How To Cut Meal Prep Time And Save Money On Groceries

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Coming up with a meal plan that is both delicious and pleasing to the entire family can easily become stressful.

Feeding a family of four can range from $150-$290 a week.

Imagine eliminating just one evening of going out to a restaurant a week for a month, and you could save over $240 a month.

Spending just $5 a month on a meal plan that does all of the work for you can help tremendously in your savings department.

The shopping list and meal plan are already prepared for you, all you have to do is pick up the food and cook.

The $5 Meal Plan allows you to save a large amount of money each month, as well as time saved from trying to figure out what to cook and what ingredients you’ll need.

The $5 Meal Plan is perfect for you if:

  • you spend too much on groceries
  • you eat out at restaurants often
  • you need to cut down on spending
  • you want to eat healthier

What’s included:

  • menu and shopping list
  • 6 dinner entrees with sides
  • one lunch and one breakfast
  • random goodie each week (either a beverage, snack or dessert)
  • budget-friendly recipes
  • healthy, whole ingredients
  • classic or gluten-free option
  • meat or dairy options can be subbed out for vegan options (ex. swap dairy milk for soy milk)
  • coupon list
  • $5 Meal Plan FaceBook group – lifetime access

Frequently Asked Questions:

“What if my children are picky eaters?”

You get a 14 day trial for free at $5 Meal Plan, allowing you to test out some of the recipes before committing to anything.

$5 Meal Plan also offers a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you can get a refund if you are not 100$ satisfied.

Give it 14 days are and you are more than likely to be satisfied! =)

“I probably won’t actually use the $5 Meal Plan.”

The $5 Meal Plan pays for itself in just 1 time of going out to a restaurant or getting takeout.

Most meals cost only $2 to prepare. Think about all of the money you will save.

You’ll be feeding your body healthy, whole foods. You owe it to yourself to cook and eat healthy foods that will energize you and make you feel happy and well.

“I have dietary restrictions.”

I do, too! I’m vegan and do not eat meat, dairy or eggs.

You can easily sub out meat for a plant-based option or sub out dairy milk for soy, almond or rice milk.

If you’re gluten-free, they have a meal plan for that.

Quick! Get this FREE money-saving meal plan template here by joining my free resource library filled with tons of printables to help save and make you money. Planning out your meals ahead of time saves you money AND time. 

P.S. Save even more money using….

Walmart Grocery Pickup

My new favorite app is Walmart Grocery Pickup for 2 major reasons: 1) It’s a huge time-saver 2) Convenient, easy pickup. You don’t even get out of your car to get your groceries. 

Here’s how you save money with Walmart Grocery Pickup:

  • Are you bad at picking fresh produce? Their grocery experts know exactly which to pick from for maximum freshness. If you aren’t satisfied with the freshness, you can get a refund. 
  • I needed 1 substitution because they didn’t have the item I ordered, so they gave me an even better item for the same price as the original item I ordered.
  • You save money on groceries because you don’t even get the chance to impulse spend since you’re not in the store.
  • Once you fall in love with Walmart Grocery Pickup (which you will), you can start referring friends and family. Just get 5 friends to try out Walmart Grocery Pickup and you’ll get $50 toward groceries. 

How to get started easily:

  1. Click here and get $10 off your first Walmart Grocery Pickup.
  2. Order groceries online.
  3. Schedule your pickup.
  4. No fees, no tips accepted, no subscription model. It is free to use Walmart Grocery Pickup.

If you’re new to Walmart Grocery Pickup, you get $10 off your first purchase here. That means you can get $50 worth of groceries for only $40.

You can sign up here for the $5 Meal Plan.

Don’t forget to sign up for the free resource library and get exclusive access to free printables & planners related to saving and making money, meal planning, and more!

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Have you ever used $5 Meal Plan? What was your experience like?

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