Hey you.

I know what it’s like to feel broke and out of control with money.

5 years ago, that was me. Even though I worked 70+ hours a week, I never had more than $1,000 saved at any given time. 

I knew I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I made a change. So can you. 

that’s when I started fitnancials.

Taking control of my money has allowed me to...

  • pay off $15,000 in student loans the day I graduated
  • pay off $25,000 in debt
  • build a net worth of $20,000 by 25
  • create a comfortable emergency fund
  • max out my 401(k) and IRA
  • member of the 800 credit score club
  • give generously to charities 
  • take family on dream vacations
  • become a self-taught personal finance expert 

You can do this, too.

Do you want to pay off your student loans and consumer debt?

Do you hate checking your bank account?

Do you feel like you can’t save money no matter what you do? 

I used to be the exact same. 

Now, I love money, I really do. I love it so much that I spend time learning about it every single day via podcasts, books, courses, and videos. 

I’ve made it my personal mission to help women who grew up with money scarcity to feel abundance with money. 

Learning about money and taking care of your finances shouldn’t be boring and complicated.

If you’re ready to take control of your money in a simple but fun manner, you’re in the right place. 




You can create your

Dream Life.

Here’s how to get started.

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