How To Buy Flexible Spending Account Eligible Items Online

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Did you know more than $400 million of hard-earned FSA dollars is lost because employees forget the deadline to spend their FSA money?

Don’t let your money go to waste any longer. With, you can save on more than 4,000 health and wellness items, but we’ll get to that later. 

First off, what’s an FSA?

“FSA” stands for Flexible Spending Account. An FSA is like a savings account you get from your employer where you put aside money tax-free.

You can use these not-taxed funds to save on qualified health care costs.

This can include things like doctor’s copays to things you might use every day like pain relief items or sunscreen.

How can I use my FSA dollars?

You can use your FSA money on medical expenses like deductibles and co-pays, but keep in mind eligible expenses vary on each plan.

If you’re at the end of the year and have money let in your FSA, you can use this money on items like acne treatments, condoms, blood pressure monitors, and many other health and wellness items at

If you don’t use the money left in your FSA, you’ll forfeit it all at the end of your deadline, which varies from plan to plan.

Many FSA holders have a deadline of December 31, but to be sure, check with your Benefits Administrator or HR.

Many employers also let you have a grace period of 2- and- a- half months (if your deadline was really 12/31, you may have an extension until 3/15 to use your money, but again, make sure to check with your employer. 

What is is a health and wellness site online that allows people to shop with their FSA in a stress-free way because everything’s guaranteed FSA-eligible.

Their official tagline is, “Everything Flex Spending.” This way, you can get healthier and save money. Win-win. is the largest online marketplace for guaranteed FSA-eligible products. It’s also an educational online retailer that’s easy to shop at.  

There are so many helpful products to buy with your FSA money – don’t limit yourself just to a first-aid kit (unless you need it).

Do you need a breast pump, acne treatment, condoms, or cold and allergy medicine? has it all.

At, you can get health and wellness items like:

  • Sun Care 
  • Pain relief
  • Baby Health Care
  • Hi-Tech Health
  • Eye Care/Sunglasses
  • Travel Essentials (ex. neck pillows and motion sickness bands)

Here are some FSA-eligible health items you can save on using your FSA:

1. A Neutrogena Light Therapy Treatment Mask that uses Dermatologist-approved technology. (, $39.99).

2. Australian Gold Botanical SPF 70. (, $14.99). 

3. A travel essentials kit that has all of your basic needs covered on vacation. (, $85.99).

4. Prenatal vitamins that support a baby’s healthy growth and development. (, $19.99).

5. An automatic wrist blood pressure monitor. Bonus: If you buy this particular brand, Caring Mill, they make a donation to the Children’s Health Fund! (, $49.99).

6. Kinesiology tape to relieve swelling through decompression. (, $20)

7. Skyn condoms. (, $10.99).

8. A harmless cigarette quit smoking aid. (, $34.95)

9. Adventure Medical Mountain Fundamentals First Aid Kit. (, $95.99)

10. An ear thermometer with an easy to read screen with backlight for nighttime readings. (, $59.99)

There are many perks with shopping at – here are a few:

  • Every item on the site is FSA-eligible
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Use an FSA card, skip claims (so you don’t need to submit a claim and receipt ot get reimbursed later)
  • Get perks points for every dollar spent

Don’t leave your money on the table – or FSA account that is. Make sure you spend your FSA dollars on health and wellness items you and your family can use around the house. Going on vacation soon? Having a baby? Be prepared with products at

Coupon Codes for FSAstore

Spend $200 save $25 with code FSA25FIT
Spend $150 save $10 with code FSA10FIT

If you have money left over in your FSA, what do you spend it on?

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