3 Benefits of Banking Virtually with Radius Bank

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When you think of a bank, you probably hardly ever think of a virtual bank.

However, there are many benefits to banking virtually that trump going to a bank in person.

A virtual bank has all the benefits of a conventional bank, without a physical location.

Virtual banks adhere to all the same regulations, but can offer you much more!

I had personally never heard of virtual banking until earlier this year when I read an article about the pros of virtual banking versus going to a bank in person.

I was already using my current bank’s online banking platform for most of my transactions, but I wasn’t reaping any benefits.

No ATM fees?! Anywhere in the world?

I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been avoiding going to ATMs after being hit with hidden ATM fees.

Even though the ATM said there would only be a $3 fee, I’d get a bank statement in the mail that added another $8 to the ATM fee.

My bank added a fee because I didn’t use their ATM.

Radius Bank is a virtual bank with tons of benefits.

Some of the benefits of using Radius Bank include:

  • 24/7 access to your accounts
  • Save time and money by managing finances online
  • Free ATMs with their Radius Hybrid Checking Account
  • Competitive interest rates

With the Radius Bank, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Money management tools to help you stick to your budget
  • Depositing checks with the Radius Mobile app
  • Send money to anyone by using Radius Pay a Friend (they don’t have to bank with Radius)
  • Receive account and activity alerts
  • Live chat customer service support
  • and plenty more

Depositing and withdrawing money is a lot easier than you think with online banking.

How to get started with Radius Bank:

To get started with Radius Bank, all you have to do is apply for an account online.

Applying takes less than 5 minutes and very easy to do.

Need more motivation?

There are no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements with the Radius Hybrid high-interest checking account.

That means you earn a great rate (0.85% APY) and you don’t have to jump through hoops like you do with traditional banks.

When you want to deposit money with Radius Bank, you have several options including:

  • Ability to set up direct deposit of paychecks
  • Make unlimited deposits and balance inquiries at ATMs (available only at ATMs displaying NYCE® Shared Deposit Program logo and Radius Bank ATMs)
  • Free transfers between Radius Bank and accounts from other banks
  • Ability to fund an account with your debit card or transfer from other financial institutions
  • Deposit checks using the Radius Mobile app with your phone or tablet’s camera
  • Unlimited deposits via postage-paid Bank by Mail envelopes

When you want to withdraw money with Radius Bank, you can:

  • Withdraw money from any ATM in the world. Radius Bank does not charge ATM fees. To make things even better, Radius Bank will rebate non-Radius ATM fees each month for withdrawals.

When spending money with Radius Bank, you can:

  • Make purchases anywhere and online with your debit card
  • Send money to people with Radius Pay a Friend
  • Add your debit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay
  • Pay bills using Bill Pay through their app

Other important things to note:

With Radius Bank’s money management tools, you can work on paying off your debt, sticking to a spending budget, and analyze trends over time to get a better understanding of your spending habits.

With Radius Bank’s trends tool, you can see how much you’ve spent on utilities, cell phone bills, restaurant outings, and more.

By analyzing these trends, you can figure out where you need to be spending less and get ideas to pay off debt quicker.

There is even a debt tool that will let you view your debts with an easy to read graph.

The graph can be arranged by the fastest payoff first, highest interest first, lowest balance first, or highest balance first.

Below the graph will be all of your credit card accounts, ARP on each account, and amount due.

This makes it very easy to keep track of all your accounts in one place.

Are you eager to get started with online banking via Radius Bank?

You can apply here to get started with Radius Bank

Applying takes less than 5 minutes.

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