How To Save Money On Prescriptions And Medications

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Prescriptions costs are one of the biggest budget busters for the average person.

According to Bloomberg, the average American spends $1,200 a year on prescription drugs, with some families paying much more than that due to drug price hikes and little to no government regulation. 

Prescription medications are not an option, but a necessity for many families. Surprisingly, medication prices are different everywhere, meaning one person can pay much more for the same medication just because they bought it somewhere else. 

Fortunately, there are options for you if you want to save money and lower prescription medications costs. 

Optum Perks is a free prescription discount card that can help you save money on all FDA approved medication nationwide. 

It’s as easy as this:

  1. Get your prescription discount card
  2. Search for your prescription
  3. Find the location nearest you with the best price
  4. Pick up your prescription. 

Optum Perks negotiates bulk pricing with pharmaceutical companies and passes the savings on to individuals at various nationwide pharmacies. Over 18.6 million people have used Optum Perk discounts with a total savings of $1.7 billion on prescription medications. 

I searched for a medication myself and it was so easy to use. You type in the name of the prescription medication and you get several options of places nearby that are selling the medication and for what price. It was surprising to see the same medication have a huge price difference despite the pharmacies only being 1 minute apart in my town. 

Can anyone use Optum Perks?

Anyone can use Optum Perks in the United States. 

Which medications are included?

Most prescription medications are eligible for discount pricing. 

What pharmacies can I use?

Over 64,000 pharmacies, both large chains and small independent stores in the United States. 

Does it cost me money to use?

No, the discount card and searching for prescription discounts at are free. 

Do I need health insurance? 

No, you only need to show the discount card to the pharmacist. 

Does using this program count toward my insurance deductible?

No, Optum Perks is not a replacement for insurance and simply provides discounts through coupons for prescriptions. Any purchases through Optum Perks will not count toward an insurance deductible.

There are no fees and no insurance required. All you do is get a discount and start saving right away. 

How do Optum Perks make money?

Now you may be wondering how Optum Perks makes money if their discount cards are free.

“The Optum Perks team negotiates discounted medication prices through bulk buying. Because our discount program isn’t insurance, it’s free. We collect a fee from the discount awarded from big pharmaceutical companies, but never from you.”

Final Note

Get a discount card today and start saving money on your prescription medications. There is no membership and no fees. Optum Perks is completely free to use. 

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