Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course Review

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I love Pinterest and always recommend it to new bloggers because it’s much easier to get traffic from than Google. Pinterest is free traffic with many pins staying viral for a long time (I have a viral pin that is 4 years old still giving me thousands of page views!). 

So many of you have asked me about my honest thoughts on the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. Today, I’m sharing what I love about the course as well as what could improve. 

Let’s get started going over everything there is to know about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche AND if it’s worth the price.

Before we get started, check out my free course on starting a profitable blog. You’ll learn important steps to take and things that you should and should not do when starting your blog. 

What is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a course for beginner bloggers who want to get 10,000-100,000 page views from Pinterest. This is a great course for someone who is looking to get traffic to their blog immediately. 

Why you NEED to be on Pinterest as a blogger

  • Pinterest users spend more money on Pinterest than any other social media site, including Facebook.
  • Pinterest users are shoppers looking to spend money.
  • There are 47 million Pinterest users with the majority earning over $50k per year (meaning there is money to be spent).
  • You can get a ton of FREE traffic from Pinterest with no ads whatsoever.

The creators of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche even share their screenshots below. You can see that they’ve gotten almost 1,000,000 page views in one month.

What I love about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

  • Easy to get started and start implementing steps. There is no guesswork here – Alex and Lauren tell you exactly what you need to do to get success on Pinterest.
  • As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are regular updates to this course every time Pinterest rolls out a new update. This is incredibly important if you want to be a full-time blogger or online business owner.
  • You can email Alex and Lauren with any questions about the course or post a question to the private Facebook group. 
  • New lessons every time Pinterest rolls out a new algorithm update (this is worth the price of the course alone). 

This is why buying a Pinterest course is recommended instead of looking at free blog posts for Pinterest info. Blog posts are generally not updated and not only that, the blogger isn’t invested because it’s a free blog post (this is just the reality because we have hundreds of blog posts). With a paid course, the creator is way more likely to update the course because people are spending money on it.

With Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, I received an email about the new Pinterest algorithm changes and what action I needed to take so that I didn’t lose out on page views. 

What I don’t like about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

  • If you guys didn’t know, I’m a moderator for several Facebook groups and we have a ton of daily discussion in our groups to help students of our courses. Although you can ask a question in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Facebook group and it will get answered, besides that, there is not a ton of discussion. I think this can be improved. 

Who are Alex and Lauren, the creators of Create and Go?

Alex and Lauren are the founders of Avocado, a health and fitness blog. They created such amazing results ($20,000 a month income in less than 9 months blogging!), so they made a course teaching others how to use Pinterest for online business. 

They now make over $200,000 a month from their blog, largely because of free organic traffic from Pinterest. 

You always want to make sure you’re purchasing a Pinterest course from someone who has had massive success on Pinterest AND has proof of their success, which Alex and Lauren do. (They share all of their analytics here).

What were my results with Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

  • Over 37,000 followers
  • 3.57 million monthly impressions
  • 2.2 million monthly views 
  • 149,000 monthly engagements

I make over $2,000 a month just from ads alone (and I have ads placed on the lowest setting possible!). I live off of $2,000 a month, so my ads take care of my living income alone and I save the rest of my money. I owe a lot of this to Pinterest!

Here are a couple of screenshots from my Pinterest analytics and Google analytics below.

What will you learn in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

  • How to set up your Pinterest profile with SEO in mind
  • How to automate traffic with pin scheduling
  • How to design your own customized pins
  • How to use collaboration tools for growth
  • How to track progress and analytics
  • How to use email to grow your email list

You also get a ton of bonuses including:

Worksheets and Checklists to track success (worth $47)

Ninja Secrets Pinterest Bonus Lessons (worth $497) 

Regular updates when Pinterest makes algorithm changes

Private Facebook support group

How much is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is $197. It’s much cheaper than other popular Pinterest courses and 100% worth the money. I say this because once you get ads placed on your site, you’ll make your money back from Pinterest traffic. I make roughly $1,500-$2,000 a month just from ads. 

Also, once you get sufficient traffic to your site, you may start making money back via affiliate marketing.

There are other Pinterest courses that go up to $497, so yes, in my opinion, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is definitely worth the price. 

When will you see results with Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

People ask me this question a lot and all I can say is it depends on a few things 1) How much time you put into the course each day 2) How many posts you’ve published 3) How much time you create on Pinterest pins. If you put in the work and implement the steps, you could see results within 2-4 weeks.

How to know if Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is right for you

  • You’re serious about creating an online business and you’re willing to do the work. A lot of people buy courses thinking that everything is going to be handed to them, but you still need to implement the steps and take action.
  • You have a lot of content on your blog already. If you don’t even have a blog started yet, read my how to start a blog post here. Then you can get started creating blog posts and then you can purchase Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.
  • You’re ready to get a ton of traffic to your blog and make it a profitable business so you can work from home full-time.

What you should do now

If you’re a new blogger or online business owner, you need to take advantage of Pinterest. As much as I love Google for traffic (it’s where I get most of my traffic now), it’s not ideal for new bloggers. This is because Google takes a lot of time to rank your blog posts. 

I know Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is the best course for Pinterest marketing because I’ve taken them so many courses and guides before stumbling onto Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. They literally hand you everything step-by-step on a silver platter. You just need to put in the work and implement the steps on your blog.

Pinterest is so much easier. Seriously. All you have to do is follow the directions that are clearly laid out for you in the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. 

You can get Pinterest Traffic Avalanche here.

What else I recommend besides Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

If you’re completely new to blogging, I recommend enrolling in the Launch Your Blog Biz course. 

In Launch Your Blog Biz, you learn how to:

  • How to use WordPress and designing a beautiful blog
  • How to create content and blog posts people love
  • How to get traffic to your blog for free
  • How to make your first income blogging
  • How to make money using ads, sponsored posts, and guest posts
  • How to build an email list (this is one of the most important parts of blogging!)
  • Affiliate marketing programs and marketplaces to sign up for
  • Email trust funnel templates (so important!)
  • and a lot more related to building your blog

There are students how take this course and have their blog up and running in 3 days. You don’t need to waste a bunch time trying to figure out how to get started. Instead, get a course that tells you everything you need to do step-by-step.

You can learn more about Launch Your Blog Biz here.

If you’ve been blogging for awhile and ready to start selling products, I recommend enrolling in the Six-Figure Blogger course.

In Six-Figure Blogger, you learn how to:

  • Foundations and frameworks to a six-figure blog
  • Selling digital products via affiliate marketing
  • Creating digital products
  • Creating a profitable eBook, step-by-step
  • Creating a profitable course, step-by-step
  • How to create high-converting sales pages
  • How to get thousands of the right visitors to your sales page
  • How to build relationships via email trust funnel
  • Flash sale email templates
  • Blog financials and spreadsheets
  • and a lot more related to selling digital products your blog

You can learn more about Six-Figure Blogger here.

If you need more assistance, check out the Course Roadmap here to see which course you should get started with.

Create and Go also offers the Pro Blogger Bundle which includes 3 of their best-selling courses: Launch Your Blog Biz, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, and Six-Figure Blogger. You can learn more about the Pro Blogger Bundle here.

And since Pinterest is always making updates to the platform, I’ve decided to diversify and now I get most of my traffic from Google. I learned all about Google SEO with Stupid Simple SEO. This course is specifically for bloggers who are already on Pinterest and making the most out of that platform. Google SEO is the next step for people who want multiple traffic sources. 

Do you use Pinterest for your business?

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