How I Saved $290 On My Internet Bill and Phone Bill

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Did you know you aren’t locked in at a certain price for most bills and that most companies are actually overcharging you?

My boyfriend and I were talking about our budgets and we’re trying to find ways to eliminate extra spending so he could pay off his consumer debt. As we were running through our numbers, we realized we were paying $170 for our phones and $65 for the internet.

We already did what we could to lower electricity and food spending, so we were off to tackle the other nondiscretionary expenses.

I typed in on Google “ways to lower internet and cable expenses,” and along the way, Billshark came up. I was skeptical at what Billshark was claiming they could do, but it ended up working and saving us a lot of money.

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What is Billshark?

Billshark helps people by negotiating for lower recurring bills. On average, customers save $300-$500 per bill.

Below is a screenshot of my Billshark profile.

I’ve submitted a Spectrum (internet), T-Mobile, and State Farm bill. I received a savings of $250 for the Spectrum bill and $40 for the T-Mobile bill. Nothing could be saved for the State Farm bill.

This is how I was notified of my savings.

A few months ago Spectrum ended our promotional starting rate of $45.99, and it went up to $65.99.

Billshark got the bill back down to the promo price for six months. Woo!

How does Billshark work?

    1. Sign up for Billshark.
    2. Upload a photo of your bill or provide credentials.
    3. The sharks send you an email or phone call in a couple of days regarding the results of the negotiation. 

Here is the process below. It took me less than 5 minutes per bill. I uploaded three different bills. 


How much money can I save?

You can visit Billshark’s savings calculator here and share what your total monthly bill amount is and bill type.

Billshark will tell you the estimated yearly savings.  

Billshark has saved an average between $300-$500 per bill, with $10,000 being the highest for a single customer.

It’s unlikely you’ll save even close to $10,000, but hey, maybe you run a huge business that is paying way too much

I saved $290 on 2 bills.

How will I receive the negotiation savings?

The provider will apply the savings to your bill in the next billing cycle. 

Billshark takes 40% of your savings ONLY when they have a successful negotiation. 

Let’s say Billshark helped you save $290. You would pay $116. $116 is 40% of $290.

It may be hard for some people to shell out $116 for the Billshark invoice, which is why Billshark set up a payment plan program. You can set up a payment plan for six months with a one-time charge of $9.

Which bills can be negotiated? 

  • Cable and Satellite TV
  • Wireless Phone
  • Landline Phone
  • Internet Access
  • Satellite Radio
  • Home Security
  • TV, Internet & Phone Packages

P.S. I know a lot of you are entrepreneurs out there reading this. If you own a small business, Billshark is trained to help you out, too! 

Can’t I negotiate bills myself?

You can negotiate your bills on your own, but most people won’t. Billshark has trained negotiators who know how to lower your expenses better than the average person.

The average negotiation takes 60 minutes for someone who doesn’t know how to negotiate.

Billshark pros can get it done way quicker and already have an idea of how much lower the bill can go.

What happens once you send a bill to Billshark?

Once you send your bills to Billshark, a shark starts the process of negotiating the bills you sent. The shark contacts the service provider. After this, you will receive an email or phone call, letting you know if the negotiation was successful.

The email includes:

  • Total amount saved
  • The date your savings take effect
  • A detailed breakdown of the negotiation/savings

You receive an invoice via email three days after the successful negotiation of a bill. If Billshark is unable to lower your bills, no charge occurs. 

Do I recommend Billshark?

Yes! Although I was overly skeptical, I was pleased when they were able to successfully negotiate two bills for me. 


To my surprise, after sending my bills to Billshark, I was sent info about their rewards program. I received a coupon code that was valid for a $25 dining coupon, $50 travel coupon, $50 grocery coupon, or a $100 shopping coupon.

I chose a restaurant that is right next to my house that my boyfriend never wants to go to – now he has to go because we have a $25 coupon for it. Ha!

If you’re still skeptical of Billshark, I get it because I was, too.

The magic is in the successful negotiation and the money you save. It’s honestly worth a shot! For ease of mind, here is their Better Business Burea page. Billshark has a 4.5/5 star rating, which is average for businesses. 

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