Ethos Life Insurance Review + My Experience With Ethos

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Ethos, a life insurance provider.

You guys already know I’m a huge proponent for proper insurance coverage. Besides health insurance, there are several other insurance policies I have in place. When I was 16, I started paying for auto insurance on my first car. I have rental insurance on the house I rent. Just a year ago, I decided to get disability insurance. I even have pet insurance for my dogs.

It only made sense to get life insurance as well. I put life insurance on the back burner for a while because I wasn’t sure if I needed it. I don’t plan on having kids and I don’t currently own a house. When I thought about it further, I realized I plan on buying a house one day and I may need to financially take care of loved ones in the future. And since I lock in the lowest rate the younger I sign up, I figured now’s the time. 

Having proper insurance coverage is smart financial planning in case the unpredictable happens. 

Getting life insurance can be overwhelming. I remember asking about life insurance to a local insurance agent and becoming instantly overwhelmed by the whole process. Not to mention that the insurance agent I talked to is sales-incentivized meaning they make commission, so the advice may not be genuine. Is signing up for life insurance really this hard? 

Fortunately there’s this thing called the internet and I did some research on life insurance. Everything I read made me think the process for applying was difficult and expensive. So when Ethos reached out to me to see if I wanted to write a post reviewing their life insurance, I looked into their life insurance program further.