Niche Site Academy Course Review 2023

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I started a side hustle this year that has been so exciting.

It’s a side hustle that is showing great results for a lot of people, both close friends of mine and acquaintances, which is why I decided to jump in as well. 

What side hustle did I recently start? A blog! I’m sure you’re about to hit me because I already have a blog, but it’s been totally different from starting and running Fitnancials.

This is because I started this new blog with a niche I KNEW would be successful because I did research first, and I had SEO (search engine optimization, which we will get more into later) at the forefront of everything.

I hate to break the news, but the old way of blogging is dead.

You can’t just create any blog and share your life experiences or best tips. In order to be successful, you must pick a niche and create content that you know has an audience with low competition on Google.

With the new side hustle and course I’m starting, we learn how to start, scale, and maybe even eventually sell our profitable niche site.

The creator of the course, Mike, has sold numerous blogs in the six-figure range and clearly knows what he’s doing. He’s also highly respected in the blogging community.

Disclaimer: I paid for this course with my own money. I did not receive any special discounts for buying this course. I am creating this blog post to solely help you figure out if this side hustle is for you.

What is Niche Site Academy?

Niche Site Academy is a course that teaches you how to choose a profitable niche before even starting your blog.

This is what a lot of new bloggers are failing at. They aren’t doing research first to see if the blog niche is even profitable. 

Niche Site Academy teaches you how to make $1,000/month from a blog.

Once you make $1,000 a month, it really just goes up from there. Many bloggers earn $5,000/month from ad revenue alone which is passive income. Many people even decide to sell their blog in the six-figures range.

Why should you trust Niche Site Academy?

Mike has created several websites that makes 5 figures a month and he’s sold some websites in the six-figure range. 

You might have noticed I’ve stopped recommending most blogging courses.

It’s because this is the one of the ONLY courses I can recommend these days since the old form of blogging is dead. 

Who is Niche Site Academy for?

This course and side hustle is for anyone looking to make money from home, work a remote job, and anyone who wants to have their own business.

Blogging can be done from anywhere in the world at your own schedule and it’s honestly one of the best jobs.

I’ve been doing it for ten years now and I plan on doing it until I retire (and I plan on retiring early from my blogging income!).

Who is this side hustle NOT for?

People looking to make a quick buck and people not wanting to put any work in. Seeing $1,000+/months can take up to 10-12 months, so anyone serious about this needs to be in it for the long haul.

It’s sooo worth it though! And so satisfying once you start seeing results.

I went into this knowing I wouldn’t see any real money from this for at least a year, but I also went into this knowing the process works as long as I do the work.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re overwhelmed by all the information in starting a blog
  • You feel like you constantly have to learn new things about blogging
  • Your blogging to do list is a mile page long
  • You blog about your “passions” and “life” and aren’t seeing any results on your blog
  • You feel like you need to keep making new Pinterest pins to even be seen on Pinterest 
  • You still haven’t seen a page view and it’s been six months since starting your blog

Then you may want to consider Niche Site Academy because you have a structured to-do list and it’s quite simple!

Niche Site Academy students think like this

  • We know everything starts and ends with our target audience. There’s no “me” in the equation
  • We don’t waste our time thinking about the perfect logo or tagline
  • We make data based decisions on what kind of blog posts to publish
  • We are playing a long term game and know that consistent traffic from Google is the Holy Grail of passive income
  • We don’t pick our niche until AFTER we’ve figured out how we’re going to monetize it

How much does Niche Site Academy cost?

Niche Site Academy costs $597 and there are payment plans available.

I wouldn’t recommend going into debt to buy this course. If you can, save up money before buying this course because you don’t want the added stress of debt as you start a new side hustle.

You will make that money back if you put the work in on your niche blog.

How much time do I need to do this?

I’m spending roughly 1-2 hours 5 days a week on this side hustle. Some people spend 30 minutes per day, and some people spend a few hours a day working on it.

Right now, I have a formula for all of my blog posts which is making it incredibly easy to create new blog posts.

You can do the same thing. Mike even has templates in the course so you know how to structure your blog posts again and again.

Is Niche Site Academy legit?

Yes, and I’m already seeing results, which is so exciting since I only started this side hustle in February! I took a break in March, so I’ve really only been doing this side hustle for two months and I’m already getting page views on my blog without even being on Pinterest yet. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Mike is highly respected in the blogging community because he’s helped six and seven figure bloggers up their SEO game AND he’s helping hundreds of new bloggers start profitable niche sites.

Mike does everything in his power to make sure you’re starting off on the right track from day 1.

Right at the beginning of the course, you’re going to learn how to choose a successful niche so you don’t waste any time or money starting a blog that won’t even become profitable.

What kind of results am I seeing?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m already getting organic search traffic from Google and my blog is only three months old. I only have 35 blog posts up and I’ve only worked on my blog for like 40 hours total since February. 

Mike shares a good point in one of his YouTube videos. Month 1-12 is going to be slow and you’ll some increase in traffic and possibly income, but it won’t be much.

However, months 12-18 can sharply increase in traffic and income so I’m really excited for those months!

In one year, I plan to be making at least $1,000/month from my blog and excited to get it to $5,000/month!

How can I get started now?

If you’re pumped to get started like I was, sign up for Niche Site Academy here.

I can tell you the momentum for starting this side hustle doesn’t die down because you know you’ll see results as long as you do what Mike tells you to do. It’s definitely the best side hustle I’ve ever started!

From May 23rd – May 27th (Monday-Friday), this course is available for new students.

What’s included in Niche Site Academy?

  • 11-CORE Training Modules that turn everything you thought you knew about “blogging” completely on its head so you can see how today’s successful websites actually operate
  • 100+ “Paint By Number” training videos so you have a step-by-step playbook for selecting profitable niches, uncovering great keywords, and creating the type of content that gets you traffic and makes you sales!
  • Complete Bonus Modules showing you how to outsource your content, plus on using advanced tools and strategies to take your niche site to the next level.
  • Members-Only Facebook Group so you’ll be able to brainstorm and bounce ideas off other niche-site owners just like you!
  • NSA Coaching That Has Your BACK — Get the support, feedback, and help you need from our TRAINED Niche Site Academy coach!

Look at these results from REAL people.

Module 1: The Niche Site Model

  • How niche sites different from “blogging” sites, and why this is a good thing
  • Learn how sites make money and get traffic
  • Two key types of content behind all of the successful niche sites
  • After this module you’ll have a clear understanding of the niche site framework and a clear path for moving forward.

Module 2: How To Find A Niche (Part 1)

  • Learn exactly how to choose a profitable niche 
  • The 3 elements every niche must have
  • Where Pinterest fits into the overall picture
  • Why “E-A-T” and “Experience” are so important
  • An overview of my competitive niche research process
  • A walkthrough of the tools we’re going to use that will make this process 100x easier for you

Module 3: How To Find A Niche (Part 2)

  • Find out if the niche you already have in mind is a good one to choose
  • Get an over the shoulder process for reverse engineering profitable niches on demand, so you can create as many blogs as you want over and over again (Mike does this!)

Module 4: How To Find A Niche (Part 3)

  • Now you will have a list of profitable niche ideas and it’s time to choose on
  • It’s at this point in the process that we’re going to separate the “pretty good” niche ideas to the “that is definitely the best niche for me!” ones
  • After this module, you’ll have chosen the final niche to build your site around!

Module 5: How To Set Up Your Niche Site

Bloggers take FOREVER to set up a website. Niche Site CEO’S take one day to set up a website. Here’s what you’ll have in just ONE day:

  • A brandable domain name picked out and registered
  • All the important WordPress plugins activated
  • Google Analytics & Search Console up and running
  • Hosting selected and WordPress installed
  • Basic branding implemented, including colors, fonts, and a logo
  • A fast, customizable WordPress theme installed

Module 6: Creating Your Niche Site Structure

This module will show you how to create all of this in just a few hours:

  • Homepage
  • Categories
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Legal pages
  • Menu
  • Footer

Module 7: Niche Site Keyword Research

  • Step-by-step, how to uncover relevant keywords that will bring you traffic and which you actually have a chance of ranking for
  • You’ll always know which blog posts to write 

Module 8: Content Preparation

  • Learn how to focus on writing the type of content that is proven to rank on Google, get traffic, and bring in affiliate sales 
  • Learn exactly what types of content you should be publishing and never wonder “what should I write next?”

Module 9: Content Research

  • How to research your content so you’re producing articles that make both your readers and Google happy

Module 10: Content Creation

  • For the majority of niche sites, there are only 3-4 “content” types that you’ll EVER need to write. You know, a “list post”, a “how-to post, etc.
  • Once you understand the rhythm and the flow of those content types, you’ll be able to pump out content EASIER and FASTER than ever before. You know why? Because Mike has templated everything for you!
  • You get access to all my content templates, plus I’m walking you through each section, step-by-step, so you know exactly how to structure your niche site content!

Module 11: Content Optimization

  • Now it’s time to get our content PUBLISHED so it can start ranking in Google!
  • Adding titles, slugs, images, internal links—one after the next, as easy as following a checklist

Check out this testimonial from a Niche Site Academy student.

After going through Niche Site Academy, you’ll have …

  • Nailed down the perfect niche. No more worrying about whether you can actually make money with your niche—finally have the confidence knowing what kind of niches are profitable (and which ones to avoid).
  • A professional looking site up & running fast. Have WordPress installed, your new theme and plugins activated, a logo designed, and your new site up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks.
  • Profitable, rankable keywords to go after. Stop trying to guess which keywords you think you can rank for. After completing the Keyword Research module, you’ll know exactly the right types of keywords to target.
  • A content strategy to consistently publish high-quality posts. Say goodbye to wasting time writing content that has no chance of ranking and, worse yet, no ability to actually make you money.
  • A dialed-in system to outsource your content. When you’re ready to outsource your content creation to freelance writers, I’ll show you my hands-off system to getting consistently high-quality content posted to your site each month with you barely doing any work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between this course and your Stupid Simple SEO Course?

Niche Site Academy is all about starting and growing a successful niche site from scratch, including the most important part of blogging: choosing a niche. While we do go deep on important SEO strategies to grow your traffic such as keyword research, this is not a full-fledged SEO course.

Stupid Simple SEO, on the other hand, is all about scaling an existing website using advanced, in-depth SEO strategies.

Can I access the training right away, or do I have to wait for new lessons to be released?

Right away! You get instant access to all the modules the instant you sign up. 

Will I need to purchase any paid tools or products?

Yes — just like it is with starting any side business, there will be a small investment required to get your niche site off the ground, though it can vary quite a bit.

A one-month subscription to Ahrefs ($199) is required for this course. And when you see all the incredible, valuable data we are able to get out of this tool, you’ll have zero doubt why this is worth the investment.

Additional costs will depend on which products you choose to use. For example, will you use a paid theme or a free theme? Will you invest in premium plugins, or use free plugins?

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? Any additions and improvements I make over time will be included with your purchase.

What format is the course in?

The course is 100% video. Every single lesson in the course is a video of my computer screen, either going over a PowerPoint lesson where I’m explaining the “what” and “why” of a particular topic, or showing you over-the-shoulder in my web browser exactly how to do something.

How long does it take to go through the course?

The course is self-pacing, so you can go through it as fast (or slow) as you like. There are 77 videos of content inside the training program.

How much time does it take to see results?

Starting a niche site from scratch is no different than starting any other blog from scratch — it takes time, effort, and persistence to see good results.

I recommend dedicating 30-60 minutes every weekday to your niche site for the first six months to accelerate your results. 

Can you remind me of the guarantee again?

Take 30 days to go through the course, and if after getting your questions answered in the Facebook group, following the keyword research module to get your list of golden keyword opportunities, and creating your first pieces of content, and you still don’t feel like this whole niche site thing is finally clicking for you … I insist you email mike @ stupidsimpleseo .co with all of the course work you have completed, and he’ll refund your purchase 100%.

If you have any questions about my experience with Niche Site Academy, please feel free to email me at Alexis @ fitnancials . com. I get a lot of emails, so feel free to put “Niche Site Academy” in the subject line.

Got questions before enrolling? Email Mike directly at mike @

Get started with Niche Site Academy here.

Have fun starting this new side hustle!

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