How I Make $10,000 Per Month With A Small Blog

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I started making $10,000 per month on my blog when I had less than 100,000 page views per month.

Below are several ways I make money with my blog, along with the strategies that helped grow my income. 

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1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts was the final push that allowed me full-time on my blog.

If any of you followed my income reports, you know that I make a large portion of my income from sponsored posts (last month I made $8,000 from sponsored posts alone), which is why I am so excited to share this course with you all.

If you want to learn more about sponsored posts, check out my free sponsored post ebook and checklist.

I even created a course with my sister called Making Sense of Sponsored Posts. Over 600 students have taken this course to land major brand sponsorships, charge 3x what they'd usually charge, and work with brands multiple times.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you write about a product or service and link to it.

If someone clicks and purchases through the link, you may get a commission from it.

Anyone can make money with affiliate marketing with the right strategy and mindset.

If you're talking about a product or service on your blog, it's likely they have an affiliate program.

To find their affiliate program, all you have to do is type in Google, “name of brand + affiliate program” and you will find their affiliate details.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing will teach you everything you need to know about making money with affiliate marketing, including over 50 lessons, bonuses, and workbooks, along with an awesome private Facebook group.

3. Ad Revenue 

Bloggers make ad revenue by displaying ads on their website – that simple.

Depending on the number of page views you have allows you to apply to different ad publishers, such as Adsense, Adthrive, Mediavine, and more.

The more page views you have can mean more ad revenue.

My website uses Mediavine (requires minimum 25,000 sessions, not page views) and the user-friendliness of Mediavine lets me customize my ads.

Their customer support team is always helpful and quick to answer any of my questions.

I personally do not recommend adding Adsense to your blog if you're a new blogger.

Wait until you get to 25,000 sessions and then apply for Mediavine.

Adsense ads will make you little to nothing in money while distracting your readers from your blog.

4. Sell Products

Selling products is a great way to make income from your blog that is 100% yours. Bloggers like to go this route because it's better profit wise. For example, with affiliate marketing, you're only making up to 40% per product.

When you create your own products, you get 100% of your earnings.

I created and sell Making Sense of Sponsored Posts with my sister (we've sold it to over 600 students!). But I'll be honest, product creation, setting up sales pages, and email funnels, is not easy. It's WAY harder than I thought it would be.

If you've been blogging for awhile and ready to create and sell a digital product, I recommend taking Six-Figure Blogger.

Six-Figure Blogger is for the blogger who is ready to create digital products to take their business to the next level. 

This course made me go from overwhelmed and stressed to a sound strategy and peace. If you know anyone who has created a product, set up sales and email funnels, and set up sales pages, they will tell you its HARD. Maybe one of the hardest things about blogging. You get frustrated easily and want to quit. With Six-Figure Blogger, you get a step-by-step plan to create a digital product and sell it. 

5. Bonus: Freelance

My blog has given me opportunities from popular websites all over the internet.

Certain websites will reach out to me to write for their website as a freelancer.

They've seen my writing style via my blog, the audience my articles reach, and because of that, they pay me to write on their website.

Having a blog of your own allows businesses all around the world see your writing style and hire you.


I remember the day I wanted to turn my blog into a business. For many years, this blog was simply a hobby. I didn't have any direction or strategy in the beginning. It makes me wonder how faster things could've gone if I enrolled in Blog With A Full-Time Job. 

Blog With A Full-Time Job is a course for someone who wants to start a profitable blog, but isn't sure how. You're overwhelmed by the amount of blogging information out there. You are already super busy with a full-time job, but also want to start a profitable blog. 

You wish there were a step-by-step plan for how to start, grow, and monetize a blog. Luckily, there is.

Blog With A Full-Time Job is it.

But most importantly, my favorite part of BWATJ is the first module. It's the one module that every single blogger needs – even the big bloggers who are already blogging full-time.

You learn how to manage your mind. This is major. If you're scoffing off at this right now, I am telling you, from someone who runs a six-figure business – your mindset plays the most important role in your business. It's the key factor in your business going from making nothing to making six-figures. It's the key factor to scaling to seven-figures.

Here are just a few of the things you'll get in BWATJ:

  • A specific plan for launching, growing and monetizing your blog while working full-time
  • The exact strategy to grow and monetize your blog to a six-figure blog
  • Learn how to manage your mind, productivity, time management 
  • How to set up a beautiful looking blog that is completely customizable
  • How to write blog posts specifically for monetizing
  • Sooo much more + tons of bonuses, templates, worksheets, etc.

Do you want to build a successful blog (and get a 12-month plan) but have a full-time job? If so, you must check out Blog With A Full-Time Job.

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How do you make money on your blog?

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  1. Wow, you are definitely one of the higher-earning bloggers out there in terms of sponsored post revenue.

    I make the majority of my blogging income from display advertising at the moment, and I’m always looking for new affiliates to promote on my site!

    1. I used to make most of my money from advertising, too, but realized there’s also a lot of money to be made with sponsored posts! 🙂

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