10 Free Or Cheap Things To Do In Eleuthera, Bahamas

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If you’re thinking about going to the Bahamas, I highly encourage you to visit Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Bahamas.

The island is all locals, which made the trip so unique compared to any other trip I’ve ever been on.

Get ready to see one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

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1. Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach was truly magical.

One of the best things about Eleuthera is that you’ll almost always have a beach to yourself.

We all went swimming here and saw stingrays and other aquatic life here.

This beach also has pink sand. The sand was so neat to see in person.

The road to get to Lighthouse Beach is tough.

You want a sturdy car that has good clearance.

We took a van here and were on the edge of our seats the entire time. It was terrifying!

Lighthouse Beach does have a lighthouse, but it appears to be abandoned and falling apart.

2. The Glass Window Bridge

The Glass Window Bridge is one of the coolest spots to visit on the island.

On one side of the road, you’ll see the Atlantic Ocean, and the other side you’ll see the Caribbean Sea.

There’s also a blowhole here.

When looking at the photo down below, the blowhole is near the light blue clear water right by the side of the road.

3. Ocean Hole

The Ocean Hole is a spot I’ll never forget.

All kinds of fish come up to you at the dock, and they are all SO beautiful!

The hole is supposedly over 600 feet deep, which is terrifying, but you must jump in any way.

4. Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve is a must for outdoors lovers.

The Plant Preserve has a paved trail.

Throughout the trail, you’ll witness different birds and other wildlife around.

And as you can see below, there’s a pond that is blood red. Unique but terrifying!


5. Eleuthera Island Farm

The Eleuthera Island Farm is a must-see spot when you visit this island.

The farm has a small shop that sells produce, sauce, handmade goods, and other food.

6. Queens Bath

Queens Bath on the island of Eleuthera was my first “Queens Bath” I’ve ever seen, and it was breathtaking.

Climbing down to this viewing area can be a minor pain, so make sure to bring good shoes.

Some people opt to go under the rock and swim in the baths but be warned.

The waves can increase up to 8-10 feet in a matter of seconds, and you could potentially get swept away by the sea.

Photo cred: @michelleschro

7. Preachers Cave

Preachers Cave was discovered in the 1600s by a captain who shipwrecked here.

The cave is quite the sight to see and imagining people once living there was pretty crazy.

When you walk in the opposite direction of the people below, you’ll head towards yet another beach that you’ll most likely have all to yourself.

8. Haynes Library

Haynes Library is a cute and quaint library built by the city’s governor in 1897.

The entire town was filled with brightly colored buildings, but this library was extra memorable due to how unique it looked.

9. Hatchet Bay Cave

I didn’t get any photos of Hatchet Bay Cave because we were in almost complete darkness.

I didn’t bring my camera because I was more concerned with making sure nothing popped out! Haha.

The cave was incredible, but there was a ton of graffiti everywhere.

The cave must be unprotected because it’s not well-kept, unfortunately.

10. Spider Cave

We stumbled upon Spider Cave after a local we picked up told us to make a stop here.

The cave is seriously unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

P.S. Hitchhiking is a big thing on the island of Eleuthera, so you’ll often see locals getting rides from strangers.

The entire island is made up of one major road, which makes sense as to why hitchhiking is so common.

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