What I’m Saving For In 2021 – Personal Financial Goals

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I decided to switch things up a bit and start writing about my financial happenin’s. I stopped writing about anything personal for years because I was focusing so much on my readers, but I miss doing this kind of stuff, too! 

What’s fun about creating these types of posts is I’m not thinking about SEO, inserting affiliate links, etc. These posts are as if we were sitting at a coffee shop, chatting about our financial goals. 

What am I saving for in 2021? Well, I bought a house this year, had a new medical diagnosis, and my dogs are getting older and showing signs of that. So, I want to be prepared in case anything happens.

Emergency Fund: $15,000

This emergency fund is for any kind of emergency, including job loss, house repairs, medical expenses, pets expenses, etc. 

House Repairs: $3,000

We bought a house in April 2021 and want some cushion for any repairs. Our emergency fund also kind of acts as a “house repair” fund, but I also like having a separate fund for any house repairs. 

Pets: $2,000

This is a set amount we spend on our dogs each year for vet visits which include physicals and dental cleanings. Our pups are getting older, which means we may want to increase this amount in the future. Our dogs have had surgery in the past and may need another in the future due to arthritis. 

Medical expenses: $3,000

I visit a specialist every 6 months to get testing done and pay for a daily medication. It adds up! I also want to start visiting a dermatologist once a year since I live in a sunny state and want moles monitored. 

In total, this is about $23,000. We have a good chunk saved so far, about $15,000. 

While we work toward these financial goals, we’re also working on paying off my husband’s student loans. We’re hoping to have his student loans paid off in the next couple of years. I’ll keep you guys updated either on my blog or Instagram.

What financial goals do you have for 2021? What are you saving for this year?

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