My First AirBNB Experience + $40 Coupon Code

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AirB&B’s are taking over and becoming the new affordable way to travel. 

During my recent 5-day St. Louis trip, I spent a mere $250 living in a full (and might I say, charming house in walking distance to Forest Park) for a fraction of the cost I would’ve spent on a hotel in the same location.

The house is fully equipped with everything I need – toiletries, bath essentials, a kitchen filled with everything I need to cook/bake, and is also dog-friendly with no extra cost.

Why choose AirB&B?

AirB&B’s offer MUCH more than a hotel does. If you choose the entire house option, you get (obviously) the entire house unless listed otherwise. The kitchen is usually filled equipped, which means you’ll also save money on dining out since you can also cook at home.

My host was incredibly helpful and let me know the best local restaurants nearby, and the must-see spots in walking distance of the home.

It’s much more comfortable living and staying like a local, instead of staying in a small hotel room.

AirB&B’s are also more flexible with cancellations and check in/out times.

Here is the code to get $40 on Airbnb.

My AirB&B experience:

My experience using AirB&B exceeded my expectations. Upon walking into the home, I couldn’t understand how I didn’t hear this option sooner.

The house was beautifully decorated and even had a cute Christmas tree in the corner.

The host had laid out tons of brochures and menus to look through. Whenever we had questions for our host, she immediately responded and was very helpful.

My boyfriend and I kept telling ourselves how much we would love to live in this home, and how we hope our future home looks like this one day. We loved coming home after a long day of traveling to a comfortable and cozy room, snuggled up under a blanket watching Netflix.

If you are interested in trying out AirB&B, download the app and browse at all of the extremely affordable options at your fingertips.

I am visiting Seattle again in the next few months and plan on using AirB&B for my entire trip.

Each house has a host listed that will have references to her/him and their home.

All of the homes listed will also include photos, what’s included, and the rules for the home (which are usually basic, such as don’t do drugs in the house).

Here is the code to get $40 on Airbnb.

Have you ever used AirB&B? What was your experience like?

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