10 Tips To Go To Vegas For Dirt-Cheap

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What I love about Vegas is the city can be done on a tight budget without sacrificing any fun.

My boyfriend’s family lives in Vegas so we visit twice a year. It’s always so much fun! There’s so much to do on the strip (and off!).

Below are ten tips for visiting Las Vegas for dirt-cheap. If you have any tips to add, share it in the comments! 

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1. Use Ebates for cash back on hotels & flights (a must!)

When buying flights and hotel rooms, log on to Ebates and choose from either Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Hotwire, or CheapoAir and get up to 10% cash back on your flight.

Your hotel may even be on Ebates for cash back (mine was!) as well as my rental car company (Hertz).

Ebates is a must, and you’re seriously missing out on savings if you don’t use it.

Create an Ebates account here. Make an online purchase of $25 and get $10 as a welcome bonus! So easy.

Ebates even has a free browser extension that automatically applies the best coupons to your purchases and activates cash back. There are so many times I forget to use Ebates when I’m online shopping – so the Ebates button reminds me every time I go online shopping. It’s a must. 

2. Find free things to do

There are SO many free things to do in Vegas. Vegas makes most of their money in the casinos, so everything else is pretty cheap depending on what you like to do.

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3. Girls + gamblers drink free

If you’re a girl, you’ll most likely get a club promoter coming up to you on the strip.

Their job is to get girls into their club, so they offer free drinks and free entry.

In my experience, how many drinks you get varies on the club.

At Tao in the Venetian, we got unlimited free drinks, and at Surrender, we only got two free drinks.

Drinks are insanely expensive in Vegas, averaging around $15-$20, so pregame it up and get cheap liquor at a liquor store near the strip.

Gamblers get drinks free, even on the slots, just make sure to tip as common courtesy.

4. Shop for food and drinks beforehand

Visit a grocery and liquor store before you check-in at your hotel.

Stock up on groceries and make sure you have a fridge and coffee maker in your room.

The coffee maker comes in handy for making food like oatmeal and noodles!

Want to save money when shopping for groceries and drinks? Ibotta is a free money-saving app that gives you cash back at almost any store.

You get real cash – not points.

Ibotta is my go-to app for saving money on groceries (even fruits and vegetables!), clothes, travel, and a lot more.

You even get $10 in your account just for signing up through my link here.

If you’re downloading Ibotta on your phone, the app will ask if you have a referral code. Use my referral code: lwyxxrb and you’ll get $10 for signing up.

5. Skip buffets

Buffets are a fun experience, and you may feel like you’re getting more for your buck, but often people become incredibly full their first or second plate.

You’ll likely become hungry in a few hours, so it makes more sense to instead eat a regular meal at a restaurant for a fraction of the price.

However, if you have the money, splurge at a buffet in Vegas because the buffets here are unlike any others in the world.

6. Don’t Airbnb it

Although I often recommend using Airbnb, I don’t recommend it for Las Vegas.

It’s crazy cheap to stay on the strip, and getting an Airbnb will make transportation costs even higher to go to the strip.

I stayed at the Flamingo (and highly recommend it!) for three nights for two people for under $300 including resort fees, so stay on the strip and enjoy the instant access to the strip!

If you decide to use Airbnb another time, you can get $40 off your first stay with my link here.

7. Avoid weekends, fight days, and conventions

These are the busiest times for Vegas, and prices will reflect that. I usually visit Vegas during Tuesday-Friday, and it’s always a blast!

Share your room with a friend, stay in the middle of the strip (Flamingo and Paris are great affordable options), and take advantage of happy hour at restaurants and bars!

9. Skip the High Roller

Honestly, the High Roller is overpriced and overrated. I do not recommend it.

The windows have bad reflections from the inside televisions and the windows are warped looking. Not good for photos!

If you want to see a great view of Vegas, go to the Stratosphere. I loved the view the most just from driving on the highway and looking at it at night.

10. Use FlixBus

FlixBus is a bus system I used while I was living in Europe, and now they’ve expanded their services to the United States!

Right now they are mostly only on the west coast but are planning to expand around the country.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can ride from LA to Vegas for as low as $2.99. Insane!

Are you vegan? Me too! Check out Vegans Baby which is a site dedicated to vegans visiting Las Vegas!

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How do you save money when visiting Las Vegas?

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