How I Make $8,000 Each Month Reselling Items On eBay

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Today I have an amazing interview with Stacy, a mom who works 20-30 hours a week on her reselling side hustle. In the past two years, Stacy has had $100,000 sales and is expected to earn $100,000+ in sales in 2021. 

In today’s post we go over things like:

  • The first item Stacy sold and how much she sold it for
  • How much money she’s made since starting 
  • If this side hustle can turn into a full-time job
  • What she likes and doesn’t like about this side hustle
  • How someone can get started and get results like her 

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Can you share exactly what your side hustle is?

My absolute favorite side hustle is flipping items for profit! It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what that is. When I first told my family I was going to be a flipper, they thought I was taking some sort of gymnastics class!

They had no idea what flipping was. I wasn’t surprised because before I met Rob and Melissa Stephenson from Flea Market Flipper, I had never heard of it either. 

I had been reselling on eBay since 2007, but I never knew it was actually called flipping and honestly, I never knew it was a “thing” where I could actually make a living.

To put it simply, flipping is just finding valuable items at a very low price in one market and then reselling them on a platform with a lot of traffic (like eBay). After some education from the experts, I have learned and gotten better at flipping.   

The money is in the buy. What does that mean? It means, the better you can do on the purchase of the item that you are flipping, the more profit you will have. If you pay too much, it won’t benefit you. You have to find those items that have good value and are underpriced.  

With that said, I have developed an amazing eye for undervalued items at a low price. The lower the price, the better the return on my investment. 

I resell some of my items on local platforms like Facebook, Craigslist, and Offerup. I don’t sell often on those platforms, but when I do it’s nice. No fees and no shipping. 

I sell most of my items on eBay. I love eBay. It’s an amazing platform that opens up commerce all over the world. There are 182 million users on eBay and a hot market to sell my items at a great price!

What made you pick this side hustle?

In 2018, my husband and I wanted to purchase an RV. But since we had been debt free since 2016 (including our house thanks to Dave Ramsey!) We knew purchasing an RV would require us to have cash. 

That started me on a month long search to find a side hustle to bring in some money without eating up my time. I knew without a doubt I could pick up lots of extra shifts at the hospital and raise the money. 

Time and initial investment were two key factors in deciding to flip items. I wanted something that I could have a lot more time while making money and I didn’t want to invest a lot of money into the business to get started. I feel like flipping met both of those criterias.  

In July of 2018, I started my side hustle with just $0.50. I went to a yard sale and picked a center cap for a Dodge ram truck. I listed it on eBay and sold it the next day for $75. I took that money and re-invested it in three other items to flip and it just took off from there. 

To date, I have never put any other personal finances into my side hustle other than the original $0.50. I saved $20K for my RV and  have completely run my business including my inventory, storage, taxes, and all other items that I needed to run my business.  

Flipping has now become my full-time hustle. I came to this decision when I was working a shift at the hospital as a nurse and while I was working I made several sales totally twice as much as what I got paid for the shift.  

It was a no-brainer from then on. It was easier work at flipping and I was making a lot more money doing it. 

Flipping is so easy to start. You don’t need to even have money. You can start with the items that you have lying around your own house that you haven’t used in a while. You don’t pay fees until you sell the item so there is very little risk to start flipping. 

How long have you been doing this side hustle?  

I started flipping in 2007 when my sixth child was born. I had quit my job for a period of time to stay home with my two babies.

I had a friend who was selling on eBay and she took some time to show me the ropes and get me started. I was a nervous wreck in the beginning because I didn’t know what I was doing. But I practiced and was able to learn how to sell on eBay’s platform. 

At first, I didn’t understand the concept of sourcing items to sell. I would just sell the items that I found in my closet or once in a while, I would find a good deal at a store and would resell the item for a small profit. 

I called it my beauty treatment money or just money that I made to buy something that wasn’t included in our budget. 

I hadn’t learned from the best yet (Flipper U!) so I did the best I could with the limited amount of knowledge that I had. I made a few hundred dollars a year and I was happy with that. 

In 2018, I had an aha moment when I saw a video of Rob and Melissa from Flea Market Flipper talking about sourcing and how they were earning money by shipping large items. It just clicked with me and it made perfect sense. I jumped into Flipper U a couple months later and the rest is pretty much history. 

I continue to learn from them and our flipping group every day. I get so many ideas on what to source and flip. It’s an amazing community of people. 

I’ve never turned back. Within two years, I turned my $0.50 into $100K and I’m still going strong. I totally love every aspect of the business. I love finding items, cleaning them, fixing them, listing and selling them. 

In my opinion, it’s the best side hustle around.

What was the first item you sold? How much did you make?

The very first item that I sold in 2007 was a wrestling singlet from one of our kids. They had outgrown it and wrestling was really big at the time. I sold it for $40 and I was hooked! 

I used the money to buy new wrestling shoes for my son. Raising six kids, I saw how flipping could be a really great side job. 

That was before I realized I could make real money if I stepped things up a little bit. 

In 2018, right after I watched Rob and Melissa’s video and decided I was going to start sourcing some larger, more expensive items, I sold a Lavazza Espresso Maker. I picked it up for $40 off of Offerup and sold it for $400 on eBay. 

At first thought, my husband wasn’t that excited about me flipping larger items. But each week, I would report the sales I was making and tuning a profit many times of 10 X’s my investment. It didn’t take long for him to think flipping was an amazing side job!

Below are some examples of things that were resold for a huge profit!

How much money have you made? 

After I started taking reselling seriously in 2018, I took $0.50 and turned it into $100K in sales after two years. I am estimating I will make $100K in sales for 2021. 

I have built a lot of very good inventory and I have been consistent in keeping at the business so I have no doubt I will hit that milestone this year. 

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How much money can someone make doing this?

Like any business, you have to do the work. If you are looking at flipping as a way to get rich quick, just keep looking. Flipping won’t be for you. 

I work hard and I work often. 

I think it’s safe to say you will get out of it what you put into it. If you get into the flipping group and you follow Rob and Melissa’s program, you should be making $1000 in the first 30 days. That’s about average. 

Of course, that all depends on the person who is doing it and if they are willing to get past their fears and leave their comfort zone. 

When I decided I wanted to get uncomfortable, that’s when the profits started rising. I started purchasing and selling items I had never given a thought to selling because they would have been too challenging to ship. 

But once I got the shipping down, the sky’s the limit! I have sold smaller items up to large freight items on a pallet. 

Is this side hustle hard?

With flipping, there is definitely a period where there is a learning curve. In fact, I am still learning daily. You have to spend time learning the ins and outs of flipping. You also have to be willing to make some mistakes and learn from them. 

Sometimes people are so afraid of making mistakes, that they never leave the comfort of not trying. If you don’t try and move past your fears, you will never get successful with flipping. 

Anyone can do the business. Anyone can learn how to source. I’ve seen people who had no idea what they were doing and they admitted that sourcing wasn’t something they were even good it. 

But they just continued to not take no for an answer and keep at it the business learning and stepping out of their comfort zone. Within 90 days, they had made over $5,000. 

It can be done. There are items to source everywhere and you will never run out of items to source and resell. 

Like anything else, flipping is a job. If you go to your job daily and work a hard day, you’ll earn a paycheck. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. It’s really that simple.  

Flipping has also shown to be recession proof. Through the pandemic and other low times in the economy, my business was booming. There are a couple of reasons for that. 

People are looking to stretch their money and they are also looking to buy items without having to go out to stores. So the online platform that I sold on was the perfect combination for low points in the economy.

Below are a few more examples of things that were sold for a huge profit!

How much time does this side hustle take? 

You can spend as much time or as little time as you want. If you want to make more sales, you will have to spend more time sourcing and getting your items listed and sold. 

If you just want to make a little bit of money, you can treat it like a hobby. You will still make money, but it won’t be serious money. 

I spend an average of 25-30 a week and I make on an average $7,000-$10,000 in monthly sales. I bring home about 80% of that. Not a bad return for 25 hours a week!

Learn more about how to make money reselling in this free workshop here.

Can this side hustle turn into a full-time job?

When I started flipping seriously in 2018, it was never on my radar to do it full-time. I loved my nursing job and I was making great money. I worked with great people and had no complaints. 

But when I started seeing the results I was getting by putting time into my flipping business and staying consistent with it, I started seeing that I was exceeding my expectations. I was finding I had a lot more money in my budget and I had more time and less stress. 

Last year, we went on a 30 day road trip across the US in the summertime. I kept my eBay store open and I sold $4,000 worth of items almost the entire month I was gone. I wasn’t even at home and I still sold and made money!

As I started to see that I was able to make money without a lot of work on my part once I got the item listed, I started having a vision for working less at my nursing job and amping up my flipping business to replace my income.  

Then the pandemic hit and it was a game changer. I started having a lot less joy at my nursing job because of the situation. I was exhausted and being pulled in so many different directions. 

I had already more than replaced my nursing income at that point with my flipping. So I made a decision after a few shifts that didn’t go well to take some time off of nursing. I haven’t regretted that decision one bit!

Since doing that, I have been able to continue to be very consistent with my business and I have more than doubled my part-time nursing income with just flipping. 

Does this side hustle cost a lot of money? Are there business expenses?

I think that is one of the most appealing aspects of flipping. There is very little overhead and almost no start up costs to begin flipping. 

Besides the obvious like internet service and a cell phone (which I already had), there are only fees that I pay to eBay after the items sold, shipping supplies, and my storage unit which is not a requirement to have this business. I just chose to since I am selling larger items and I don’t have the room for them. 

One girl in our flipping group found an old vacuum in her basement. She sold it for $400 and started her flipping business! She ended up quitting her second job and was making $5,000 a month to help her daughter through college!

This is a very unique business in that you can start a very profitable flipping business with a reasonable amount of time and very little money. I think that’s one of the most appealing things about flipping. 

What do you like and dislike about this side hustle?

I think what I love about flipping the most is that I have gotten great at sourcing because I have spent time learning from the best (Rob from Flea Market Flipper). It makes flipping so enjoyable that I have the confidence to be able to find items every week and I’m not worried about the deals drying up. 

I also love the ability to travel and have the freedom. I have taken several vacations and I usually make $1,500-$2,000 while I am gone even when I have my eBay store on vacation. 

People buy from me the whole time I am vacationing knowing that I will ship the item to them when I return. It’s a great way to make money and have the freedom and flexibility to travel which I love to do. 

I think the only downside is when I run out of room in my storage that I feel like it stunts my business because I want to buy more items but don’t have the room for them! But that is easy to fix and I am currently seeking to get more storage space to expand my business. 

Are there other people successful doing this?

I think there is always the fear when you see someone being successful at a particular thing that maybe it only works for them. That can especially be the case when they are selling a course. 

For me, I struggled spending the money on Flipper U because I thought it looked too good to be true and that maybe it just worked for Rob and it wouldn’t work for me. 

I’m super happy I got over that. Investing in the course was a total game changer for my business and is the only reason I am where I am today.

It was pretty simple actually. I just watched and learned and copied everything Rob did and everything everyone else that was successful in our group. Just in doing that, I was able to bring those same results to my own business. 

And I’m not the only one. I have seen many, many people go through Rob’s course and become very successful doing it! Some have even quit their jobs that they didn’t like and gone full-time flipping. 

There are many of us who are doing well and I enjoy seeing all the success in our course members group. 

How can someone get started with this?

A friend once told me, “Education is cheap compared to ignorance.” For me, I struggled with getting the proper training. I thought to myself, “How hard can this be?” I can do this without it costing me anything. 

So I didn’t purchase Flipper U because I thought I knew I could do it on my own. But after a couple of months of trying so hard and working and working, I knew it was time for me to get the proper training if I wanted to be serious about flipping. 

The first month I jumped into Flipper U, my income went from $750 a month to $1,500 and the next month over $3,000 and so on. It just continued to get better and better from there. 

So for me, it was all about finding an expert and then coming alongside of them to watch and learn and grow. It was the best investment I ever made for myself and is the #1 reason I have been so successful with it (with the exception of God’s blessing on my life!)

Why do you recommend this side hustle/full-time job?

It’s interesting. As I’ve watched people working at the hospital as nurses, I was always really taken back at how long people worked. I would see people working well into their 70s. 

I love nursing…but not that much! I saw people working so hard and getting older and older where I could see them struggling to walk down to the hallway. It was very evident that nursing was becoming really hard on their body. 

I always asked myself, “Why do they do it?” It just baffled me. So after talking with people who were working well into their 70s as nurses, I found out it all came down to finances. Either they had made poor financial decisions through the years or they just hadn’t saved any money. 

That brought them to a place where they just didn’t have a choice and had to stay in a job they didn’t really enjoy. 

That did two things. It made for unhappy people and unfulfilled lives. To me, both of those are tragic. 

I think we should all do what we love. If you are in a job you love and you want to work until you are 70, go for it. But if you don’t want to work that long and finances are holding you back, I feel like flipping is an amazing way to create income to help you make your dreams come true. It can help people make the transition to a better job or to retirement. 

I also think flipping is such an amazing job for people in retirement. I have several people in our flipping group who retired and started flipping as a side hustle that has brought so much fulfillment to their retirement years. 

Some retirees are using flipping to boost their nest eggs, take vacations they didn’t have in their budget, or give money to their kids and grandkids. 

I think flipping is an amazing side business for any age and I absolutely love doing it and plan to do it well into retirement! 

But the difference is I get to do what I love and I don’t have to stay in a job just because I have to. 

If you’re ready for a change, sign up for the free workshop that will teach you about reselling and if this is the side hustle for you.

What tips do you have for people who want to make money flipping items?

I recommend people start slow. You can look through some items that you have in your own house first before you start to spend money sourcing. 

Look under your bed, in your closet, or in your basement. Believe me, you have a ton of stuff you haven’t been using and it’s worth hundreds of dollars!

The rule in my house is if I haven’t used it in over a year, chances are I won’t use it. It doesn’t do any good to me to sit around and take up space in my house. So why not sell it?

It’s a great way to make money to invest in sourcing items to flip. 

I also would suggest if you want to start flipping, get a separate bank account. That way you know what money you have to work with and you can keep better tabs on the money that you are making. 

I also encourage people to get out of your comfort zone. Any mistake can be figured out. That’s my rule. There’s nothing that can’t be worked out so I do not allow myself to be so scared that I won’t get out there and do things that are uncomfortable. 

When I first started flipping larger items, I was paralyzed with fear. I had no idea what I was doing and I knew it. But I was willing to learn and watch. I had to force myself past my fear and take it one step at a time.  

I made mistakes. I had struggles. But I never gave up. And the result of that is I am doing something I love, traveling the world with my family, funding my Roth IRA, saving for my daughters’ college, and enjoying our early retirement! 

There is no better side hustle on the planet in my opinion and I am so happy that I was able to move past my fears and tackle this business! I am living my best life because of it!

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Final Thoughts

Have you been thinking about starting a reselling side hustle? Do you have any questions for Stacy?

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