How To Achieve Your 2021 New Years Resolution

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According to a survey, almost 60% of people have a New Years resolution of losing weight and eating healthier. 25% have a goal of spending less and saving more. 18% want to get more organized.

These stats aren’t surprising, especially since the gym is crazy packed in January and February.

A total of 8% of people complete their New Years’ resolutions. So how can you make sure to land in that 8%? Create a solid and strategic plan to get there!

It is 100% possible to complete your New Years’ resolution. I completed mine and so can you!

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Here are a few goals you can create in 2020 and exactly how to achieve them. 

1. Losing weight or getting healthier

Year after year, people set a resolution to either lose weight or make healthier decisions.

This can be done, but a plan needs to be set in place to ensure results. I’ve often found that when I set a concrete plan and have the correct tools and mindset in place, I succeed.

Setting up goals is easy, but taking action and making sure you are actively striving to hit the goal is crucial to success.

Tools to achieve your health goals:

  • Get a food planner to keep track of the food you are eating. This is especially handy at first because many people do not realize how much they are overeating.
  • Read books on healthy eating. I used to want to eat healthy and workout to *look better*, but now it’s also because I want to feel good and energized now AND when I’m older. 
  • Find a way to stay motivated. HealthyWage pays people to lose weight. There’s no catch, but you have to follow through and meet your goal in order to win. You can find out how much you can possibly win here. You enter how many pounds you want to lose, when you want to reach your goal, and how much you want to bet per month.
  • Download free workout apps such as Sworkit, DailyBurn, or subscribe to free workouts on Youtube such as Blogilates or Yoga with Adriene. I personally used Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix Extreme back when I needed a kickstart. It really does work, but so will any program that makes you eat healthier and workout hard. 

2. Mental health

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious a lot of the time? You’re not alone. Most of us are constantly on the go, and never giving any time for ourselves. Breaking this habit sooner than later can tremendously help your state of mind.

Life should be about happiness, enjoying yourself, and enjoying your time with your loved ones, right?

Tools to succeed:

  • Download the free app called Headspace. This app will guide you through your meditation and teach you how to start meditating with no equipment needed whatsoever. Meditating just one time a day for 10 minutes can have major benefits to your life.
  • Spend less time on your phone. Moment is an app that will track how long you have been on your phone, which can give you a wake-up call to spend less time on your phone.
  • Read: 7 Books To Become A Better And Happier You

3. Time management and productivity

Creating good time management practices doesn’t mean filling your day with more tasks, but instead limiting what you do to certain things to simplify your life.

Instead of working hard, you can work smarter.

Here are tips for better time management:

  • time blocking
  • creating a calendar ahead of time of your day, week, and month
  • answer emails only once a day
  • use social media only at night for a limited amount of time

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4. Save money and pay off debt 

Saving money is something we can all benefit from.

Saving money means we can store more cash into our emergency fund, put it towards our loans for school, or pay off a car.

If getting ahead of your finances is a New Years resolution for 2018, take a budgeting course, read a personal finance book, and get educated.

Tools to succeed:

  • Learn how you can save money on groceries with Ibotta. I use this every time I go to a store and it’s so much easier than clipping out a bunch of coupons. If you’re downloading Ibotta on your phone, the app will ask if you have a referral code. Use my referral code: lwyxxrb and you’ll get $10 for signing up.
  • Watch The Minimalists and start buying less “stuff.” One of my favorite documentaries of 2016.
  • Check out my 30 Ways To Cut Your Spending article.
  • Get a budget planner and start keeping track of your purchases.
  • Sign up for the $5 Meal Plan (read below for more information) and start cooking at home instead of spending hundreds of dollars at restaurants each month.

5. Learn a second language

Learning a second language is a bonus to any resume, and with jobs moving abroad, this can come in handy.

Knowing a second language is also beneficial for many other reasons such as better memory and expanding your friend base to around the world.

Tools to succeed: 

  • Download Duolingo. It’s free and a lot of fun to use!
  • Check out free books and DVDs from the library. There are tons of language learning books to choose from.
  • Watch movies or listen to music in another language.
  • Check out italki (more information below). You get one on one online language lessons from a native speaker. 

6. Travel 

Traveling has become quite popular in the past couple of years as a way to explore different cultures, while simultaneously getting to know yourself.

I know firsthand that solo traveling does have its perks, as I went solo to South America and Europe for a few months.

Tools to succeed:

  • Become an au pair or an English teacher abroad. I was an au pair for Europe for a few months and had many posts on that subject.
  • Read my post on 10 Ways To Save On Vacation
  • Get the “How To Travel The World On $50 A Day” book. Some might assume that this cannot be done, but I’ve traveled to Europe and South America for even cheaper than that!

7. Make more money

Making more money is often on people’s New Year’s resolution list for obvious reasons, and this could be one of the great 2019 goals for you. There are SO many side hustles out there and we’re living in a gig economy. You can make extra money doing anything.

Here are some great side hustle ideas: 

8. Personal growth 

I truly believe once we become stronger mentally, we will succeed and improve all other areas of our life. Many people strive to make a goal of getting healthier physically, but getting healthier mentally is just as important, if not more.

Becoming mentally healthy will also set a strong foundation for getting healthier physically.

Tools to succeed:

  • Enroll in Design Your Dream Life Academy. My 2019 New Years’ resolution was to achieve massive personal growth. I enrolled in Design Your Dream Life and it completely transformed me. I became so much happier, 3x my income, created stronger and healthier relationships, and learned how to complete another goal of mine – eating healthy and working out because it makes me feel good. 
  • Dream Year is another incredible option for people wanting to take massive action in their life. You learn how to transform your life in 12 months with a complete action plan.
  • The book, “You Are A Badass” changed my mentality on life tremendously. I’m not a fan of self-help books, but this book was done so perfectly. I’ve always recommended this book to all of my friends and family members and have read it a few times already.

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What’s your New Years resolution for 2020?

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