How I Get 100,000 Page Views From Pinterest

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I’ve been blogging for a while, but never took it seriously until November of 2016.

Blogging was a hobby of mine, and I usually only spent a couple of hours a week on my blog.

I quit my full-time job and decided to go full-time on FITnancials, and I’ve never been happier! It hasn’t been easy and blogging isn’t for everyone, but I’m so happy I didn’t give up. It’s become such a passion of mine. 

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1. Pinterest (a must!)

Pinterest users spend more money than on any other social media platform. The majority of Pinterest users make over $50k per year, with 10% making more than $125k more year. Pinterest is an absolute must if you’re a blogger/business owner. I share this because you want to be on Pinterest if you’re a blogger/business owner because people have money to spend.

My reach has been 2+ million for the past year and continues to grow, with it being in the 3+ million region during the winter.

I get 50,000-100,000 page views per month from Pinterest, with many of those users subscribing to my email list, buying through my affiliate links, and simultaneously increasing my ad revenue and sponsored post income.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche taught me strategies that work and gave me rapid results. You’ll learn how to successfully drive 100,000+ monthly visitors to your blog, which means more readers, which equals more money.

The best part about Pinterest – it doesn’t take months or a year to get traffic as it does with Google. I always recommend diving into Pinterest FIRST before Google. This is because you’ll see results much quicker, stay motivated, and be in it for the long haul. 

And before you think you can find Pinterest information on Google for free – think again. The “free” info is usually wrong and more importantly, outdated. What worked for Pinterest 4 years ago doesn’t work now. 

What’s included in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

  • 8 modules with over 25 training videos
  • How to create viral content
  • How to set up your account for success
  • How to automate traffic with schedulers
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • 2 free bonuses worth over $500
  • a lot more

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2. Getting traffic from Google 

Do you rely on Pinterest for 100% of your traffic? If so, you need to diversify your traffic sources. 

When you get organic traffic from Google, you’re in for a treat. Unlike Pinterest, Google traffic is usually very targeted. The user is going onto your website to get an answer to their problem. You can solve the reader’s problem with affiliate links, your own products, and with genuine value. 

I waited too long to start learning Google SEO, but that doesn’t mean you should. The best time to start is now – most bloggers aren’t implementing Google SEO at all – which means you get to benefit even more. 

I enrolled and implemented the lessons in Stupid Simple SEO. I tried learning how to do SEO from articles and YouTube videos around the web, but it was too hard. I had so many questions. Was the article updated and accurate? I was ready to take action immediately. I even get to ask questions in the private Stupid Simple SEO group, which has helped me a ton.

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With my increased Google organic traffic, I get increased ad revenue, email subscribers, higher affiliate marketing income, and more people into my sales funnels for my products. 

3. Pinnable images

Creating pin-worthy images immensely improved my page views on Pinterest, despite Pinterest changing its algorithm.

I’ll post an example of what I believe is an attractive pin that has exploded on Pinterest.

A few tips: 

  • Bright pins do much better than dark pins with too much going on
  • Take advantage of white space
  • Stay away from cursive or text that is hard to read
  • Use a beautiful, eye-catching image

P.S. I recommend using ready-to-go Pinterest pin templates to make click-worthy Pinterest pins. These pins are created by a blogger who gets 250,000+ page views and all you need to do is change the wording on the pin. 

4. Catchy Titles

Focusing on titles is HUGE in the blogging world.

Your title will either get someone inspired and motivated to click on your blog, or it’ll make them look away real fast.

Here are a few examples of a catchy title:

  • 7 Secrets Your _____ Doesn’t Want You To Know
  • 10 Reasons To Get Started On _____
  • The Ultimate Guide To ______
  • 5 Hacks To Cheaper ____

I hope you all learned a lot and benefited from this article! Below are my stats that share my page views over time.

September 2015: 12,089 page views 

Find out how I went from 12,000 page views to 30,000 thousand page views, and now at 60,000 page views per month! This is such a helpful list to grow your blog.

November 2016: 30,756 page views Find out how I went from 12,000 page views to 30,000 thousand page views, and now at 60,000 page views per month! This is such a helpful list to grow your blog.

 January 2017: 62,355 page views Find out how I went from 12,000 page views to 30,000 thousand page views, and now at 60,000 page views per month! This is such a helpful list to grow your blog.

Currently: 138,098

What have you done to increase your page views?

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