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Hey! I’m Alexis.

I’m a 20 something blogger who paid off $40,000 of debt and built a net worth of $30,000 by the time I was 26. I’m here to share with you all things money with a splash of vegan lifestyle tips and resources. 



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Ultimate Guide To All Things Personal Finance

58 Personal Finance Tips To Help You Save And Make Money

Personal finance is a journey. No one is born knowing how to manage and make money.  My journey to paying off $40,000 in debt and …

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7 Step Guide To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast
Make Money

7 Step Guide To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast

Are you ready to get out of debt for good? Getting out of debt is easier said than done. You can’t just wing it. If …

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emergency fund
Money Management

5 Step Guide To Starting An Emergency Fund

It’s not a matter of if an unexpected emergency will happen, but when. Whether it’s an emergency trip to the vet, car repair, or a job …

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Save Money

4 Budgeting Tools To Try To Find Your Perfect Budgeting System

There are several budgeting methods and tools to choose from, but finding the method that works for you is important. You may be more of …

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10 Personal Development Tips That Will Make You Richer

Incorporating a few simple personal development tips in your life will 100% change your life.  Do you want to create new healthy habits? Do you …

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Money Management

How To Create Your Perfect Budget In 8 Steps

Creating a budget is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to manage your money. When you know how you’re spending money, you’re more …

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