7 Free Money Resources To Create Financial Freedom [Courses, Guides, Printables]

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Do you want to do any of the following?

  • Save more money
  • Make more money
  • Start a new side hustle
  • Reach financial freedom

If so, you’re in the right place.

Today, I’m sharing completely free resources including courses, guides, and printables that provide a ton of value at no cost. 

Let’s get started!

1. Free Resource Library

I created a free resource library with free printables, PDF’s, and other resources that will help make managing your money and life a bit easier. 

This free resource library has:

  • Budget printables
  • Daily planners
  • Debt thermometer
  • Meal plan templates
  • Habit trackers
  • Weekly calendars

I’m always adding new resources to the free resource library. I’m also taking requests for what you’d like to be added to the library.

Sign up for the free resource library here. 

2. 7-Point Money Checklist

Are you wondering what you can do to level up your money today?

This free 7-point money checklist is a list of 7 things you can start doing today to get closer to financial freedom. It’s only 1 page and straight to the point for people who want to take action today.

Get the 7-point money checklist here.

3. Fitnancials Facebook Group

Did you know I have a free private Facebook group? We have almost 2,000 members and the group is rapidly growing. The Facebook group is one of the places I’m most active with (besides Instagram) and I check the group daily.

I and others post helpful articles, posts, and tips to help you save & make more money. 

Join the Facebook group here.

4. Money Management Course

Do you want to transform the way you manage your money?

This 10-day money-management course from Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is completely free and will help you reach financial freedom. 

Here’s a quick outline of what you will learn in this free 10-day email course:

  • Day 1: Reasons You Need A Budget
  • Day 2: How To Create A Successful Budget
  • Day 3: 7 Tips To Effectively Stick To A Budget
  • Day 4: Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Funds
  • Day 5: Making Saving Money Fun
  • Day 6: The Complete Credit Score Guide
  • Day 7: The Importance Of Paying Yourself First
  • Day 8: The Easy Steps To Take To Start Investing
  • Day 9: Creating an Emergency List For Your Family
  • Day 10: Start Making More Money

Get the free money management course here.

5. Monthly Expense Tracker

This free monthly expense tracker comes from Squirrels Of A Feather and is customizable to your specific budgeting needs. It’ll also help you see patterns of overspending so you can correct them, plan your monthly budget for the future, and see how much money you can save each month. 

Get the free monthly expense tracker here.

6. Work From Home Guide

Are you wondering what jobs can be done at home? This free remote job guide is for people who are looking for a side hustle or full-time job from home. 

The guide includes a list of real online jobs, how to find remote jobs, how to apply for these jobs, and tips to successfully work at home. 

Get the work from home guide here.

7. Side Hustle Idea Mind Map

Are you curious about starting a side hustle? This side hustle idea mind map from I Like To Dabble will help map out your side hustle idea and help you get started. 

Get the side hustle idea mind map here.

8. Expense Tracker

I also wanted to add my good friend’s expense tracker that you can get at the bottom of this post (click here). 

My friend Christine from The Mostly Simple Life has tons of amazing articles on decluttering, saving money, minimalism, and meal planning! I highly recommend checking out all of her articles, printables, and her online shop. 

Which money resource are you getting first?

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