How To Make $20 Per Hour As An Online English Teacher

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Did you know you can teach English online and work from home? 

Gogokid is currently hiring online English Teachers who are ready to inspire and empower students in an online classroom. They offer competitive pay rates and have great flexibility for people who want to work anywhere.

Being an English teacher isn’t easy work and requires a genuine passion for teaching students. If you do think this is something you’d like to do, keep reading. This work is so rewarding – teachers who start this job still teach English online years later.

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Benefits of Working With Gogokid

  • Earn up to $25 per hour from home, saving time and money on transportation
  • Join a dedicated and passionate community
  • All curriculum is provided for you

Competitive Pay Rate and Flexibility

Gogo offers a competitive pay rate of $14-$25 per hour depending on education background, teaching experience, and interviews.

At the time of this writing, Gogokid is offering a $300 bonus to new teachers, which is a limited time offer.

You can apply to Gogokid here.

This job is perfect for

  • Someone who wants to be location independent, meaning you can work anywhere in the world
  • Anyone who has a passion for teaching
  • Enjoys working with other cultures
  • Wants to make extra money

This job is not for

  • Someone who does not have time to commit to a part-time job
  • Someone who doesn’t enjoy teaching
  • Someone who doesn’t enjoy working at home or on a computer
  • Someone who doesn’t enjoy working with children

The following tends to be the most requested time periods

Monday-Friday 6-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday 9am–10pm. You can choose your consistent availability within this time frame.


  • Six months for each contract period 

What You Will Do 

  • Teach 25-minute one-on-one fully immersive lessons 
  • Build a virtual class environment conducive to learning
  • Lead students through successful online course completion
  • Promote creativity and excitement in the virtual learning environment
  • Prioritize student needs so that each child may reach their fullest potential
  • Create strategies to engage and nurture student learning and student relationships

Qualifications and Skills


  • Native English Speaker 
  • Bachelor’s Degree or above
  • Eligibility to legally work in the United States or Canada
  • Minimum one year of teaching experience
  • Must be punctual and follow the agreed-upon lesson schedule


  • Experience with utilizing online teaching platform or tools 
  • ESL Teacher training certifications: TESOL/TESL/TEFL
  • Strong communication skills interacting with ESL/EFL students

Device Requirements 

  • Device: desktop, laptop, MAC 
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • Headset: Use a headset with a microphone, stable output, and input
  • Camera: HD External camera or HD integrated camera

You can apply to Gogokid here.

What is the application process?

Applicants will need to go through five steps before becoming Gogokid teachers

  1. Complete an online application (Sign up + Basic Information)
  2. Schedule an interview
  3. Attend an orientation (Typically 1 hour and online)
  4. Submit the paperwork
  5. Sign the contract

Tips for landing the job

  • Look up YouTube videos of Gogokid Teachers (they will share tips and tricks)
  • Make sure wherever you’re interviewing is clean (bonus points for making the background look kid-friendly, like a classroom!)

You can apply to Gogokid here.

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Do you want to become an English Teacher?

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