15 Ways To Make Extra Money For The Holidays

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The holidays can either bring stress or joy, maybe a mixture of both. With the average U.S. household spending $1,356 during the holidays, this can be a great time to make some extra money to pay for gifts. 

22% of Americans think Christmas spending will leave them in debt, taking away from the holiday spirit. You don’t have to fall into those statistics.

I’ve compiled 15 of the best ways to make money this holiday season, saving you stress and money these next couple of months. 

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Make dog treats at home

Did you know you can make $1,000+ a month part-time working at home with a dog treat business? You can even make $5,000-$8,000 from your home kitchen if you do it full-time. You can get your kids involved, work from home, create your own schedule, and make treats for dogs. I don’t think it gets better than that. 

My friend Kristin runs a successful dog treat business from home and perfected the craft of selling dog treats. She even teaches others how to replicate her success in her course Diva Dog Bakery.

I know you have a ton of questions about this and want to learn more before signing up for a course. That’s why Kristin offers a completely FREE workshop to answer all of your questions. Have more questions that aren’t covered in the workshop? You can contact Kristin via email. Get her free workshop here and see if this side hustle is for you.


If you’re not using Rakuten, you’re really missing out. I’ve been using Rakuten for over three years and always take advantage of the cash savings. Rakuten gives you cash back for shopping at stores like Target, Walmart, Kohls, Macy’s, Amazon, and pretty much any shopping site you can think of.

For example, today I went onto Rakuten and searched Walmart before I did my online shopping. Walmart is currently offering up to 5.0% cash back just for using Rakuten. 

To motivate you to use Rakuten, you get a $30 welcome bonus for signing up and making a qualifying purchase of at least $30. If you ever buy anything online, that’s a pretty easy purchase! 

Get the $30 welcome bonus here.

I also recommend adding the Rakuten extension to your browser. The extension is easy to install (takes seconds) and automatically applies coupons from Rakuten when you’re online shopping.


If you still haven’t signed up for Ibotta, you’re missing out on some great savings.

If you buy groceries, clothing, pet supplies, household items, you need to be using Ibotta. When you shop using Ibotta, you get cash back whether you’re shopping online or in-store at over 1,500 stores. Ibotta has paid out over $600 million in cash rewards since 2012. That’s a whole lotta change!

The Ibotta app works at almost every grocery store, Best Buy, Etsy, Forever 21, Hotels.com, Sephora, Instacart, Kohls, Nike, PetCo, Amazon, Target, and hundreds of other stores. 

Get $10 in your account just for using my referral link.

Below is a screenshot of my Ibotta account. I use Ibotta for cash back on groceries, toiletry items, household items, and other random things I buy. I also earn bonuses when I invite friends to the app, and when my team (the people I refer) hit bonuses.


Honey finds you the best discount codes on the internet, saving you so much time and money.

For example, I went shopping on Fashion Nova the other day and pressed my Honey extension button.  Honey found me a 40% off coupon and I didn’t need to go digging for the best coupon code. When I went searching online for the best coupon (which wastes so much time), the best coupon I could find was 25% off. 

The Honey app free for you to use and is a must if you shop online.

It works like this: 1) Shop on a website like you usually would 2) Go to the cart or checkout section 3) Click the Honey extension icon button. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Sign up for Honey here (takes less than a minute). 

Below is a screenshot of my Honey profile. I’ve earned $200 in gifts cards just for using Honey. Do not sleep on this one!

Sell digital stickers on Etsy

If you’re short on time and want to start a part-time side hustle, create and sell digital stickers on Etsy.

My friend Michelle makes money selling digital stickers. She earns roughly $1,000 a month with her part-time side hustle and loves it because it’s not time consuming and gives her more freedom to live her life.

She even created an affordable course teaching others how to do the same, Creating Digital Stickers For Non-Artists. You don’t need to have any prior skills and no special expensive software required.

I love side hustles like this because you put in a few hours of work, upload your digital products to Etsy, and then earn extra money for months to come. You can check out the Digital Stickers Course here.

Sell Etsy Printables

Selling printables is my favorite side hustle on this list because it’s almost entirely passive income, meaning you do the work in one sitting, and then get paid for it for months and years to come. My friend Julie earns over $1,000 a month selling printables. She loves this side hustle and recommends it to anyone who is short on time, wants extra money, and wants to work from home. 

Are you wondering how to get started selling Etsy printables? Julie even made a free guide which includes a secret list of best-selling products by month and how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales. It’s a free download and SO good!

Julie recently created a course called E-Printables where she shows you exactly how to make money selling printables online. I’ve gone through the course myself and plan on adding this as a side hustle myself because it’s one of the easiest ways to make passive income. 

Here’s an example of a student who is has made thousands after taking the E-Printables course. She’s only been on Etsy for a year and already has over 2,000 sales!

Become a mystery shopper

Back in high school, I’d go on mystery shopping trips with my sister (specifically we’d go to restaurants and “grade them”). She didn’t make crazy money doing this, just a couple hundred a month, but it was a lot of fun. 

BestMark is a popular way to get started mystery shopping. It’s what my sister used and recommends. You can earn extra money, meals at restaurants, and try out new businesses. BestMark mystery shoppers have to be at least 18 years of age, have good communication skills, and good internet access.

Below is an example of one of her mystery shopper checks. 


Filling out surveys to make money is an easy way to make money by simply providing your opinion to questions.

I genuinely enjoy surveys because I love sharing my opinion on things. I’ve always been into taking quizzes and surveys, so naturally, I love this method of making some extra cash.

Here are a few of my favorite surveys:

Amazon FBA

Not sure what Amazon FBA even means? An Amazon FBA business is an online store, but in this case, Amazon handles a lot of the stuff that causes headaches for most e-commerce store owners. “FBA” stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon.”

So you find the inventory, while Amazon stores the product for you, packs and ships it, and handles customer service. Amazon then keeps a portion of the sales as a commission & service fee. And like I mentioned earlier, my friends earned over $100,000 from reselling items via Amazon FBA.

My friend Jessica works on her Amazon business full-time from home and makes over $100,000 a year in profit. They even teach others how to be successful at doing this with a free Amazon FBA Starter Course.

The free Amazon FBA Starter Course teaches you:

  • Why Amazon is the best marketplace for resellers
  • How using FBA gets you more sales
  • The exact steps to follow to set up your Amazon Seller account
  • Two easy, affordable ways to find inventory
  • How to choose profitable inventory that customers actually want to buy
  • Why you need to treat Amazon like a business

Sign up for the free Amazon FBA Starter Course here. 

Craigslist Jobs

Craigslist offers a wide variety of jobs depending on where you live. There are people earning about $18 an hour completing Craigslists tasks, ranging from helping tear down an art display to being apart of a moving crew. 

There are hundreds of new jobs added daily with people seeking help with all types of things. 

Learn how to get started finding great Craigslist jobs and how to make more money doing it here.

Start a blog

I created this blog and made over $80,000 in my senior year of college (that’s me in my first major feature by Forbes!).

Blogging isn’t easy and takes a lot of hard work. If you feel that you can help people with a blog and inspire others to live better lives, a blog is a great way to do that. I make money with ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling my own digital products.

Start a blog today for just $2.95/month with my step-by-step tutorial here. It’s easy to start and takes less than 20 minutes to start a blog of your own. With my link, you get a discount from $7.99/month to $2.95/month.

Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a website that connects people with Taskers who complete random jobs like prescription pickup, getting the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, drop off donations, or yard work. 

Taskers can make up to $2,000 a month picking up random gigs that help people out. 

When you sign up for Task Rabbit, you’ll get notified of potential jobs nearby; you select the jobs you want to complete, confirm details with the client, and complete the work and submit your invoice.

Popular tasks include handyman work, cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, personal assistant, to name a few. 

Sign up to become a Task Rabbit here. 

Become A Tax Preparer 

Did you know you can get trained online to become a Tax Preparer? This in-demand remote job can be done from anywhere in the world. A Tax Preparer prepares, files, and assists in general tax forms. 

To get started in this field, take a high-quality tax preparation course. Do your research to find the best one for you. After doing my research, I found that the TaxBiz Course is one of the best. You learn a step-by-step method to start and run a successful tax business. TaxBiz is a certified provider through the IRS, so you have the opportunity to indicate your authority as a Tax Preparer. 

I know you have so many questions about starting a digital tax business. You’re probably wondering if something like this is for you. That’s why there’s a free workshop to answer all of your questions. You can also read reviews from graduates and students on Better Business Bureau and Facebook.

Customer Service Representative

At FlexJobs, there are hundreds of new online, work from home jobs posted for customer service representatives. These jobs are almost always entry-level, which means you don’t need any experience to get started.  

Most customer service representative jobs usually start around $15 per hour and many jobs are remote, which means you can work from home as long as you have reliable internet and a good work space. 

You can check out online customer service representative jobs here.

Rent a room or apartment out on Airbnb

Did you know you can make money by renting out a room or apartment? If you often travel and have a vacant house, I recommend putting your apartment or house on Airbnb.

I have several friends that live in a big house and rent out a room. This Airbnb room now covers the cost of their mortgage.

You can sign up to become an Airbnb host here. [You can even see how much you can make in your city by clicking that link. In my small town in Colorado, it’s possible for me to make $1,365 per month].  

Lower your bills and save money

Billshark is a MUST for anyone who has a cell phone, cable, internet, or insurance bill and wants to lower their bill. I’ve used it myself on 3 different bills and saved $290. It literally takes minutes and is such an easy process. 

Here’s how Billshark works:

  1. Send copies of your bills to Billshark. (I did this by uploading an online PDF of each bill).
  2. Billshark negotiates all of the bills you send in.
  3. You get notified if Billshark was successful. If they are, they take 40% of the savings. For example, Billshark saved me $290 over the course of 6 months, so I pay them $116. I can do this in a monthly payment plan or all at once.

You can start lowering your bills with Billshark here.

Here is a screenshot from my Billshark dashboard that shows my savings.

Final Note

There are so many ways to earn extra money throughout the holiday season. If you’re looking for extra quick ways to earn a little extra cash, I recommend:

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How do you make extra money for the holidays?

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