11 Free Courses To Learn How To Make Extra Money

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Are you taking advantage of all the free information out there on making extra money?

I’m sharing with you the best courses, workshops, and guides that teach you how to make extra money. If you want to start a side hustle or increase your skills, keep reading!

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1. Selling Printables On Etsy

One of my favorite side hustles on this list and a side hustle I’m personally working on is selling printables on Etsy. 

My friend Julie sells printables on Etsy as a fun side hustle, with her main form of income coming from blogging full-time. She says selling printables is mostly passive income (meaning you essentially make money in your sleep).

See her best-selling printable here and how she’s made almost $6,000 from her Etsy shop.

Julie even has a free guide for people wondering how to get started selling printables on Etsy. She shares her secret list of best-selling products month by month. She even shares how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make the most money. It’s free and available for immediate download, so I highly recommend taking advantage of it!

2. Learn How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

This is the side hustle for the Pinterest-obsessed. If you’re interested in hearing more about what it takes to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, take the free workshop called “​​​​​​​​​How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Land Your First Client”.

In this free workshop, you learn how to:

  • How and where Pinterest Virtual Assistant’s work online
  • What services to offer and how much to charge
  • How and where to land your first client

You’ll discover the 9 services you can offer as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. 

Get the free training workshop here.

My friend Megan is a full-time Pinterest Virtual Assistant and let me interview her here. She shared so many great tips for soon-to-be Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

A great example of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is Tara (pictured below). She currently has 18 clients and makes about $7,500 a month. 

3. How To Build A Six-Figure Freelance Writing Career 

Are you curious to how freelance writers land freelancing jobs and more importantly, make money? Freelance writers make money from writing for large publications. They typically create a 1,000-3,000 word article and publish it on a major website and earn a stipend from the article.

My friend Holly is a full-time freelance writer who is killing it in the freelance writing world. I learned a ton of information from her and even credit her for helping me land my first freelance writing job a couple of years ago.

She even has a free training for people interested in becoming freelance writers. 

In this free training, you’ll learn:

  • 6 keys to online freelance writing success
  • How to increase your freelance writing income 
  • Steps Holly used to increase her freelance writing income to over $200k
  • How to cold pitch clients
  • How to build a social media following

Get the free workshop here. Scroll down a little bit and you’ll see the free workshop called: How To Build A Six-Figure Writing Career.

4. Start A Money-Making Blog

If you’re reading this blog right now, you’re helping support my business whether you spend money or not. Bloggers make money from ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling their own digital products. You can see how I make money on my blog here.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to blog full-time? I have a free email course I offer here (or you can sign up in the box below).

In the free course, I share:

  • How to create your own blog from scratch 
  • 10 things to do after launching your blog (step-by-step and easy process)
  • How to monetize your blog from the beginning
  • The 1 blogging resource I recommend to new bloggers  

5. How To Run & Own A Bookkeeping Business

Do you want to work from home, earn good money, and be your own boss? Do you also have good discipline to be your own boss and work hard? Then running your own bookkeeping business might be for you. 

No experience is required. This job is great for people who want to help support entrepreneurs, and small business owners with their bookkeeping. I personally have a bookkeeper and I think every small business owner should have one!

Get the free class here.

The creator of this free class, Ben Robinson was recently featured on my blog and answered some amazing questions to help you on your bookkeeping journey.

And if you’re wondering what it’s really like to own your own bookkeeping business, check out this interview I recently published on my blog.

6. Learn How To Start A Profitable Amazon Business

Are you curious as to how people make money on Amazon? You can learn how to create an Amazon account and find inventory to sell without wasting your time or money. 

This free course was created by a couple who made $100,000 their first year reselling on Amazon.

This 9-lesson free course will teach you:

  • Why Amazon is the best marketplace for resellers
  • How using FBA gets you more sales and saves you a ton of time
  • The exact steps to follow to set up your Amazon Seller account
  • Two easy ways to find inventory
  • How to choose profitable inventory that customers actually want to buy

Get the free starter course here.

I even interviewed a side hustler who runs a successful Amazon FBA, which you can see here. There’s also another great interview here from the amazing couple who created this free course.

7. How To Become A Virtual Assistant

This is one of my favorite side hustles on this list that I personally have several years of experience with. Working as a Virtual Assistant is amazing for the kind of people that like to work for others and enjoy taking direction from a boss. Personally, I like knowing exactly what needs to get done and checking off tasks. 

If you want to learn how to become a virtual assistant, take the free workshop called “5 Steps To Become A Virtual Assistant”.

This free workshop includes:

  • Simple step-by-step process to become a Virtual Assistant
  • How to earn a consistent income using skills you already have
  • Why you don’t need to be a tech expert or go back to school to be a Virtual Assistant
  • The shortest path to earning a legit living from anywhere

I recently interviewed a Virtual Assistant here and they shared a ton of helpful information on the job.

Get the free workshop here. Scroll down a little and you will see the free workshop called “5 Steps To Become A Virtual Assistant”.

8. How To Become A Flea Market Flipper

Are you wondering what it takes to become a flea market flipper? Or what about someone who buys and resells items for a profit?

My friend Melissa is a full-time flea market flipper with her husband. They run an incredible business where they get to work with their family. Even more impressive? They make six-figures a year doing this

Melissa created a free challenge that will show you how to start with an item that is $25 or less and flip it for extra cash. 

Get access to the free flipping challenge here.

9. How To Make Money Freelance Proofreading

Do you have a knack for proofreading and finding errors in writing? Maybe you’ve seen an error on this page. If so, this side hustle may be for you.

There’s a free workshop called Transform Your Passion For Words & Reading. 

This free workshop includes:

  • 5 signs proofreading could be the perfect fit for you
  • How to get proofreading clients 
  • How proofreading can be your ticket to lifestyle freedom and financial security

Get the free workshop here.

10. Create Planner Stickers

Do you want to create stickers? Do you want to sell them on Etsy to make money? 

If so, I have good news! There’s a free masterclass that teaches you how to:

  • 3 mistakes sticker makers and shop owners make
  • Tools and equipment you need to get started
  • How to use your creativity to start a side hustle
  • How to stand out from the crowd and be successful
  • The quickest way to get started with selling stickers

Get access to the free Masterclass here.

10. How To Make Money With SEO

Understanding SEO (search engine optimization) can be greatly beneficial for businesses. This is why a lot of business owners hire out for SEO specialists. This free course is also great for bloggers and business owners who want to ramp up their own business with SEO. 

This free SEO training will teach you:

  • How to increase your success with Google
  • What domain authority is and why it’s important
  • What keyword research is and the 3 things to look for before choosing a keyword
  • Best ways to find a keyword you actually have a chance to rank for
  • Why content is so important for SEO
  • SEO checklist so each post you publish is optimized for Google and SEO

Get the free SEO video training here.

I personally took this course and saw incredible results on Fitnancials.

11. Find A Remote Job

Are you wondering how to get a legit job that lets you work from home?

You can download a free guide here that shares a step-by-step process to find a remote job.

This free guide will teach you how to:

  • How to find the best opportunities for you
  • Create a resume to impress any employer
  • Make your search for a remote job easier and safer
  • Understand the remote job market, including common jobs and companies hiring

Learn how to find a remote job and start working from home here.

Final Note

Don’t forget to sign up for the free resource library and get exclusive access to free printables & planners related to saving and making money, meal planning, and more!

Which course or workshop are you signing up for? Share in the comments!

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  1. Becca

    I’m SO excited!! I’ve been praying about and being on the lookout for a few side hustles I can conduct on my own with the goal of eventually working solely from home! I’ve read dozens of blog posts that listed side hustles and none of the literal hundreds of side hustle ideas vibed with me. I’m a total hermit, so the typical side hustle ideas I found (dog walker, house sitter) weren’t good ideas. Or others just demanded too much interaction with other people (working on Fiverr, commissioning art). I love these ideas!! They’re relevant and diverse! Selling printables on Etsy, being a Pinterest VA, freelance writing, being a flea market flipper are all ideas I can’t wait to explore and discover which one(s) are for me. I’m so incredibly thankful for this post and how helpful it is without trying to sell me something. <3 I've never been so confident and excited about heading a side hustle before!

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      Thank you! I’m so glad I can help!

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