? What makes a great printable?

My best selling design allows the customer to personalize it for their bachelorette party and it’s editable on their end.

I think people will pay extra on Etsy for something that they can personalize themselves. 

We’ve also seen students do really well making printables in advance of holidays and to give as gifts such as things people can attach to candy for teacher appreciation. The market for printables is booming right now.

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Why do you think selling printables is one of the best side hustles out there?

I am very busy lately (just moved 3,000 miles cross-country with a toddler and I’m now a full-time work-at-home-Mom).

I love how I took 6 months off my shop this year to move and still made over $1,000 per month consistently on Etsy.

In the last 30 days I’ve made $1,100. I plan to add more products this month when I have time to grow that revenue further.

How much time does someone need in order to make and sell printables? 

You need a bit of time at the beginning to learn how to make printables and to get some products created.

One you have a dozen or so products in your shop you can take it easy and only put a few hours per month.

Unless you want to put more time into this side hustle and try to go full-time selling printables which I’ve seen people do.

Does a printable maker need to be creative and tech-savvy?

No, I am not a graphic designer and I don’t have an “eye for design” as some people like to say. My printables still sell though and I’ve picked up some small tips over the years to make them look better to potential customers.

I think that is one of the worries that keeps people from trying this side hustle and you truly don’t need to be design savvy or techy to do this side hustle well.

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Is the E-Printables Side Hustle course helpful for complete beginners who aren’t graphic design or tech-savvy?

Yes, completely. Cody Berman, my business partner, and I do over-the-shoulder style video tutorials that show you how we make some popular printable designs. and how to sell them on Etsy.

We also give away free templates so that you can get started listing products on Etsy faster. Just tweak them and you can make them your own to sell.

The best part of the course we hear is either the videos on the editable templates which are super popular on Etsy right now or our focus on keyword research.

We try to bring our knowledge of blogging into the printables world to help students find their bestsellers in advance before they make them. The strategies work.

What are E-Printables Side Hustle course students seeing in terms of extra income every month from their printables?

We’ve had three students who have taken our course that put about 15 hours per week in and were able to leave their full-time jobs and now sell printables full-time.

One student has made over $150,000 selling printables!

It is possible to have 4 or 5 figure months selling printables on Etsy. We send physical gifts in the mail to our students who reach 100 sales and have sent out dozens.

It’s been fun seeing people make successful Etsy businesses with this side hustle and everyone loves the passive nature of it.

What are your best tips for beginners who want to start this side hustle?

Don’t talk yourself out of giving it a try because you worry about the tech stuff. It’s a super creative side hustle that feels fun while you make the printables and beginners can do it.

You can use the products you make, especially if you focus on seasonal products for upcoming holidays, which is super fun! You’ll have the best DIY presents and holiday decor going.

What should someone do if they’re reading this and eager to get started?

We have a free ebook you can check out here if you want to see if this side hustle is for you.

We also have our online course E-Printables that over 3,000 students have taken to start successful Etsy businesses.

We provide 30 days of free coaching in our private Facebook group to new students and we also give out prizes every week to make it fun.

How can I get started selling printables on Etsy?

If you have a little extra time and the desire to pick up a fun creative side hustle then selling printables on Etsy may be right for you.

Once you get the hang of creating printables, you can make money and have fun doing it.

Are you looking for a stress-free and profitable side hustle that makes up to $10,000 a year?

Selling printables on Etsy is the best side hustle out there right now. Tons of women are making between $100-$1000+ a month selling printables online (see their success stories here). 

This is the side hustle for you if you’re looking for something stress-free to start from home that also makes passive income.

You don’t need any previous experience to do this, you don’t need to be a graphic designer, and you don’t even need to be tech savvy for this. This is a great side hustle for someone low on time but wanting to make extra money.

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Final Thoughts

Starting a printable side hustle on Etsy is a great idea because you don’t need much to get started. You simply need your computer and a reliable internet connection.

People love this side hustle because you can do it from home at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to start an Etsy side hustle?

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