23 Things People Majorly Regret Buying

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People make bad purchases all the time. Unfortunately, a purchase you think is a good idea can turn into a bad one rather quickly.

#10 is a mistake I’ve personally made. I went into the purchase thinking it was going to be one of the greatest investments of my life and it didn’t even work!

Learn from these 23 people below and don’t make the same mistakes they did.

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Amazon Niche Site – $4,200

I purchased an Amazon niche site from Flippa.com once that turned out to be a fraud (I lost $4200) the traffic went to zero when they turned off the PBN that was used to inflate the site in the google rankings. Whoops! – Russel from Unconventional Prosperity

Prom Dress – $650

When I was 17, I spent about a month looking at prom dresses online and gave myself a $250 budget for all of the prom. When I finally got around to going shopping with my friends, I ended up finding this gorgeous, GIANT, purple dress that was more like a princess’ wedding dress than a prom dress and it had a $650 price tag. – Taylor from Not Quite An Adult
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Wedding dress

My biggest purchase regret would be my wedding dress! Being the frugal girl that I am, I was determined to buy a budget bridal gown. I mean, it’s a dress you wear for only one day. I got caught up in all the wedding bliss. I splurged and spent WAY too much intending to sell it after the wedding.

Unfortunately, people stepped all over it during my reception, and now it is ruined! It is hanging in my closet, taking up space. My advice to any bride is to rent your wedding dress and stick to your budget. You will have less money stress after the wedding. – Sarah from iheartfrugal

Online Course – $2,200

I regret buying an online course that was supposed to help me improve my mindset and create wealth. That was several years back. The seller is a well-known property investor. Sadly, it didn’t help at all and merely made the seller richer instead. – Jo from More Money Tips

Blower Motor Replacement – $500

One purchase, which I fooled myself twice into making, was a blower motor replacement for my furnace. Instead of replacing the entire unit, as it was near the end of its lifespan, I spent close to $500 twice trying to fix it. Each “fix” lasted a year, and I eventually had to replace the entire furnace. In hindsight, should have gone with the replacement upfront and avoided the stress and cost of the repairs. – R.J. from The Ways To Wealth

Smoothies – $2,160

One $5 smoothie is no big deal. But a few $5 smoothies/week over three years? That’s a lot of money I could’ve kept in my bank account, which is why Smoothies are my big purchase regret. – Nikayla from The Budgeting Couple


A timeshare. Although I got several trips to Hawaii out of it overall factoring the yearly maintenance fees, membership fees, and cost to acquire was a horrible investment.

Fortunately, I purchased at a highly desired location, so I was able to sell it at for 1/3 what I paid so not a total loss. My advice would be NEVER get sucked into the trap. – Shaun from Debt To Zero

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Stereo System – $1,000

I spent over $1000 on a stereo system in my car. Although I “thought,” it was a good move. Looking back upon it that $1000 could have gone to a $3000 car repair I had about a month later. Oops! – Max from Max My Money
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Season Tickets – 15% of my income

When I got my first job out of college, I celebrated by buying 2 season tickets for the Boston Bruins hockey team. It cost approximately 15% of my income and was an extravagance that I definitely couldn’t afford.  My financial mistake was made worse by using my credit card for expensive food and drinks at every game.  The games ended up being so expensive that when the team made it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs that year, I couldn’t afford to buy the playoff tickets.- Alex from FinHealthy

MiraDry – $2,000

Last year, I got a crazy expensive surgery that cost $2,000 to reduce my armpit sweating. The procedure was by far the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, and it does not even compare to the pain from tattoos or piercings I have all over my body. It didn’t even work, which is the worst part and the doctor who performed who it had a terrible bedside manner. The medical office has 5-star reviews, which is the worst part of it all. – Alexis from FITnancials

Highlighting hair – $150

I was looking to change things up a bit so on a whim got my hair highlighted. It cost something like $150, and I hated it., Then I had to spend MORE money to get back to my natural hair. I vowed that day that if I ever need a pick me up, I will buy a fabulous pair of shoes or take myself to the spa. – Rae from Small Space Big Taste

Shoes – $700

My greatest regret is spending $700 on a pair of shoes! I had just started working, and I thought that I needed to buy the nicest and most expensive pair of designer shoes to prove that “I had made it.” I paid $700 for a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that I only wore maximum 5 times because they were a) too painful to be worn for more than 10 minutes at a time and b) too flashy for me to wear regularly. – Janet from My Twenty Cents
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Beater car

I used to drive a sports car, and it was my baby. I also mountain biked and couldn’t fit the bike in the car. I couldn’t accept putting a bike rack on the vehicle and risk denting or scratching it, so I bought another car.

It was a beater that I drove around for four years. I had to keep throwing money into it as things kept breaking. I look back now at how dumb I was to spend $5K+ (including repairs) just because I didn’t want a scratch or dent in my car. – Jon from Penny Thots

Travel wear – $140

I was heading out for a trip to Vietnam and somehow fell onto someone’s travel blog.  The blog went into detail about how to pack minimally for a long trip abroad.  Their idea, which I still think “sounds” like a good idea, was to purchase this conver,tible dress/skirt/shirt “moo-moo” looking travel piece. After I received this overpriced convertible travel wear I discovered it was HUGE, it practically took up my whole carry on!  The material was so thick that you could barely fit anything else in the carry-on. – Jill from Five Senses Living

Furniture – $800

I made the mistake of purchasing furniture a few years back because as a typical guy, I wanted to save money.  The total package was maybe $800, and while I cared more about cost than functionality, I ended up replacing the furniture several months later because of the cheap quality.  So I put my cheap pride behind and purchased several quality furniture pieces that fast forward two years I still own and love.  – Nick from Dollar Otter

Kota – $89

A few years back, my daughter was completely obsessed with a giant dinosaur toy called Kota. The only catch was the whopping $299 price tag.  Even though my daughter was jumping all over the display model and desperately wanted it, there was no way we were going to spend that kind of money.

Flash forward a few weeks and with Christmas closing in fast, the price on Kota was slashed down to $89. It was a huge hit! For a couple of days. Then the kids got tired of it, and Kota became an expensive waste of space. We ended up selling Kota at a yard sale for twenty bucks. – Mike from Budget Kitty

Unnecessary purchases

Today, I am in my early 30s, and deeply regret purchasing unnecessary first class upgrades, expensive beverages, and upscale hotels. I could have traveled to all the same places but for a fraction of the cost. If I could go back in time, I would have invested this cash into index funds early on. – Thomas

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Coffee Pods

Coffee pod machines and cheap kitchen knives are a huge waste of money. That’s because pods cost a fortune compared to freshly ground coffee (not to mention the taste is often bland) and cheap knives tend to lose their sharpness sooner than expected. – Kiki

Table-top ice maker – $79

I bought this cute little table-top ice maker that made small ice cubes with a hole in the middle. I thought it would be great for parties. I think I paid $79 for it. Turns out it made perfect ice. It cranked out about 12 cubes every 2 hours. – Melody from Happy Mindshift

Custom Embroidery Franchise Business

A custom embroidery franchise business…and then the franchisor filed for bankruptcy protection. By the time the courts sorted it out, my energy was zapped and fortunately found a buyer (after a few more years). – Gwyn from Cabins or Castles

Shoes – $80

The bad thing about this obsession is that I spend a lot of money on them, but I never wear them. So it’s like I regret it because that was like $60-80 I could have used somewhere else for something else, but instead, I spent it on heels just for them to sit in my closets and never be worn. – Kimora from Kimora Chanel


I regret purchasing these two investment condos I bought in Florida. Bought them in 2007 right before the crash of 2008!!! Massive mistake. They both went vacant for several years, and I was only able to get them rented again in 2011, so I was paying both of the mortgages for three years! – Tanya from Flow Benjamins

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New car

I purchased a new car a few years ago and financed $48000. With a $733 car payment (even with a low-interest rate), I couldn’t justify that expense. We ended up selling the upside down minivan and buying a 2009 Buick Enclave with awd, remote start, backup camera, leather, and financed $12000. A new car warranty wasn’t worth the $36k difference in debt. – Melissa Blevins from Melissa Blevins

Washer and dryer – $1,752

I bought the appliances with a warranty and have bought all my appliances for my home at that same establishment. Every single new appliance I’ve bought at that place has broken in one way or another over time.

I’m glad to have the warranty’s on them, but it’s just this vicious cycle: it breaks, they give me store credit so I have to repurchase from them and pay a couple hundred over the price of the credit to get a new appliance, get it home, in a year, year and a half, it breaks. The same thing over and over with all the appliances. I want so badly to stop going through them, but they only give store credit so I can’t just take my business elsewhere. I regret ever buying appliances from that company! – Sarah from Sarah Titus

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