5 Benefits Of Using Spreadshop As An Online Influencer

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Are you looking to further increase your earnings on your blog, YouTube page, or Instagram profile? Do you want to spread your brand’s message through clothing?

Spreadshop is a free e-commerce shop software that lets online influencers set up their own custom clothing shop.

If you’re a blogger or online influencer and ready to take the next step in your online career, starting a Spreadshop might be the right step for you.

Starting a shop on Spreadshop takes a few minutes to make, and then you can get started uploading designs to over 200 products.

Below are 5 awesome benefits of using Spreadshop.

1. Free to use

Spreadshop is 100% free, no matter what products you put into your shop. There aren’t any hidden fees or overhead costs. You never have to buy anything. All you have to do is upload designs to your shop and start promoting your shop.

2. Start selling immediately

As soon as you create your Spreadshop, you can upload designs and start creating the products you want to sell.

If your brand has a certain look, you can customize your shop to match your brand colors, patterns, and design look. Customizing your shop is super easy (seriously, it couldn’t be any easier).

3. Perfect for the non-techy types

Just because you’re a blogger or online influencer doesn’t always mean you’re on the techy side of things, especially when it comes to e-commerce. Spreadshop helps you create your very own merch shop with no tech skills needed. You can set up your shop in minutes with ease (I did it myself and it was insanely easy to do).

I’m not at all techy, yet I was able to create a shop and upload designs myself. I then played around with sticking the design onto certain products, such as shirts, mugs, tote bags, and even cell phone cases. The process was SO easy and a lot of fun to play around with.

4. Ships around the world

Not only that, Spreadshop handle multiple currencies, so you’re not limited to selling in just one country. You can ship your products all over the world at no extra cost to you.

5. Reliable customer service

Not only is their customer service always ready to help answer your questions, they can also help you with designs for your shop.

Do you struggle with creativity and coming up with your own designs? Get in touch with their graphics service and they’ll help you out with the design you’re trying to create.

When people all over the world start wearing products from your brand, people will ask where they got their shirt from. In a way, it’s like free advertising. The products get people talking about your brand.

E-commerce and starting a shop online has always been an intimidating and terrifying idea to me. I’m not at all the techy type, and I’m not even close to the creative type, either. However, after going through Spreadshop and seeing the services they offer, I’m inspired to start a shop of my own one day.

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