10 Best Personal Finance Books To Read To Take Control Of Your Life

I remember feeling so powerless with money. I didn’t have a budget, knew nothing about an emergency fund, retirement, investing, credit scores, and the rest. I felt really insecure around the topic of money. That’s totally changed now.

At 23, I soaked in as much knowledge as possible and learned as much as I could about money. I read books, took courses, listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos – everything. I eventually worked my way up the most intimidating topic of all – investing. Now I love learning about investing and implement what I’ve learned. 

I used to hate talking about money. Now I love it! 

There are tons of finance experts out there doing a great job at teaching people all around the world how to achieve financial independence, retire with enough money, and even the personal finance basics. 

Here are 10 of the best personal finance books you need to read now. 



How I Saved $290 On My Internet Bill and Phone Bill

Did you know you aren’t locked in at a certain price for most bills and that most companies are actually overcharging you?

My boyfriend and I were talking about our budgets and we’re trying to find ways to eliminate extra spending so he could pay off his consumer debt. As we were running through our numbers, we realized we were paying $170 for our phones and $65 for the internet.

We already did what we could to lower electricity and food spending, so we were off to tackle the other nondiscretionary expenses.

I typed in on Google “ways to lower internet and cable expenses,” and along the way, Billshark came up. I was skeptical at what Billshark was claiming they could do, but it ended up working and saving us a lot of money.


7 Reasons Your Credit Score Dropped

Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored post by Lexington Law. All opinions are 100% my own.

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers you should know.

This 3-digit number can impact your life in so many ways, such as when buying a home, car or even just applying for a credit card.

There are many reasons why your credit score can drop, but today we will be talking about 7 different reasons your credit score may have dropped.