How I Made $80,000 Blogging

How I Made $80,000 Blogging Ebook

Do you want to grow a profitable blog and work from home?

Do you have no clue how to get started? 

Are you wondering how I grew my business while going to school full-time?

After getting asked all of these questions on a daily basis, I decided to create an incredible Ebook that is packed with everything you need to know to get started.

I made $80,000 in my business in 1 year while attending college full-time. I made a ton of mistakes 




In this Ebook, I share:

  • How I grew my traffic to over 100,000 readers per month
  • Why many bloggers fail at turning their blog into a lucrative online business
  • Mistakes I made in my business and how you can avoid making the same 
  • 6-month plan to follow after reading this Ebook
  • Mindset changes I went through in order to perform better in my business
  • My go-to blogging tools to create a highly profitable blog

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee after applying this information in this Ebook. Copyright ⓒ 2020 Fitnancials  No refunds as this is a digital product. Please email me before you purchase if you have any additional questions at