7 Ways Your Credit Score Affects Your Future

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A credit score is a 3-digit number that represents the creditworthiness of an individual based on information on your unique credit report.

Did you know that your number can impact your future in several ways?

From getting a loan for a car, house, or student loan, your credit score truly matters.

And with over 43% of Americans having a credit score under 699, there is a ton of room for improvement.

Here are 7 ways your credit score can impact your future. #7 may really surprise you!



10 Credit Score Statistics & How To Increase Yours

Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored post by CreditRepair.com.

One of the best ways to see where you fall into the credit score spectrum is by digging into statistics. Statistics can be a lot of fun to read because it’s interesting to see how much a credit score impacts our daily lives.

For instance, a bad credit score can keep you from doing a lot of things you might’ve not even thought of. 

A bad credit score can keep you from:

  • Getting approved for a mortgage
  • Securing good rates on a car loan
  • Getting a low-interest credit card
  • Borrowing money from a lender
  • Renting an apartment or home 

Fortunately, improving your credit score is more than possible by taking action. Here are 10 *surprising* credit score statistics and how to increase yours. Knowing these stats can help you see where you are and where you can improve. 

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