Hello, and welcome to my fitness and finance blog! ☺️

I started this blog back in 2013 to document my 60-pound weight loss journey.

Then, at the end of 2016, I decided to quit my day job and pursue blogging full-time.

One year later, I’m making a steady $10,000 a month from it.

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On FITnancials, you’ll learn how to save lots of money without sacrificing your happiness or health.

I’ve lived in Italy as an au pair, volunteered in Peru, and have traveled all around the Eastern Hemisphere with my mom.

However, I never thought the life I’m currently living would ever even be possible.

I grew up with no financial direction and had no idea how to take care of my body.

In fact, I ate fast food every single day, smoked a pack of cigarettes quicker than you could imagine, and drank alcohol as if it was drinking water.

It took years to truly turn my life around and now I’m here doing my best to inspire other women to do the same, whether it be taking charge of their finances or health. ????


I grew up thinking that I would be average or less than.

I had an abusive boyfriend (both mentally and physically) and at the same time was experiencing my dad dying from lung cancer and brain tumors.

He even forgot who I was at at the end, which was one of the hardest moments I’ve ever gone through in my life.

I broke up with my boyfriend the day my dad died and from that moment forward decided I was going to be something.

Though there were bumps in the road and I did things that I’m not proud of, I eventually got on the path I decided was right for me. 


In high school, I started volunteering for several organizations, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, several humane societies in the area, vet clinics, nursing homes, and so on.

While in high school, I volunteered at a home for adults and elderly with special needs and realized I loved working with these people…In fact, they changed my life and are a huge reason why I am the person I am today.


I spent 5 years working as a Behavioral Therapist, caregiver and worked with hundreds of children, adults, and elderly with special needs.

I enrolled in a local community college and decided to work towards a degree, even though I still had no idea what I wanted to do. ????‍????


Eventually, I enrolled in Aurora University near Chicago, Illinois to become a Special Education teacher. 

I completed a year at Aurora and never felt so lonely in my life. It just didn’t feel right there, so I made a move.


I decided to drop out of school, move to Colorado with my sister, and go to Peru for the summer to volunteer at a special needs orphanage.

Right as I landed in Colorado, I matched with my now boyfriend on Tinder (going on 4 years as I’m writing this!).

I wasn’t trying to find someone for a long-term relationship, but whenever you aren’t looking for someone special, that’s when it happens.

I flew to Peru a few days later and we did long-distance for a couple of months.

I got back from Peru and started looking for jobs.

As I was going on my 4th year of working in the field, I became a teachers assistant for a Special Education teacher and it was a million times harder than I thought it would be, despite working in the field for several years.

I decided this career path was no longer right for me and quit, even though I still miss the field a ton.


I finally found a job as a nanny, but the long hours and dealing with so many young children took a toll.

My boyfriend told me I was grinding my teeth every single night (a sign of extreme stress).

I’d work from 7-4pm, get home at 5pm and immediately fall asleep, sometimes until the next morning.

So I eventually quit. 


I went all in on this blog and became a full-time blogger, despite making very little money.

I just knew I had to make it work because of the potential this blog had. ????

There were so many times that I thought about quitting. I was impatient, didn’t see much growth in the 1st year and was really struggling.


A year later, I doubled my blogging income and made over $80,000 my second year of full-time blogging.

I even managed to graduate with my bachelor’s degree which is something I really cared about doing as it was on my mind for a long time.

I paid my student loans in full the day I graduated from my blogging income.

My business even allows me to travel full-time.

I was able to take my mom on her dream trip on an Alaskan cruise and we’ve been to 5 continents together.

Though we live on opposites sides of the country, I get to see her all the time through trips and adventures.


As I write this, 2019 hasn’t rolled around yet, but I have big plans in store. ????

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  1. I loved your inspiring story and how you were able to achieve your dreams. More power to you girl!


    1. Thank you!

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