How I Get 100,000 Page Views Per Month With These 5 Tips

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Do you feel like you’ve done everything to increase your page views? Are your page views stagnant or worse, decreasing?

I’ve been in the same boat, and it’s beyond frustrating.

Pageviews are how you attract potential affiliate sales, email subscribers, product sales, and the more page views you have, the more you can charge for sponsored posts.

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The 1st photo below is a screenshot of my Google Analytics for January 2017. The second photo is from January 2018. You can see my page views for JAN ’17 were 62,355, and JAN ’18 was 118,473. Doubled!

January 2017

January 2018

1. Pinterest

Pinterest users spend more money than on any other social media platform. The majority of Pinterest users make over $50k per year, with 10% making more than $125k more year. Pinterest is an absolute must if you’re a blogger/business owner. I share this because you want to be on Pinterest if you’re a blogger/business owner because people have money to spend.

One of the coolest parts about Pinterest is that anyone can see success and traffic from the website, even in just a short period of time – with the right steps. The payoff is worth it, especially once you realize Pinterest can give you thousands of page views per month when done correctly.

I get 50,000-100,000 page views per month from Pinterest, with many of those users subscribing to my email list, buying through my affiliate links, and simultaneously increasing my ad revenue and sponsored post income.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche taught me strategies that work and gave me rapid results. You’ll learn how to successfully drive 100,000+ monthly visitors to your blog, which means more readers, which equals more money.

The best part about Pinterest – it doesn’t take months or a year to get traffic as it does with Google. I always recommend diving into Pinterest FIRST before Google. This is because you’ll see results much quicker, stay motivated, and be in it for the long haul. 

And before you think you can find Pinterest information on Google for free – think again. The “free” info is usually wrong and more importantly, outdated. What worked for Pinterest 4 years ago doesn’t work now. 

What’s included in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

  • 8 modules with over 25 training videos
  • How to create viral content
  • How to set up your account for success
  • How to automate traffic with schedulers
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • 2 free bonuses worth over $500
  • a lot more

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You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands in Pinterest ads, which is one of my favorite parts of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. You learn how to get traffic for FREE.

*Update, as of March 2018, I’lll hit 150,000 page views! So exciting!

Here are two photos of what a BAD pin looks like versus a GOOD pin.

PIN A is bad for several reasons. 1. No one knows what this pin is even about. 2. It’s dark. Bright pins do way better. Colors like orange, pinks, and reds usually perform better. 3. The pin is not visually appealing at all.

PIN B is click-worthy. 1. People have trouble with page views and need help with it. Getting to 100,000 is no small feat for most people. 2. The pin is bright and has numbers in it – numbers usually perform way higher in my pins.



2. Google SEO

Do you rely on Pinterest for 100% of your traffic? If so, you need to diversify your traffic sources. 

When you get organic traffic from Google, you’re in for a treat. Unlike Pinterest, Google traffic is usually very targeted. The user is going onto your website to get an answer to their problem. You can solve the reader’s problem with affiliate links, your own products, and genuine value. 

I waited too long to start learning Google SEO, but that doesn’t mean you should. The best time to start is now – most bloggers aren’t implementing Google SEO at all – which means you get to benefit even more. 

Google SEO is the best way to increase your traffic because you can target an audience who is actively looking for the products and services you’re an affiliate for.

If you want to increase your traffic and make more money on your blog, sign up for this free SEO training filled with a ton of amazing info from the same person I learned SEO from! 

It is VERY important that you are diversifying your traffic and not relying on Pinterest. Do. Not. Rely. On. 1. Traffic. Source. 

With my increased Google organic traffic, I get increased ad revenue, email subscribers, higher affiliate marketing income, and more people into my sales funnels for my products. 

3. Publishing content people NEED to click on

Instead of publishing as often as possible (which was 2-3 per week), I now only post 1x per week.

I make sure to only post the highest of quality – remember, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to blogging.

When someone clicks on a pin from Pinterest and sees a post of mine, I want to make sure they are getting the very best.

If I let them down, they’ll know to never come back to my website or click on any of my pins.

So, what does it mean to publish content people NEED to click on?

  • Create click-worthy pins. Use emotional words like shocking, secrets, surprising, amazing, powerful.
  • Publish content that is different. People are sick of seeing the same things. “10 Money-Saving Tips” isn’t going to cut it anymore.
  • Write catchy headlines. “15 Money-Saving Tips That Are Hurting Your Wallet” is way better than “15 Bad Money Saving Tips”.

4. Conduct surveys

Conducting a survey is a quick and easy way to find out what your readers want.

With Survey Monkey, you can create a survey for free and get 100 responses at no cost.

Ask questions like:

  • What are you currently struggling with?
  • What are your favorite types of posts? (Budgeting, making money, saving money, productivity, time management, etc.).
  • What are your LEAST favorite types of posts?

By knowing what your readers want, you can create content surrounded by the answers from the survey.

5. Interlink within posts

Interlinking within posts is a great way to decrease your bounce rate and to get people to read more of your articles.

You’ll want to include links that are related to the post.

For example, in this post, I wouldn’t want to interlink posts that have to do with healthy eating or budgeting. Those posts wouldn’t make sense in this post about blogging.

Below is an example of interlinking within posts. I’ll usually put “related articles” before the links.

Related articles:

6. Facebook

The algorithm is constantly changing, and it may seem harder than ever to get traffic from the social media website.

However, Facebook is pretty dang amazing when you think about it.

There are over 2.2 billion users on Facebook, which makes it a little silly not even to give Facebook a try.

You’ll learn which content you should be posting, and which content NOT to display, which words you should NOT use in your posts, how to get fans to like AND interact on your page, how to gain traffic on your Facebook page for free, and tons more.

Another great way to get traction off Facebook would be to start a Facebook group.

FITnancials has a Facebook group dedicated to talking about money management, making money, working from home, and more. I share new posts in the group, share tips, advice, and money mistakes I’ve made.

Join the FITnancials community group here.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is critical for bloggers.

If you don’t have it set up on your blog, set it up immediately.

GA can give you information on who is going to your blog, what they are interested in, which of your posts is performing the best, and so on.

I use Google Analytics to track my page views and monitor them regularly. You can see screenshots of my Google Analytics below.

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