How To Make $19/Hour As An Online English Teacher

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Are you a recent college grad looking to work from home? Are you a stay at home parent and eager to work without giving up time with your kids?  

EF Education is hiring qualified applicants to teach English online. With EF Education, you can earn up to $20 per hour and get extra rewards the more you teach. 

Teaching English online to Chinese students isn’t for everyone. There are downfalls like having to work odd hours in the early morning or night as China is in a different time zone as us. Despite that, people still become online English teachers and find the job is rewarding and flexible.

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EF Education stands out, here’s why:

  • Straightforward pre-teaching introduction, including Q&A session
  • Easy-to-use custom-designed admin platform and online classroom for remote teachers
  • Access to high-quality lesson materials
  • 24/7 teacher support
  • Local U.S. EF headquarters for accessible communication and payment

EF Education stands out among other platforms that teach English to children in China because of their regional U.S. EF headquarters. Getting quality support is a great bonus for these jobs. 

Also, EF Education only requires you to teach one child at a time, unlike other platforms that ask you to teach several kids at once.

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver 25-minute high-quality one-on-one online classes to kids ages 5 to 10
  • Communicate your availability for lesson hours with our easy-to-use scheduling system
  • Have access to prepared lesson materials and also find your voice and style for teaching your students
  • Give feedback to your students throughout the class and their parents in post-lesson reporting


You can earn up to $20 per hour through a combination of the base fee and available incentives.

  • Base Pay Rate: 2 lessons per hour ($13.20/hr).
  • Surge Hours: Teach at 6-8:30am & 9-10:30pm EST (+$2.80/hr).
  • No Shows: Do not cancel class within 24 hrs of start-time (+$2.00/hr).
  • The “45”: Teach 45 or more ½ hour classes within a month (+$2.00/hr).

You also get the opportunity to earn even more money for teaching more classes.

You can apply to become an EF Education teacher here.

Class Milestone Bonuses

There is no time limit on reaching these milestones, teachers can go at their own pace; each class is ½ hour.

  • Teach 200 classes & earn a $100 bonus
  • Teach 400 classes & earn a $200 bonus
  • Teach 1,000 classes & earn a $500 bonus
  • Teach 2,000 classes & earn a $1,000 bonus


  • Ability to connect with kids
  • Availability during lesson times for the China time zone
  • Native English speaker with a Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • 40 Hour TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification (or higher): submit now or provide when obtained at the start of the contract term
  • Experience in early childhood development, teaching, coaching, or mentoring is preferred, not required. Life experiences count
  • Excellent cultural awareness, communication, and motivational skills
  • Commitment to delivering a high level of student engagement satisfaction
  • Willing to submit an online background check [at no cost to you]
  • Access to a headset, personal computer, and wired Ethernet connection

You can apply to become an EF Education teacher here.

Peak hours for teachers:

Monday through Friday with class start-times from 6:00am to 8:50AM [New York time]

Friday/Saturday evening classes with start-times from 9:00pm to 10:50pm [New Your time].

Weekday classes start at 4:00am [New York time]

Weekend nights starting Friday night at 9:00pm [eastern time] to

Saturday morning 9:00am and Saturday night 9:00pm to Sunday morning 9:00AM. 

Benefits of being an online English teacher:

At EF Education [also the world’s largest private education organiztion], teachers teach English online to kids in China ages 5-10. Running since 1965, EF Education has helped millions of people through education.

You can work from home [or anywhere in the U.S.] and teach the same students week by week.

Teachers also get to set up their own schedule, meaning you have more flexibility in your life. Generally, students want to book lessons with the same teacher throughout their program, for up to six months. 

Repeat students is a good thing. This means you get to build a great relationship and increase your income. This is why offering a high-quality and engaging session to your student is a must. 

Since lesson times are primarily in the China time zone, which is generally weekday mornings in the U.S. [4:00am EST to 8:30am EST). EF Education offers $1.50usd per hour/$.75usd per class supplemental fee for classes taught during peak hours between 5:00am and 7:30am weekends EST. 

Friday and Saturday nights from 8:00pm EST to Saturday and Sunday mornings 8:00am EST are also peak hours.

Downfalls of being an online English teacher:

It doesn’t feel right sharing this work from home opportunity without pointing out the negatives. With anything, there is always some downfalls.

As an online English teacher, most lesson times are for the China time zone. Teachers are expected to work during hours shown above. 

Here are just a few testimonials

“EF allows you to save time, money, and spend all the time in the world with your family. By being an online Teacher for EF, I was able to home-school my daughter and provide her better educational opportunities.”  – EF Online Teacher

“I am learning from students every day and feel like I’m making a difference in students’ lives.  It’s very rewarding with EF.” – EF Online Teacher

You can apply to become an EF Education teacher here.

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Are you interested in becoming an online English teacher? 

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