Highlights of 2017 + Pictures

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Every since 2015, I've been posting a highlight reel of my entire year. These types of posts aren't for clicks (obviously) but I'm happy I do them because it gives me some sweet nostalgic feelings inside every time I look back at them.

Recap of 2017

2017 was a CRAZY year. I visited my family in South Korea for the first time in my life.

Last year was also the first time in my life I worked for myself. The entire year. I became an entrepreneur and it was both terrifying and amazing.

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Where I went in 2017

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Isle Mujeres, Mexico
  • Dallas, Texas (Fincon!)

Plans for 2018

  • GRADUATING. I am finally a senior and only have 7 courses until I get my BS in Psychology. No, I don't plan on using it but it is a good backup in case I want to use my TEFL and teach English either online or at a school in Europe or Asia. I also decided I'd rather finish my degree instead of dropping out since I'm so close to finishing.
  • Tackling student loans! I will graduate with approximately $17,000 in student loans. I've already paid off the interest for the student loans now so they don't capitalize.
  • Work on personal development. Doing this by meditating regularly, working out 5x a week, spending more time outdoors.
  • Volunteer and read more. We spent every holiday at a sanctuary or animal shelter.

Blog Goals for 2018

  • Get to $10,000 per month in blog income + side hustles. The fact that I'm creating a goal of $120,000 per year is scary, especially at 24 years old.
  • This is the year I'd really like to expand my blog into something bigger. However, I came to the realization the past few months that I'm afraid of failure and I'm terrified of growing.
  • WORK MORE. I don't work enough! I'd like to start putting in 40 hours per week with 2 days fully off.
  • Create a product on sponsored posts. My sister and I are collaborating and working on this now. 🙂
  • Get to 150,000 page views per month. Currently at 110,000 per month (but January is always highest for me).

Top posts on FITnancials for 2017

I also created a free resource library for all of my readers as a thank you!

Highlight Photos of 2017

Austin Animal Center – New Years Day Volunteering
Dying of laughter with my love
Family photos
Family photos
Volunteering at Central Texas Pig Rescue
Jumped into a cenote
More volunteering at SARA

Meeting my family
My uncle
Stayed in an RV trailer
Went paddle boarding on a river meant for river rafting lol
Solo hiked several times in Portland
Multnomah Falls
Stayed in my sister's rV
Stayed in my sister's RV
JD and I at Jacob's Well
Bought a “pro” camera and Coco became a model
Volunteered some more
Stayed in an airstream
Missed my dad a lot
Meeting some of my favorite personal finance bloggers at Fincon
Learning to love me

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  1. That dog sitting in your lap when you volunteered is just so precious! I wish I could have 1,000,000 dogs 🙂

    1. Same here!

  2. Going to school while building your own business is not easy. Plus, on top of that you travel, volunteer and more. What you’re doing is incredible. And once you factor in your age, it really is amazing.

    Here’s to accomplishing all of your 2018 goals. I know you will!

    1. You’re so sweet Tiffany. I hope we get to meet one day! I know we will – we just have to make plans to!

  3. You had a great 2017. 2018 will probably be even better. I have some things that I’m working on. I’m getting closer to being able to work on my blog & side hustles full time.

    1. Thanks Jason. I love what you’re doing on your site!

  4. Wow you had an amazing 2017! So many great memories!

    And 2018 is going to rock!
    Good luck with all your goals! I am sure you will accomplish them all! It’s amazing how much you have achieved at 24, while going to college!

    Bring it on 😊

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