10 Best High-Paying Jobs For The Future

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Demands in certain career fields are always changing, especially with technology improving all the time.

Health careers such as surgeons, orthodontists, pediatricians, and dentists are always going to be in demand.

However, what if you want to start a career that is high-paying, in demand, and isn't in the health field?

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Today we're going over 10 of the best high-paying jobs for the future.

1. Life Coach

I believe everyone will have a life coach in the future, and we can already see now that this area of work is booming.

Last year I enrolled in a personal development course called Design Your Dream Life Academy created by Certified Life Coach, Natalie Bacon. 

I used to be a personal development skeptic until I dived into the work myself – and I've seen tremendous life-changing results in all areas of my life, particularly my business and happiness.

This is why I have a life coach myself, as well as listen to podcasts daily from life coaches. When I'm running, walking my dogs, or cleaning my house – I'm getting coached.

You can learn how to become a life coach here.

2. Virtual Assistant

I'm telling you guys – there's not a side hustle I haven't done. Aside from this blog, I'm a virtual assistant, and it's been a life changing experience – here's why.

I'm a virtual assistant for a 7 figure blog, which allows me to see how a successful, profitable business works. Not only that, I get paid very well for assisting the business owner. 

So many people ask me how to get started in this field, which is why I recommend $10KVA. 

$10KVA teaches you exactly how to find your first client (and second, third, so on), how to set up your rates, and teaches you how to make $10,000 a month with virtual assisting.

With businesses going online, this career space is going to grow exponentially. 

You can learn more about $10KVA here – it's incredible.

3. Solar Energy Technicians

The social energy technician field is expected to grow by 24% in the next few years.

This job has many benefits, with the most important helping create lasting, positive change to the environment, as well as your salary increases as you gain more experience. 

You can find out how to become a solar energy technician here.

Related: If you don't have solar energy and cannot afford to install solar panels, I recommend and personally use Arcadia Power. Arcadia Power allows you to run on 100% renewable energy without installing any solar panels. 

4. Plumber

I know this field is glamorous and most of you all are going to skip right past this, but stay with me here!

Recently I had a plumber come to my house, and I was SO fascinated by this field of work and the pay. 

A plumber's median salary is $52,000, but my plumber makes easily over six figures.

Projected job growth is 75,000 new jobs added in the next few years. 

You can learn how to become a plumber here.

5. School Psychologist

A school psychologist assists students who are struggling academically or emotionally. To work in this field, you must hold a master's degree. 

Though the level of work can be emotionally challenging, this area of work is known to be very rewarding.

I can say for myself that school psychologists are some of the most underrated professionals out there.

When my dad passed away while I was in high school, my school psychologist played a pivotal role in my life, which is why I appreciate people who are in this area of work.

Here's how you can get started in the field.

6. Start a blog

Blogging isn't a get rich quick scheme and takes a lot of work, but with the right mindset and work ethic, you CAN become a full-time blogger.

I created this blog and made over $80,000 in my senior year of college (that's me in my first major feature by Forbes!).

If you want to start a profitable blog and want to turn this into a legit business (and not a hobby), I recommend Blog With A Full-Time Job.

Blog With A Full-Time Job is for the person who is serious about this and wants to do it right. If you wish there was a step-by-step plan for how to grow & monetize your blog, you'll learn exactly how.

Major bonus: This course is for the person who needs a plan to launch, grow, and monetize your blog while working full-time. This course is easily worth triple the price. Get started with Blog With A Full-Time Job here.

7. Software Developer

A software developer is someone who develops operating systems, compilers, and network software.

Software Developers rank #1 in the top 100 best jobs.

By 2026, there are a projected 46,000 jobs added with the median annual earning being just over $100,000. Typically, software developers need a bachelor's degree.

You can learn how to become a software developer here.

8. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor's job is to help people make informed and wise decisions regarding money management. They're in charge of understanding the needs and goals of the individual and make recommendations based on those desired goals. 

As a financial advisor, you can focus on investments, finance, insurance, or work independently. 

The states that typically pay financial advisors the most is New York, Maine, Massachusetts, and Kansas.

The U.S. Burea of Labor Statistics predicts the financial advisor field will grow by 27% in the next couple of years. That's major because let's put it this way – most occupations are only growing at half that percentage. 

This means there will be over 60,000 new jobs in addition to the 225,000 jobs that already exist. 

You can learn more about becoming a financial advisor here.

9. Flea Market Flipper

You probably don't need me to tell you that flipping as a side hustle (or full-time job) is a legit job. There are several popular flipping television shows that show real people flipping items for cash. People find things and flip it for cash. 

If you're wondering how to get started, my friends Melissa and Rob teach hundreds of students how to do this.

Their first year flipping full-time, they made over $133,000. Now, they're on track to make much more. You can learn exactly how they do this. You can turn your passion for visiting thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets into a profitable reselling business. 

Click here to see the 5 signs flipping/reselling could be a perfect fit for you.

10. Pick up garbage

Did you know you can make money by picking up trash? Seriously, it's legit. 

The garbage pickup business is incredible for several reasons: 1) There's a high demand for it, 2) It's recession-proof, and 3) It helps the environment.

Not only that, you can make pretty great money while also cleaning the environment.

Brian (the founder of this business) has also found many treasures during his cleanup, including $600 that was thrown away in a dumpster.

If you're interested in this opportunity, check out Brian's book, CleanLots, where he tells you everything you need to know to get started, which also includes free phone support to get your business up and running.


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