15 Amazon Must-Haves For Home Organization Under $15

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Organizing your home can be a fun and pleasant process. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few items around the house, you can feel at peace knowing where everything is.

When you have a clean environment and organized house, you leave more time to do things you love.

Here’s a list of 15 Amazon must-haves to organize your home for under $15.

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1. Pantry Organizer

Is your pantry flooded with hundreds of random items? I like to tell myself that I’m a fairly organized person, but my pantry is anything but. 

This pantry organizer comes with 15 clear pockets that hang on your pantry door, no hardware needed. Place your most used items in this pantry organizer to get easy access to it at all times.

You can get it here.

2. Broom Holder Wall Mount

Do you have brooms lying around in your garage or kitchen? If so, a broom holder wall mount is just what you need. This storage organizational system holds brooms, mops, rakes, tools, and so much more. You can put this wall mount inside or outside your house or even in the shed for your garden tools. 

This wall mount has a 35-pound holding capacity and the installation process couldn’t be easier. 

You can get it here.

3. Belly Basket

A belly basket is a great idea for anyone who has children or pet toys everywhere. Store this beautiful basket in your living room and make it the designated storage spot for all toys. 

You can also use this belly basket for plants, but the plants must be planted in pots first.

You can get it here.

4. Door Organizer with 42 Pockets

This door organized includes 42 pockets that are perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, or any other room in the house that needs organization. Installation is easy and painless. 

If you have a ton of bottles and random items underneath your bathroom sink or shelf, this would be a great option.

You can get it here. 

5. Bathroom Holder Shelf

This stainless steel bathroom holder is under $10 and looks super sleek for the price. You can store 3 toothbrushes or razors. 

Installation requires no drilling or hurting the wall. To install, all you do is peel the backing off and put the sticky part in the desired position.

You can get it here.

6. Door Hanging File Organizer

Are you ready to file tackle your office or junk drawer? This file organizer can hang on a door and is great for storing bills, mail, tools, cards, and other paper. This would be a great gift idea for a teacher who needs help organizing their classroom or someone who needs help in arranging their office.

You can get it here.

7. Removable Write On Food Labels

If you store food in glass jars and bins, a food label makes it a lot easier to identify food items. These removable food labels come with 64 labels, and are easy to apply and remove so you can use them again and again. 

The labels work on plastic, glass, and stainless steel containers.

You can get it here.


8. Clothing Organizer Bags

Does your closet look like a mess? Does it stress you out every time you look at it? If so, a clothing organizer can solve those problems.

These clothing organizer bags are made with charcoal which absorbs any odorants while the clothes are sitting in the bags. The material is breathable which is perfect for storing clothes.

You can get it here.

9. Reusable Storage Bags

Saving money and storing food is so much easier with these reusable storage bags. They’re made of high-quality BPA-free material that is easy to clean. It’s even dishwasher friendly. 

You can even store things other than food like jewelry, stationery items, travel items, and more. 

You can get it here.

10. Mail and Key Holder 

Mail can easily become overwhelming and a mess if not handled right away. This mail and key holder keeps essential mail and keys organized. You can also store leashes, lanyards, and other items on the holder. 

You can get it here.

11. Spice Gripper Clip Strips

This spice organizer is a lifesaver for pantries.  If your spice shelf looks anything like what mine did, it’s a mess and hard to find the spices you need. This spice organizer has clip strips that make it easy to see all of your spices at once and save a ton of space. 

You can get it here.

12. Dishwasher Magnet

This isn’t exactly a home organization item, but it is a huge time saver if you live in a household like mine where people are always asking, “are the dishes clean?”. Now you can just put this non-scratch magnet on your dishwasher and everyone will know if the dishes are clean or dirty. 

You can get it here.

13. Fridge Whiteboard Calendar

We have a whiteboard calendar on our fridge and it’s been key to keeping everyone organized. We put important appointments and dates to remember so everyone’s on the same page.

This fridge calendar is a time saver because everyone opens the fridge every day. You can be easily reminded of what’s going on in the week or month just by being in the kitchen.

You can get it here.


14. Space Saving Hangers

Do you have a small closet or not enough room to store your clothes comfortably? These space-saving hangers can be hung vertically or horizontally to maximize home space. One set is strong enough to hold 5 clothes at the same time. 

You can get it here.

15. Minimalism Room By Room

The book Minimalism Room By Room teaches you how to tackle cleaning challenges throughout your house. Included in the book are checklists, sorting guides, and tracking sheets to help you get and stay organized.

You can get it here.

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What’s your Amazon home organization must-have?

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