9 Unique Gifts For The Financially Savvy

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Learning how to save money, budget, and other important personal finance tools are key to living a stress-free life when it comes to money.

I remember the day I started learning about money management. It felt so empowering and freeing. I figured out I had the power to take back my money and be more intentional with it. It’s amazing.

Giving the gift of teaching people about personal finance is incredible. Money will be here forever. Life is so much easier when you know how to manage your money, budgets, retirement, and so on. It’s worth it.

Here are 9 unique gifts for anyone who’s trying to be financially savvy. You got this!

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1. Monthly Budget Planner

This is the perfect gift to give someone to help them save money and stay on top of their finances.

There’s even a budget area to help you find out how much you’re spending and where you can cut costs.

  • pay bills on time
  • store your receipts
  • record your monthly expenses

Find out more about the monthly budget planner here.

2. Monopoly

A game that we have all played. This game is often overlooked.

The perfect game for any personal finance lover, this Monopoly version makes playing the board game more convenient than ever. Maybe this version of Monopoly won’t be endless?

  • instant transactions and cashless
  • property values rise and fall
  • tap technology

3. Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide To Money 

This is the perfect gift for anyone in the financial business, but also for a college student who is just starting to pay things off on their own.

Personal finance is not talked about nearly enough in high school, so this book is the perfect gift for anyone who needs help with learning the ins and outs of finances and money.

  • budget, saving money, dumping debt, investing
  • insurance, bargain hunting, mortgage options, marketing,
  • tons more!

You can get Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide To Money here.

4. Fortune Magazine

Giving the gift of a Fortune Magazine subscription is the perfect gift for die-hard personal finance fans, making money lover.

Included are long, in-depth articles. Fortune was founded in 1929 and is still going strong.

5. A session with a financial advisor

Though most first-time appointments with financial advisors are free, you can pay for the second appointment ahead of time.

This gift would be perfect for someone who has been wanting financial help for a while.

This gift would NOT be perfect for someone you barely know.

6. The Budget Kit

Anyone can benefit from learning how to budget, which is why I believe The Budget Kit can be one of the most useful gifts of all of the gifts I have listed in this post today.

This kit can help you stay on top of your finances and stay organized every month.

The sooner you figure out budgeting and saving money, the better off you will be.

Less stress = happier you. I would say financial freedom is the best gift you could give to someone.

  • create monthly and yearly budgets
  • create a plan to repay debt
  • includes an online resource guide that directs readers to helpful websites such as credit card debt, spending guidelines, and more
  • + tons more!

You can learn more about The Budget Kit here.

7. Give stock in a company

Giving a finance-savvy individual stock in a company such as Apple or Google where the money can grow.

If they are learning about investing or already know about investing, this is a great gift.

8. I Will Teach You To Be Rich book

Sethi provides a 6-week personal finance program for people of the ages of 20-35 years old.

Sethi’s approach is practical,  nonjudgmental, and makes learning about personal finance enjoyable and exciting.

Learn about banking, budgeting, saving, and more with his book.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Knowledge is power, people!

9. Stealing Coin Panda Money Box

I had to add this gift due to its hilarity and simplicity. I saw this gift on FaceBook and it made me laugh for some reason.

This is the perfect gift for a young kiddo or even someone who laughs at ridiculous items such as this one.

All you do is put a coin where the coin is pictured below, and the panda will take it. What’s even more awesome is there are a few different animals to choose from.

Check it out here.

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