10 Personal Development Tips That Will Make You Richer

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Incorporating a few simple personal development tips in your life will 100% change your life. 

Do you want to create new healthy habits? Do you want to feel happier or more fulfillment and purpose in your life? If so, you’re going to love these tips.

Here are 10 personal development tips that will make you richer!

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1. Create a morning routine

A morning routine is one of the best ways to kick off your day and create results in your life. Doing a few simple things at the very beginning of the day creates a productive and happy morning which can lead to you creating more results in your life and getting s**t done. 

I don’t follow a morning routine every single day, but when I do, my days always start off on a strong note. I set my alarm about 30 minutes earlier than I usually would wake up to fit in time for my morning routine. 

Example of a great morning routine:

  • Affirmations or positive sayings. Mine is: believe you are at your goal already and the thoughts you have when you succeed or a feeling is just a vibration in your body. 
  • 3-minute meditation
  • Journaling
  • Tea or coffee 
  • Physical activity (5-15 minutes is great, does not have to be hour-long if you don’t want it to be)

Resources for building a morning routine:

2. Create an evening routine

Following a morning routine will change your life, so what will an evening routine do?

An evening routine is just as important as a morning routine because it helps you wind down, relieve stress, and get better sleep. 

Example of a great evening routine:

  • Leave phone and electronics in another room that is not the bedroom
  • Turn on an essential oil diffuser
  • Journal and write out any thoughts of the day
  • Write in your planner of things you want to get done tomorrow
  • Meditate or prayer
  • Yoga
  • Close eyes and visualize who/where you want to be in the future (that makes me fall asleep so fast!)

Resources for building a morning routine:

3. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill like knitting, graphic design, languages, and more can boost confidence and help you earn more money, therefore building more wealth.

Here are new skills you can learn:

I recently taught myself how to crochet and it’s boosted my confidence tremendously, especially when people ask me, you made that?! 

4. Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to create a wealthier and overall richer life. You’re making yourself better and indirectly transform your career, relationships, and life. 

You can invest in yourself by reading self-help books, listening to personal-growth podcasts, or taking courses that you walk you through step-by-step how to become the best you. That’s exactly what I did last year and my business and relationships have really changed since then. 

If you’re ready to take it a step further and really invest in yourself, I recommend Grow You, a life coaching membership with Natalie Bacon. It’s a personal development membership for your brain. Life coaching helped me take my business to a whole new level, and more importantly, helped me realize how much control I have in my life and I can say I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for life coaching.

Grow You goes over topics like processing emotions, physical health and eating habits, decluttering, self-confidence, anxiety, money, goals, productivity, and relationships. Life coaching is actually a lot of fun (especially if you love personal development) and the best gift you can give yourself. I already have a one-on-one life coach, but I still invested in Grow You for three months so I could let you guys know if I approve of the membership. And I 100% do.

5. Listen to a podcast daily 

Listening to podcasts is one of the easiest ways to work on self-growth and creating a better you. I listen to a podcast daily and they’re always about improving my mindset, business, relationships, and happiness. 

Favorite personal development podcasts:

If you feel like you have little time for podcasts, listen to them when you’re walking your dogs, running on a treadmill, driving to work, etc.

Here are 8 of my favorite personal development podcasts.

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6. Manage stress

Stress makes it hard to want to be productive and get things done. This is why it’s critical to know how to manage it and understand that stress comes and goes. 

Here are great ways to manage stress:

  •  Journal out all of your thoughts and feelings on paper.
  • Meditate daily. Sit or lay down in a quiet, dim area and rest your eyes for 5 minutes. The free app Headspace is great for this.
  • Use a stress ball
  • Go for a walk and catch some Vitamin D
  • Take a relaxing bath

7. Join a community

It’s critical that you meet like-minded people who are on the same wealth-building journey as you. 

I can honestly say if I didn’t have the support and community that I have, I wouldn’t have had the goals of paying off my debt or building my net worth. 

You can find people who are on the same journey as you via Instagram, Facebook groups, and MeetUp.com.

Your people will keep you motivated and inspired. I even have a Facebook community specifically for people wanting to build wealth.

You can join my free private Facebook group here.

8. Read 1 book a month

I read 50 books last year and credit those books to a lot of my success and happiness.

There are so many benefits to reading like decreased stress, enhancing connectivity in the brain, and keeping memory and brain function sharp.

I like to read paper books during the day and use a kindle at night because you don’t have to flip through pages when you’re in bed laying on your side.

Here are my favorite personal growth and personal finance books:

Here are a couple of lists of books to read:

9. Use a planner 

I used to be the person who bought planners every year and it’d end up in the back of a closet. Not anymore. Planners are the best way to stay productive and get things done each day. 

Planners can come in many different shapes like physical paper planners, online calendars, apps, etc. I personally use a combination of a paper planner and my notes app. The notes app on the iPhone has a checklist feature that lets you check off tasks which is so satisfying.

I really enjoy writing the result of what I want completed each day. So instead of writing something vague like “workout”, I’ll write  “take dogs on 1-hour walk or strenth training upper body at the gym”.  

Instead of writing “blog”, I write something like, complete 1 email to send to subscribers, draft 1 post, create 1 graphic for Instagram.

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10. Find a physical activity you enjoy 

Do you have a physical hobby you genuinely enjoy?

Here are some physical hobbies to try out:

  • Rock climbing
  • Kickboxing
  • Walking your dogs
  • Hiking
  • Riding a bike
  • Swimming

I genuinely enjoy taking my dogs on long walks and I visit the gym when I feel like it, a couple of times a week. 

Do you work on personal development? Share in the comments. 

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  1. Wallet Squirrel

    Ha ha ha My morning routine is usually to do something in the evenings and my evening routine is to do something in the morning.

    I am SO jealous of anyone who has a morning routine they actually follow. Please help me, is it only after morning coffee and how long do you let the caffeine put a spark in you until you start being productive? lol

    1. Alexis

      Coffee definitely helps! Haha.

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