9 Blogging Expenses For A Profitable Blog: Price Breakdown

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Just like any business, there are costs to keep my business running, growing, and generating profit.

I like to be transparent with all of you, especially those of you that are thinking about starting a blog. You can make a lot of money blogging, but there are business expenses involved. Building and running a business isn’t free. If you don’t want to spend money on a business or side hustle, I don’t recommend going into it. 

Below are all of my blogging expenses and a price breakdown of each expense. 

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1. Convertkit

Convertkit is an email marketing service that is easy to use and user-friendly. Email marketing is the one huge mistake I made when first starting my blog.

See, email is the one thing that is yours.

Anything on the internet can be taken away – this means Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media platforms can take all of your page views away at any time. Solely relying on these traffic methods is not a good idea for your business.

This is where email marketing comes into play.

You can capture emails from the very first day you start your blog, which is incredible!

You can create an intimate and trusting relationship with email marketing, gain traffic, and boost your blogging income all at the same time with email.

To capture readers emails, create a killer freebie opt-in that people can’t say no to.

An awesome freebie could be:

  • eBook
  • eCourse
  • printable
  • private video series
  • and a lot more!

The options are endless.

The kind of freebie you decide will be up to you, your niche, and what your audience needs.

A great freebie will solve a readers problem.

For example, if you’re a health and fitness blogger, you could create a free eBook called “10-Minute Recipes For Weight Loss“.

Easy! Even better, you can find people online to make this eBook for you (you just provide the recipes and they design it).

Or you can create it yourself with free eBook templates available online.

Creative Market has tons of ebook templates for an affordable price. They are completely customizable and look beautiful once you’re finished.

Price breakdown: $99 for 7,900 email subscribers

ConvertKit has a free 14-day trial version. After 14 days, 1000 subscribers or less is $29 per month. It’s so user-friendly and easy to use, especially for anyone who is not used to the tech involved with blogging. You can get a ConvertKit 14-day free trial here.

2. Leadpages 

I use LeadPages for my landing pages and highly recommend it if you’re looking for professional looking landing pages.

LeadPages is expensive ($400 for 2 years) but it’s worth it to me since the functionality and tech is easy and has never given me problems. Plus, it helps convert readers into customers.

A landing page is also known as a lead capture page that has one sole purpose – capturing a reader into a campaign-specific webpage that directs them to complete a call to action or marketing goal. 

Landing pages are a huge deal in the online world because you can capture a reader and turn them into a potential customer. 

Price breakdown: $400 every 2 years

3. iMark Interactive

iMark Interactive is a tech service for websites that I’ve been using for years.

Any time I have a problem with my website, I reach out to iMark Interactive and they solve my issue.

When I say the turnaround time is FAST, I mean it’s lightning speed, every single time.

iMark Interactive has a monthly subscription package you can pay for which means you will always get the support you need at any time.

Depending on the package you choose, it can come with the following:

  • Daily backups
  • Managed WordPress updated
  • Weekly security scans
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Email support
  • 5 small jobs/per month
  • 15% off project rates

Price breakdown: $57 per month

4. G Suite

G Suite is where I created my business email.

So, instead of my email being “example@gmail.com”.

My email looks like “alexis@fitnancials.com”.

The service only costs $5 a month and helps my blog look much more professional since I have a business email.

I don’t think this is totally necessary. There are popular, profitable bloggers out there that still use a basic email like example@gmail.com. 

Price breakdown: $5.33 per month

5. Computer

I currently use a MacBook Air for my business.

A high-quality computer is totally worth the cost, but if you’re starting out blogging and already have a computer, don’t bother buying a brand (and expensive) computer.

Work with what you currently have and once you start making more money in your business, than you can get a new computer.

After a couple of years of blogging, I spilled liquid all over my brand new MacBook Air.

I couldn’t justify spending $1000 on the same laptop after just buying the same laptop, so I went for a cheaper PC type.

I saved $300 by buying the PC laptop but ended up having to send it back for repairs 3 times.

Luckily I was in the warranty period, but now I know – sometimes you have to spend money in your business for a reliable computer.

So I went off and bought a Mac because I couldn’t wait 4 weeks (3 separate times) to get the laptop back.

P.S. It was an ACER laptop and I ended up giving it to my boyfriend.

Price breakdown: $900

6. Legal Templates

Did you know there’s a legal side to blogging? Yeah, I know, another thing to think about. This is why Amira, lawyer, and business coach, decided to create the Legal Bundle.

The Legal Bundle includes everything you need to comply with the law and protect your blog and online business.

Included in the Legal Bundle is a customizable privacy policy template, disclaimer template, and terms and conditions template for your website. Amira makes this bundle affordable to help protect bloggers and online business owners. It’s packed with a ton of value (did you know there are 9 bonuses included with the 3 legal templates?).

Plus, she has a private FB group for people who buy the Legal Bundle, which is a great community to ask questions about these sort of things. 

Hiring a lawyer JUST for a consultation ranges from $250-$500 for 1 hour. And unfortunately, you can’t go copying other bloggers legal pages. 

Price Breakdown: $180 for all 3 legal templates + 9 bonuses

7. Stock photos

Stock photos are a must for every blogger.

If you’re creating Pinterest pins, social media images, or placing images throughout your articles, you’re probably using stock photos.

If you don’t know by now, you can’t go on Google and take whatever image you want.

This is stolen property and you can get in a ton of trouble for this.

Don’t think it’s rare and doesn’t happen because it does and several people in the blogging community have been sued.

This is why I exclusively use Ivory Mix.

Ivory Mix is a stock photo website that holds thousands of photos perfect for bloggers to use.

Even better, the fee is incredibly affordable.

As an Ivory Mix member, you get:

  • 100+ NEW stock photos monthly
  • access to ALL previous photos
  • royalty-free stock photos – no credit needed!
  • perfect use for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and more
  • unlimited access
  • and you can cancel anytime

If you’re not totally sure if you want to use Ivory Mix, she has a program where users can get a small number of stock photos for free!

Price breakdown: $37 every 3 months

8. Courses

Courses take up the majority of my blogging expenses and that’s because I believe in investing back in my business.

I’ve taken tons of courses and that’s because I value my time.

With a course, I can learn everything about a subject in 1 place.

I’ve taken courses on:

  • creating digital products
  • sales and marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook ads
  • and a lot more

I’ve been blogging for years, so understandably I’ve taken a lot of courses.

Whether you take a course or not is up to you. A lot of people try to avoid courses altogether at all costs (I understand, I used to be this way). I was trying to save as much money as possible until I realized running a business isn’t free. You buy 1 course where someone who’s running a profitable blog knows what they’re doing. You implement what you learn from the course. You work hard.

You get results A LOT faster than someone who’s trying to wing it. If you’re taking blogging as a business seriously, save your time and learn from someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Are you not sure where to start on creating a profitable blog? I recommend checking out this course roadmap to figure out where you should get started first!

Price breakdown: Varies

9. Quickbooks Self Employed

Quickbooks helps me manage my business’s finances.

The service is user-friendly and helps me separate business and personal expenses, set up deductions, send invoices, and estimate quarterly taxes.

I used to do this without any program at all, and the experience was so incredibly stressful.

Price breakdown: $10 per month

Start a blog today for just $2.95/month with my step-by-step tutorial here.It’s easy, painless, and takes less than 20 minutes to start a blog of your own. With my Bluehost discount, you get a discount from $7.99/month to $2.95/month.

10. Website theme

Before I built this custom theme with a professional web designer, I used an affordable theme by Restored 316.

I always got so many compliments on my site. 

Their themes are high-quality, built with site speed in mind, and are well-known in the blogging world.

Find out what theme is best for your business here.

Bonus: AppSumo

Have you ever heard of Groupon? If so, AppSumo is basically Groupon for business owners.

AppSumo is the #1 software deal site for entrepreneurs making money online. AppSumo has new deals uploaded regularly for business owners and has saved customers over $500 million dollars in just ten years.

This is how AppSumo works:

  1. AppSumo finds and partners with the best tech companies (Mailchimp, Evernote, DepositPhotos, etc.).
  2. Get access to amazing deals.
  3. You save a ton of money building and running your business.

Check out AppSumo here.

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What blogging expenses do you have?

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