101+ Things I Do As A Full-Time Blogger

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I created this blog and made over $80,000 in my senior year of college (that’s me in my first major feature by Forbes!).

Blogging isn’t easy and I’ll never be a blogger who makes it sound easy. Because it’s not. I thought about quitting several times. It’s not for everyone. 

I’m so happy I didn’t give up because now I get to work from home, my income isn’t capped (the skys the limit) and I’m my own boss. It’s pretty amazing. 

Here is a list of 101+ things I do as a full-time blogger.

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1. Come up with article ideas through research on Pinterest or Google. Figure out what people are searching on these search engines. What does my audience want to read?

2. Create an eye-catching title.

3. Create a breakdown of the key points I want to cover in the article.

4. Start working on the article with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Find my keyword and make sure to put my keyword into appropriate places within the article.

5. Insert affiliate links throughout post when appropriate.

6. Proofread the entire article and make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors to the best of my ability.

7. Once the article is completed, make sure the article is easy to read by breaking up paragraphs. This may mean I am bolding or italicizing words or putting sentences into quotes.

8. Schedule post for the usual day I publish posts, which is either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 3AM.

9. Create categories and tags within the post that match the topic of the article.

10. Create social media images for both Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I create these images using PicMonkey.

11. Insert images into Social Warfare plugin and make sure each image has their own description that is fitting to the search engine it is being sent to.

12. Schedule email with a preview of new post once per week to my email list.

13. Share my new posts everywhere. This includes my Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tailwind, Flipboard, Google+, and my private FITnancials community group. Create a conversation about this post with my followers.

14. Share my post with Tailwind Tribes and share others posts from the same tribes.

15. Update my SmartLoop schedule on Tailwind and make sure new popular posts are being thrown into the loop. Delete pins that are not doing well and schedule new pins instead.

16. Regularly change Pinterest descriptions for pins that are getting repinned via Tailwind to make sure new descriptions are being sent out on Pinterest.

17. Share content from others on Pinterest that will match with my audience. Between 3-5 per day of other content.

18. Continually create new pins for content. Different pin styles attract different people. Not everyone likes the same pin style.

19. Engage with others on Twitter. I make sure to share other content from Twitter that my audience will be interested in, but I also mainly use Twitter for networking.

20. Create a discussion on my Facebook page and FITnancials community group. I’ll ask questions related to money or entrepreneurship to engage my audience and get to know them better. This also helps with reach on my Facebook page.

21. Comment back to people that comment on my blog with genuine comments. Delete comments from people obviously trying to attempt to get backlinks.

22. Work with my blog designer to always improve my blog design. This can be improving the home page, email opt-ins, etc.

23. Take professional photos for my blog and Instagram page.

24. Create digital products that my readers will be interested in.

25. Working on my first blogging course which will be on sponsored posting. (launched!)

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26. Create lead magnets for my sponsored post-course.

27. Go through Six Figure Blogger to learn how to create products to get them to sell.

28. Comment on other blogs with genuine comments. I don’t do this for backlinks/SEO (that doesn’t even work). I comment about building relationships with other bloggers.

29. I attend blogging conferences for networking and continuing education in the blogging world. (Wooo Fincon!).

30. Create printables for my email list that match my niche. I create these printables with Canva, Powerpoint, and also have my web designers create these for me from time to time.

31. Learn about my avatar and what she/he wants.

32. Create surveys with SurveyMonkey that ask my readers questions on my blog and what they want to see more of, as well as what they want to see less of.

33. Go through Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and continuously improve my Pinterest methods to increase traffic.

34. Go through Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing to develop my affiliate marketing strategy.

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35. Continually add new printables to my free resource library.

Below is an example of my email opt-in freebie for my free resource library. This opt-in was created with Convertkit.

36. Work on creating new free blogging courses and updating them to PDF’s so people can choose from email style or PDF for a freebie.

37. Reply to the thousands of emails that I get from people.

38. Reach out to brands for sponsored partnerships.

39. Reach out to brands for affiliate partnerships.

40. Keep a solid relationship with my affiliate managers to maintain the relationship if I ever have any questions or need help on improving my strategy.

41. Regularly update my media kit that is sent out to brands.

42. Regularly update my recommendations page.

43. Update old posts with new related information. Insert affiliate links to old posts when appropriate.

44. Reply to my subscribers when they send me emails with questions or comments.

45. Check AppSumo for blogging-related software deals.

46. Do research on posts to learn more about a subject so I can write with confidence.

47. Design my email opt-ins with Convertkit.

48. Try new products brands send me to see if I believe in the product.

49. Create images for my sidebar and other sections of my blog.

50. Regularly update my “Resources I Love” at the end of all posts.

51. Regularly check Google and Pinterest Analytics to see what posts are performing well. Create more ideas off the most popular posts.

52. Update and move old content to the top of my blog with new links, images, and content to stay relevant.

53. Check in on Mediavine to make sure my ad settings are working well. Change settings if I feel like I have too many ads in certain posts.

54. Pay quarterly taxes and keep track of earnings.

55. Form an LLC in my state.

56. Insert related content of my own and others into my posts.

57. Regularly check that my site is running properly.

58. Connect with people I know for guest posts.

59. Download images from Ivory Mix and use them for my pins and images on my blog.

60. Put emails into appropiate tags so I remember that either need to followup or receive payment from a brand.

61. Stop promoting affiliates that do not convert well. Take these links out of posts.

62. Learn how Facebook Ads work with Monica Louie’s Facebook course.

63. Regularly go through Elite Blog Academy.

64. Learn about the various side hustles in the world and write about them.

65. Regularly write content on ways I’ve saved in a specific country I’ve traveled to.

66. Make sure my site is compliant with all laws.

67. Continually work on improving myself and work ethic with Design Your Dream Life Academy by Natalie Bacon.

68. Keep track of blogging expenses.

69. Delete mean comments and never think about them again.

70. Answer interviews from other blogs.

71. Create engaging posts on Instagram and insert related hashtags.

72. Work on the second blog and think about if it’s even possible to maintain 2 blogs.

73. Create a time blocking schedule of all my tasks for the day with Google Calendar.

74. Create new paid product ideas for my blog and the lead magnets that go along with them.

75. Create sequences for lead magnets (via what I learned through Six Figure Blogger) to get the reader to see my paid product.

76. Insert Convertkit opt-ins manually throughout appropriate posts.

77. Listening to podcasts during my run at the gym. These are usually related to blogging, entrepreneur life, and marketing.

78. Schedule posts for Facebook using the Facebook scheduler. Share 2 of my posts and 2 posts of others each day. Write an engaging question in the post (sometimes).

79. Schedule posts for Pinterest via Tailwind with Smartloop.

80. Schedule posts via Hootsuite for Twitter.

81. Participate in a Twitter Party.

82. Share content related to working on LinkedIn. Respond to brands writing to me via Linkedin.

83. Order business cards.

84. Plan trips for blogging conferences. Purchase flights, hotels, etc. Plan out special events I am invited to.

85. Create giveaways for my blog readers.

86. Think of ways I can serve my audience better. 

87. Send invoices to brands that need to pay me. Usually with Paypal.

88. Learn how to improve myself and my business in the blogging world with blogging articles I find online.

89. Check that links work and open to a new tab.

90. Create new affiliate links via Pretty Link plugin and make sure they are nofollowed and open to a new tab.

91. Make sure affiliate companies are paying me each month. Also making sure they are paying me the correct amount.

92. Pitch to brands on sites like Webfluential or Find Your Influence.

93. Analyze analytics and see what affiliates are and aren’t performing well. Reach out to the affiliate manager to see how I can improve.

94. Use Grammarly and do my best at proofreading posts.

95. Read How I Went From 17k To 350k Monthly Page Views In 9 Months.

96. Listen to blogging and marketing podcasts.

97. Insert a pin into the bottom of each post and ask readers to share it

98. Share videos and images on my Facebook page that catch reader’s attention to engage on the page.

99. Constantly try to educate on SEO and try not to get overwhelmed by it all.

100. Read studies on blog income reports to see what is working for the top bloggers in the field.

101. Make freebies for affiliate products to promote reader sign up.

102. Create quizzes with Interact to promote email sign-ups.

103. Create an affiliate program for a product I am selling and reach out to bloggers who may be interested in promoting the product.

104. Make sure I am compliant with new GDPR laws.

105. Create a freebie page on the home page with a blog designer.

106. Create landing pages for freebies or paid products with Leadpages.

107. Deduct blogging expenses off taxes at end of the year.

Conclusion: Start a blog that makes money

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Did anything on this list surprise you?

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