How I Sell On Amazon FBA (For Complete Beginners)

Written by: Alexis Schroeder

Publish Date: January 10, 2023

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I interviewed Karin Crompton, who started her very own Amazon FBA business with her sister. 

Karin shares the benefits of being an Amazon FBA seller and the one piece of advice she would give to someone who wants to get started. 

Being an Amazon FBA seller isn’t for everyone, but the people who do decide to make it a side hustle or full-time gig seem to really enjoy it.

1. First off, what is an Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is a program where you sell products online, but instead of storing all of the inventory at home and then handling every order yourself, Amazon handles the order fulfillment.

So “FBA” stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon.”

Sellers decide what inventory they want to sell, then ship it into Amazon.

Amazon stores it in their warehouses, fulfill the orders, and handles customer service and returns.

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2. What are the benefits of being an Amazon FBA seller?

The great thing about being an Amazon FBA seller is that Amazon handles a lot of the details that can take too much time or are simply a headache.

This allows sellers to scale up to a level they might not reach otherwise.

I’m not limited by the amount of space in my home or garage because I ship almost all of my inventory into Amazon to store in their warehouses, and then I don’t have to box and label hundreds of individual items each month because Amazon fulfills the orders.

Then if there’s a return, Amazon process that as well.

There are also a variety of ways people can get involved.

My business model and the type of inventory I source might be different from yours.

There are lots of options.

3. How can you learn how to sell on Amazon FBA?

Like any business today, you could probably find all of the information somewhere online for free, but it would take a long time to piece everything together and would be difficult to ask the questions that come up along the way.

There’s also a lot of terrible advice out there.

I mean, stuff that would result in new sellers losing money — potentially lots of money.

So it’s challenging to sort through and figure out what’s legit and what’s not.

It’s a steep learning curve, and there are TONS of things that come up as you’re out there doing it in real life.

So I’d highly recommend that someone who’s thinking about selling Amazon FBA take the Amazon Boot Camp.

It will likely pay for itself many times over, and the community is full of integrity and patience.

The other thing to remember is that the Larrews are out there practicing what they preach.

They’ve built it, and they continue to work it, which is particularly important because things change all the time; Amazon changes its rules quite often and something that worked last year doesn’t necessarily work this year.

4. How long did it take you to start making money after taking the course?

I admittedly didn’t keep perfect records when I started, and I also didn’t start with the Amazon Boot Camp (only because I didn’t know about it).

So my journey is a little different because I got myself into a bit of a hole before I found The Selling Family, and then worked my way out of it.

However, most people who start can see their business really begin to grow — meaning, they’ve gone from the first phase of investing in inventory and supplies or whatever (which can be a few hundred to maybe $1,000 investment) to a profit — within a few months if they’re intentional and deliberate about it, and treat it like a real business.

Free 7-day course: Everything You Need To Know To Start Selling On Amazon

5. What piece of advice would you give someone to succeed in selling on Amazon?

When in doubt, take it slow.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they’re buying a ton of inventory or buying things that are way too pricey before they know what they’re doing, and then they lose a bunch of money and get discouraged.

There are quite a few moving parts in the business, and it takes some trial and error to figure it out.

So new sellers should take their time and source lower-cost inventory.

Moreover, of course, check out Amazon Boot Camp and anything else the Larrews offer.

Seriously, they have the best teaching and coaching available; it’s incredibly accessible and easy to understand.

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