6 Benefits of Alcohol Abstinence

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As many of you may already know, I decided to quit drinking alcohol for a year.

I did this for several reasons, but mainly I wanted to see what good it can do to the human body.

I feel much better overall mentally and physically, but I wanted to dig deeper and find out what the benefits of drinking no alcohol can do to the body.

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1. A study done from Healthline.com said the small group in their study had a decrease in weight, cholesterol, glucose, and liver fat.

The participants overall got more sleep and had better work performance.

They also mentioned that the participants in this study felt less social overall. I found this to be a problem for me, so I decided to involve myself in rock climbing, Crossfit, knitting groups, and more.

2. Increased mental clarity and better moods will become a regular thing for you.

You’ll be able to work harder and longer because of the brain not being nearly as foggy or working as hard to stay on task. Alcohol being a depressant can make your mood worse. Overall, making your heart work harder and more strenuously.

3. Binge drinking can cause your brain to shrink, especially if it is done during high school and college years when the mind is still developing.

This can eventually increase the chances of dementia later on in life as well.

4. Refraining from alcohol can boost your fertility.

If you are trying to get pregnant, this can significantly increase your chances.

5. Although many people resort to alcohol to make them have a better mood overall, drinking can do the exact opposite.

It can lead to bouts of extreme emotion, making anger and sadness seem much more severe. This can become troublesome in relationships and even in friendships.

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6. Last, but not least, hangovers will no longer be an issue, and extreme dehydration will no longer affect your life.

You’ll no longer spend days sprawled out on the bathroom floor hoping you’ll be alive the next day.

Now you can spend your days doing something productive, like reading a good book or learning a new language.

Lastly, I want to mention that there are studies that say drinking a glass of wine a night can have benefits to the human body, so perhaps I will speak about this in another post.

I am not trying to pressure anyone to quit drinking, but want to share with all of you the benefits of taking a break or abstaining from it completely.

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Have you ever taken a hiatus from drinking? How did you benefit from it?

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  1. I am in the military so I have seen the ugly side of alcohol and if it is not done in moderation it can alter so many areas in your life. I think that it’s great that you have completed this self challenge.

    1. Very true! It’s so sad what it can do to some people.

  2. As an addictions counselor, I love this post and that you’re doing so well with this. A fact I’d like to add is that women do not create the chemical needed to combat the fact that alcohol is seen by the body as a poison. Consequently, they will experience much worse physical consequences both short and long-term. Just FYI. Of course, drinking in moderation is fine and some red wines have been found to be helpful at 1-2 glasses per night. Keep up the good work sweetie. 🙂

    1. Wow! I never knew any of that. It’s intriguing how the male and female body can react so differently to different chemicals.

  3. I admit that I am alcohol lover and I believe I can give up drinking if I get these benefits especially the increased mental clarity and better moods, which I need at work.

    1. Good luck, Jason!

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