4 Types of Video Content that You Should Create for a Blog

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More and more blogs are starting to produce and publish video content – and you should be doing the same.

The fact of the matter is that there is no other type of content that is as engaging, or as effective at driving conversions.

If you’re thinking about coming up with video content for your blog, there are a few types of videos that you may want to start with.

1. Vlogs (video blogs)

Vlogs are the most natural fit for blogs as they are quite literally just blog posts in video form.

The vlogs that you create could be about any topic at all, ranging from updates on your journey to reactions or a discussion about a topic that interests you.

Overall vlogs are one of the easiest (and cheapest) types of videos to produce.

All that you need is a webcam (or smartphone) positioned in front of you to record the video.

Keep in mind that vlogs are almost entirely personality driven, and your on-camera presence will be important.

The idea should be to entertain viewers and provide a unique and personal perspective in your vlogs.

2. Video guides and tutorials

Arguably one of the most popular types of videos overall, video guides are bound to draw viewers.

Their appeal is the simple fact that they help viewers to solve problems and teach them how to perform specific tasks.

For a video guide to be effective, it should explain each step in a clear and concise manner.

The voiceover should provide the bulk of the explanation, while the video itself ‘shows’ the step being performed so that viewers can replicate it.

In some cases, you could use video guides to market products indirectly by showing them being used.

It is best to avoid overtly promoting a product or service, as that will not go down well with viewers.

3. Expert interviews

Interviews of experts have been a popular type of blog posts for years on end, but videos are one step better.

A good interview video is able to engage viewers while providing them with firsthand information from experts that they can’t find anywhere else.

The one problem with expert interview videos is that face to face interviews are challenging to set up and record.

However, nowadays, there is an easier alternative that you can use in the form of video calls that you can use to conduct and record the interview.

All that is needed to do that is a screen recorder, and for example, you could use Movavi Screen Recorder to record Skype calls.

It will make creating expert interview videos much more feasible and require a much smaller budget.

4. Product reviews

Blogs have always published reviews of products that they feel will be helpful to their readers.

However, instead of just listing the pros and cons of a product in an article, don’t you think that showing viewers the advantages and disadvantages would be much more compelling?

The one caveat if you’re going to create product review videos is that you need to own the product itself.

That will require a bit of additional cost on your part unless of course you were sent a free copy to review.

While some product reviews are designed to be promotional, if you want to create good content, you should try to make yours as unbiased as possible. In the long run that will make it far more convincing to viewers, as most can spot a ‘fake’ review a mile away.

Between the types of content listed above, you should be able to come up with lots of ideas for video content that you could produce to publish on your blog.

Make no mistake there are other types of videos that you could create as well, but the types described above are popular and appealing – yet easy to create.

It is best if you create a diverse range of different types of video content – especially at first.

That way, you can gauge how your audience responds to them and start to develop a better video content strategy that you can use moving forward.

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