Family In Case of Emergency Binder – Do You Actually Need It?

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Do you have a plan in place in case something happens to you? Do you know exactly where your important documents are?

If you answered no to either of those questions, I have an important post for you today about keeping your documents and important information organized all in one place.

Whether you’re married or single, having a Family In Case of Emergency Binder can greatly benefit you and your loved ones. 

Today’s post is going over some heavy topics, but these kinds of conversations matter.

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What is the Family In Case of Emergency Binder?

The Family In Case of Emergency Binder is a one-stop shop for all of the important documents your family needs. This includes things like finances, login information, legal documents, pet care information.

This binder is specifically for if something were to happen to you. Your family would be left with a binder that tells them everything they need to know. In all honestly, the binder isn’t 100% just for you. It’s for your family in case anything happens to you.

Butttt, even if you didn’t pass away, the binder helps proving you who are in case you were in some kind of crazy event, like a tornado and all of your belongings were gone. It’s really convenient to have an emergency binder and plan in case in case anything catostrophic happens.

And yes, I have this binder and paid for it with my own money. It’s a precaution I am taking since I take care of all the appointments, finances, etc., in case anything ever happens to me.

The Family In Case of An Emergency Binder includes:

  • 90+ pages of printable worksheets to organize everything (you can also type right in the PDF, no printing required!)
  • 15 simple, easily navigated sections – no shuffling through drawers

The Family In Case of Emergency Binder is for you if:

  • You’re the person in charge of your family’s finances
  • Your paperwork including financial and medical is not organized and you want it all in one place
  • You have children who need care from others in case something happens to you, and you want all important documents in one place
  • You want to stay organized and have all important information in one place, such a paperwork for tax time, filing an insurance claim, moving, etc.

Here’s what’s included in the Family ICE Binder

16 organized sections with 3 main modules – Key Family Information, Financial Information, and Need To Know Information.


  • Household information
  • Pet care information
  • Personal documents
  • Insurance information
  • Investment information
  • Basic financial information
  • Childcare information
  • & more

You can see everything included in the Family ICE Binder here.


Even better, you don’t even need to print it out if you don’t want to. You can type into the forms right from your computer.

Can’t I just create my own binder?

The time and effort is takes to make an emergency binder isn’t quick. If you really need to save the money, you can DIY it, but it’s totally worth the small investment to buy an emergency binder that is already ready to go.

If you do decide to make your own emergency binder, I recommend putting in the following:

Emergency contacts with full names and phone numbers

  • Doctors, dentists, optometrists, hospitals
  • Daycare center, schools
  • Work, boss’ contact, colleagues
  • Utility contact information
  • Emergency and non-emergency contacts


  • Bank login info
  • Credit card information login
  • 401(k)/investments logins and information


  • Insurance carrier, types, benefit coverage, phone numbers

Medical information

  • Power of attorney
  • Advanced care directives
  • Immunization records
  • Prescription list
  • Medical history
  • Copy of insurance information

Copies of documents

  • Drivers license
  • Social security card
  • Birth certificate
  • Deed and titles to home and cars
  • Wedding licenses
  • Wills
  • Passports
  • Military records

Putting it together

  • You will also want to create an emergency plan of exactly what you will do in case the unpredictable happens. Where will you go? Will you be meeting someone?
  • Emergency evacuation checklist (make sure you have everything, food, radio, first aid kit, cash, etc.)

Supplies for creating an emergency binder

Where to store your emergency binder

Since your emergency binder contains very important information, it’s important to keep it in a safe space, specifically somewhere locked and hidden away. 

I recommend telling an emergency contact where you store the binder, whether it’s physically in the house or on your computer. 

What happens after you purchase the binder

Once you purchase, you’ll download a 6-page setup guide with step-by-step instructions to filling out the binder.

You can select which version of the binder you want (PDF fillable via your computer OR printable). The printable version uses less color to help lower print ink usage.

Begin filling out the Family In Case of Emergency Binder.

Should I use the PDF or printable version?

A physical binder is easier for loved ones to find the binder. However, the digital version is easier to keep updated. You can also choose to fill out the physical binder and store in a safe space AND complete the digital version. Be sure to save the binder PDF in a secure place 

If you have any questions about the Family In Case of Emergency Binder, reach out to hello[@]

Final note

Keeping all of your important information and documents stored in one place is one of the most responsible things you can do. I still remember when a close relative of mine was about to pass away from cancer. We all had to scatter to find important documents and it was already a tough time as it is, and this only made it harder. 

I personally bought this binder with my own money in case anything happens to me. I take care of all the finances, appointments, etc., in our household and my husband would be lost if I died (just speaking the truth!). This binder ensures he knows where everything is. 

You can learn more about the Family In Case of Emergency Binder here.

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Do you use the Family In Case of Emergency Binder?

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